21 Day Fix | Days 19-21

<< see days 16-18! 21 Day Fix | Days 19-21 Here we are! The final three days of my first round of 21 Day Fix. OF COURSE, I will post body progress/results pictures. And I will share how many pounds I've lost. And I will talk about how I've changed my mind about Beachbody coaching.   [...]

21 Day Fix | Results

Click HERE to start at the beginning of my 21 Day Fix journey and see my progress! Also, I'm doing a VEGAN round of the 21 Day Fix right now! Click here to check it out!   So...the moment we've all been waiting for...my FINAL 21 Day Fix results!!!   I weighed myself on day 21. I had [...]

21 Day Fix | Days 16-18

<< see days 13-15! 21 Day Fix | Days 16-18 These past three days were busy. Holy hanna, I hardly had time to write. Just kidding. Come on, it's ME we're talking about.   Day 16 Good morning!!!!!! That's how I felt day 16 morning. Tired as ever because I popped out of bed at 4AM, [...]


UPDATE: I have since cancelled my coaching membership with Beachbody, and I am no longer a Coach. I am more than happy to answer any 21 Day Fix questions you have, though, so please don't hesitate to ask!   Hey there! I know you JUST heard from me yesterday, but I have some big news [...]

21 Day Fix | Days 13-15

<< see days 10-12! 21 Day Fix | Days 13-15   I POSTED BODY PROGRESS PICTURES IN THIS POST. THAT'S ALL THE 21-DAY-FIX-POST INTRODUCTION YOU NEED. :)      Day 13 I felt excellent when I woke up on Day 13. Maybe it was day 12's terribleness that made day 13 feel so....fresh.   I [...]

21 Day Fix Motivation

21 Day Fix Motivation   I am so excited for this post. This post is for YOU!     In this post, I am going to list all of the things I tell myself/do to help stay motivated on the 21 Day Fix.   What I want you to do is TELL ME what gets [...]

21 Day Fix | Days 10-12

<< see days 7-9! 21 Day Fix | Days 10-12 Buckle yourself in for a rollercoaster ride, because days 10-12 were CRAZY. Lots of recipes and a little bit of sobbing characterize these past few days. I'll leave it at that.   Day 10 I woke up with ZERO intentions of working out and somehow found myself [...]

21 Day Fix | Days 7-9

<< see days 4-6! 21 Day Fix | Days 7-9 Days 7-9 were easier than days 4-6, food-wise. I feel like I am finally getting the hang of eating like a healthy person 24/7. Which makes me feel incredibly confident. I felt so great that I finally weighed myself on day 8 and took body progress pictures on [...]