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21 Day Fix | Days 19-21

Here we are! The final three days of my first round of 21 Day Fix.

OF COURSE, I will post body progress/results pictures.

And I will share how many pounds I’ve lost.

And I will talk about how I’ve changed my mind about Beachbody coaching.


Day 19

Take Kittens to Grammy’s Day!

I slept at my parents’ house day 18, and, unfortunately, I only got about 5-6 hours of sleep.

Sounds like enough sleep, right?


Not when you’re getting that kind of sleep day after day.


I am REALLY hoping for some solid rest tonight at Grammy’s. But with baby kittens frolicking around, how could anyone possibly sleep a wink?!


Day 19 exercise = I did TWO 21 Day Fix workouts this morning. The first was Dirty 30, and the second was Lower Fix. Both were a struggle due to sleep deprivation, but I did them both! I wanted to do Upper Fix, too, but figured I should probably refrain for fear of being dead to the world all day.


Before my workout, I had another yellow container of Grape-nuts and almond milk. SO GOOD.

After my workout, I ate a pan-cooked egg while I ZOMBIE packed my food for the rest of the day. Seriously, I almost went to Starbucks on my kitten food run just to have a professional tell me what to do to come back to life again.

I’ve been to Starbucks twice in my life, so that was one desperate thought right there.


I returned home and settled on a nice cup of black chai tea. Smells like the holidays. 🙂


What I ate on Day 19:

  • 1/2 a container of Grape-nuts + almond milk = 1 yellow
  • 1 egg cooked in a nonstick pan + pepper = 1/2 red
  • 1 orange = 1 purple
  • (salad)
    • 1 container of dino kale + 1/2 a container of mushrooms and halved cherry tomatoes = 1.5 green
    • chunks of cubed chicken breast = 1 red
    • squeezed lemon juice
  • 1 container of Greek yogurt = 1 red
  • 1 container of raspberries and blackberries = 1 purple
  • 1 hard-boiled egg = 1/2 red
  • 1 tuna collard wrap + sriracha = 1 green, 1/2 red
  • 4 chia crackers + some hummus = 1/2 yellow, 1 blue
  • a few handfuls of granola…. = an indeterminable amount of yellow


Day 19 totals:

3.5 red (of 4)
2.5 green (of 3)
2+(?) yellow
2 purple
1 blue
0 orange (of 1)
2 teaspoons oil (assumed amount, from the granola)


I didn’t eat the correct amount of food I was supposed to eat because I was EXHAUSTED yesterday, which is Mayday Mayday for 21 Day Fix. Also, I forgot that I could have more veggies, and I forgot to pack an orange.


The granola situation…well…this is what happened.


Before I flew out of my apartment door, I swiped my big container of granola. Knowing FULL WELL that I was going to eat granola without measuring it in my container.

Which is exactly what I did at Grammy’s house.


There I am, in her kitchen, eating a few handfuls of granola and LOVING it, and I peek around the corner and announce to my Grammy and my mother that I am eating granola WITHOUT measuring it in a container.

And my hilarious Grammy says, “Well, it is in a container.”


Yes, a cantaloupe-sized container.

🙂 🙂 🙂


But, you know what? I didn’t eat a full cup, I know that much. I ate until I was satisfied.


And I didn’t feel bad about it, because I had completed two very strenuous workouts that morning.


When dinner time rolled around, Grammy and Mom decided they would order pizza. Since pizza is the greatest thing in the face of the planet, I decided that it was probably best for me to eat my own dinner ASAP.


And, since I hadn’t eaten my hard-boiled egg, I sliced it up and put it in my wrap. Plus, of course, sriracha.


My 21 Day Fix | Days 19-21 - Perksofinterest.com #21dayfix #collard #tuna


I was so proud of my messy sriracha art that I took another picture.

My 21 Day Fix | Days 19-21 - Perksofinterest.com #21dayfix #collard #tuna eggs



The weekend at my Grammy’s was EXACTLY what I needed.


I was so worn out from on call work and not sleeping, and at Grammy’s, I was able to relax all day long with my mother, my nephew, my Grammy, and two fluffy nuggets.

I have been posting fluffy kitten pictures on Instagram, FYI. You should probably hop over to mine and see how cute they are.


Kitten update:

At first, we could NOT get our kittens to eat anything, and we were pretty sure it was because they hadn’t been weaned off their mother.

