A gigantic, enormous, love-balloon thank you to each and every one of my readers who sent me a message and commented on my post with your vote! The love is unreal today.   RESOUNDINGLY, you all wanted more frequent updates (everyone voted for WEEKLY updates). Well, guess what?   I'm going to do you ONE BETTER.   [...]

I Need Your Advice!

I need your opinion on something. I am currently doing the 21 Day Fix (I'm on day 3), and I'm writing a post about it. In this post, I've decided to document what I eat and do EVERY DAY, because I am learning a LOT each day and the lessons are worth posting!   At first, I [...]

Loving a Wanderluster

Husband and I have a unique relationship. We see each other in spurts. He's a commercial pilot, so he's often home for 2-5 days and then gone for 2-5 days. It's never consistent, though, and some weeks he'll be home every other day.   Because we can't count on every weeknight or weekend together, we must coordinate [...]

How to Become a Morning Person

This is another reader-idea post! Gosh I just LOVE these. There is nothing I enjoy more than getting an email from you! It's like champagne in my belly every time my inbox pings. Keep 'em coming!   The email that inspired this post came from a dear reader and friend of mine.   Here's my reader's email: "Please [...]

How to Make an Elephant Sculpture

I spent months and months internet hunting for a perfect elephant sculpture I saw in a Facebook post. When I finally found a purchasable option, I realized that it was WAY out of my price range. I began searching for a cheaper variant. I hunted.  And I kept getting this close to finding what I wanted, only [...]

Simple Healthy Substitutions

Don't worry, I'm not going to tell you how to "eat healthy." I'm not going to tell you how to "eat healthily," either. Everyone else already is. My Twitter feed is filled with all of these "lose weight" and "body transformation" tweets. Let me gobble my chocolate in peace, dang it! What I want to do here [...]