How to Start Running

I am a running NOVICE.   It's true. Until a few months ago, I would adamantly avoid anything that required traveling at a quickened pace via foot. My workouts consisted of wonderful aerobic/dancing/weight-lifting videos I'd sweat through in the privacy of my living room.   So, why did I start running? Well, because I wanted to [...]

What to Eat When You’re Quitting Sugar

My sister brilliantly suggested that I outline what I eat on this refined-sugar-free and processed-carb-free diet lifestyle.   Because there are many foods you CAN'T have when quitting sugar, it would appear that you're doomed to starve when you choose to pursue a sugar-free life. But this is simply not true.   As I mentioned in [...]

How to Quit Sugar: Part 3

Part 3 of my How to Quit Sugar saga involves before and after right now pictures.   Also, I've been introducing more healthy carbohydrates into my diet. Here is an excellent link that explains all of the healthy carbs we SHOULD be eating. Remember, I am permanently cutting out refined sugar and processed carbs, but healthy [...]

How to Quit Sugar: Part 2

Part 2 of my How to Quit Sugar saga involves me actually quitting sugar.    I started on Monday, August 1. The day started out beautifully, actually. I took some before pictures. (They're BAD. Worse than my before pictures for my 21 Day Fix. Seriously, I really let myself go after my vegan 21 Day Fix.) [...]

How to Quit Sugar: Part 1

I mentioned in my vegan 21 Day Fix RESULTS post that I am going to quit sugar. I didn't say when, but I said I WOULD. Why? Well, because I had an inkling that my love for sugar was linked to my "enhanced" backside. And, plus, I just LOVE the stuff. Way more than I should. [...]