WNTYAM: Don’t Get Married Too Young.

From the Series: What Nobody Tells You About Marriage (explaining the truths behind the dumb comments people make)   Don't get married too young.   I actually heard this from a professor I wholeheartedly revere. An astoundingly intelligent man, he gave me "just one" piece of advice on marriage one afternoon over sushi. Sushi afternoon was also [...]

Why I Never Tell My Husband No

I tell him to stop leaving his socks everywhere. I tell him to take care of the empty cups that seem to populate the surfaces of our apartment like wild mushrooms. When he's feeling hilarious and shouts at me to "make him dinner," I definitely don't comply. But when he needs something from me, and especially [...]

Flax Seed Waffles

Flax seed for breakfast! Nom nom. Every Saturday morning I make myself breakfast. Pancakes, French toast, waffles, anything sugary and delicious and packed with as much nutrition as possible. I scoured the internet this past Saturday for a waffle recipe that used lots and lots of ground flax seed (or flax meal). Rarely does the [...]

Best Workout Videos

I will never be a gym rat. Like most of the population, my workouts are an ugly, sweaty business. When I exercise in the comfort of my living room, no one can hear me heave in gulps of air, watch me stomp around like a spirited buffalo, or raise concerned eyebrows at my deeply-reddened face. [...]

How to Live Your Dream Life

"Everyone thinks they are special. They are fools. This 'American Dream' belief is a cultural ideal and not realistic in the slightest."   "Anyone can be successful if they follow their passions!"   Sometimes I feel like I am swimming in a sea of contradictions.   What frustrates me is that BOTH of these sentiments have [...]

The Beauty and the Tree

A poem I wrote while taking a Creative Writing class at GRCC years ago. I am in love with it to this day. So, I put it on my blog. Creative freedom, people.   The Beauty and the Tree   There existed the perfect woman as timeless as the sea, whose elegance and grace could lazy [...]