Vegan 21 Day Fix | Days 1-3

Vegan 21 Day Fix It's finally here! My very first update of my vegan round of the 21 Day Fix! I must tell you that I absolutely LOVE blogging about the 21 Day Fix. Or any healthy-eating program, for that matter. I could talk about healthy eats and wellness all day long. Which is what I'll be [...]

Guess What I’m Going to Do….

Well, I'm back from Georgia. It was unbelievably wonderful to see Husband again. And Big Wheel again. And to FINALLY see Soul Sister in person. It was truly a glorious week/weekend. I just love that soldier of mine. And I didn't even cry once! Can you believe that?! And I just LOOOOVEEE Soul Sister. Have [...]

Kitten and Cat Facts

! Reader-inspired post alert !   You know how much I love reader-inspired posts. You know what else I love? Reader-inspired eBooks. Yup, my FREE How to Fix Anxiety eBook was inspired by a reader who wanted me to help him overcome his life-consuming anxiety. I spent months putting that eBook together, and when I sent [...]