Favorite Quotes

Love quotes, life quotes, marriage quotes, ambition quotes, etiquette quotes...I love quotes. I search for them all the time, and I've built a nice collection over the years. If you've stalked me on Goodreads, you've already seen some of my favorites. Now, you have ALL of them. They are brilliant. And since YOU are brilliant, [...]

Drum roll, please…

My FREE eBook is finished! Are you subscribed? If so, you've got mail! Check your inbox for an email from me containing a link to download my FREE eBook! Subscribers enjoy exclusive perks. My FREE eBook is the first one! So, what's the topic.......? I spilled a few secrets about it earlier this week. I [...]

I’m Spilling eBook Secrets!

Guess what? I've just sent my eBook draft to an intelligent friend for review. Which means I'm THISCLOSE to sending it out to my subscribers! Remember when I told you that, if you subscribed, you'd receive exclusive email perks? Perks you wouldn't find on my blog? This FREE eBook is the first one! And it will be [...]