So, after a lot of smear-the-food-in-the-kitty’s-face, we finally got the gray one to eat.

And then the gray one wouldn’t STOP eating.

So she had a ping-pong-ball belly for the rest of the evening.

Still has it, actually, little chunker.


We finally got the calico to eat the next day. What a relief! Beforehand, I was texting everyone I know for help, and my aunt (veterinarian specialist) advised us that the cats wouldn’t purposely STARVE themselves, so we should just try to be a little more patient.


I was as patient as I could be before I finally shoved a chicken pate-covered fingertip in the calico’s mouth mid-mew.


Now, they are both eating.




So. I had a HUGE REVELATION on day 19.


We were sitting at the table working on a puzzle when my Grammy started asking me about my goals for Beachbody. She was asking me questions about how my blog would be affected, too. Basically, she was asking me all of the same questions that keep me up at night.


Through her inquiries and her arguments, I started to realize what had been bothering me about Beachbody coaching: that turning my love for the 21 Day Fix into a business would alter my coaching intentions.


I don’t want to be a Coach who is trying to make money.

I want to be a Coach whose only goal is to help people.


Which means I’ve changed my mind about Beachbody coaching.


I will not be a career Coach.

I will be a Coach who coaches for fun.

If people want help, advice, support, encouragement, suggestions…well, those are all the reasons why I wanted to become a Coach in the first place, so I will ABSOLUTELY do all of those things for EVERYONE, whether they are doing a Beachbody program or not.


The problem I had with becoming a Beachbody career Coach is that I would feel pressure to sell things to people that I didn’t need for my own 21 Day Fix journey. Like I told you in my very first post, I borrowed the containers from my mom. And I didn’t drink an ounce of Shakeology.


HOWEVER, I MUST SAY THIS: some people will have an easier time-consuming all of their proteins/curbing cravings if they drink Shakeology while doing the 21 Day Fix. If you think you would benefit from drinking Shakeology, then you should definitely buy it! You can buy it through me, through Santa Claus, or through whomever you want. Do NOT think that just because I didn’t need it, you won’t need it either. Lots of people need it.


I just don’t want to feel pressure to sell it to people if they don’t ask for it.


WHY I WANT TO BE A COACH: The 21 Day Fix is the greatest thing that’s EVER happened to my health and fitness. I almost have the body of my dreams, my eating habits have improved immensely, I have more energy every single day than I’ve ever had, and I am able to work out every morning before work.

I have achieved this body and my goals because of the 21 Day Fix.

And I believe that ANYONE can do what I have done, because there is a ton of flexibility in food choices, there is nothing EXTREME about this diet, and all you have to do is 30 minutes of exercise a day. Thirty minutes of weight lifting, or even 30 minutes of leisurely walking. It doesn’t matter what you do.

And, you know what? If you DON’T want to exercise 30 minutes a day, YOU DON’T HAVE TO! Odds are, you will probably still lose weight JUST from using the containers/meal plan.


That’s why I want to be a Coach. Because this program is incredible and it actually works. Nothing else worked for me. And I tried EVERYTHING.
I am actually still in the “shock” phase. I haven’t even had time to adjust to my new body because it all happened so quickly!


So, I am NOT going to make a career out of coaching. I will be a hobby Coach.


I feel amazing about this decision. Relieved. Incredibly relieved.

All of my uncertainty, my weariness, my anxiety about my blog has just drained away.


My blog will be MY BLOG again.

*performs little jig*


I am going to continue to post about things in my life. Normal things, random things, things I was posting about before I discovered 21 Day Fix.

Because THAT is what I want this blog to be. That is who I want to be. Someone who is constantly trying new things and sharing those new things with you. 21 Day Fix is one of those things I have tried, and like all the things I try and love, I naturally want to talk about it with everyone! Hence coaching.


So, I am sorry if I scared you into thinking that this blog will turn into a Beachbody factory. It will NOT.


I will not, either.

I will keep living my life and writing about it and sharing everything with YOU.



On our ride home from Grammy’s house on day 20, my mother said the most insightful things about the 21 Day Fix. I just HAVE to share them with you. 


She said, “I don’t think you should call the 21 Day Fix a ‘diet.’ Because that word freaks people out. It’s not a diet. You’re not restricting yourself, you’re just changing your habits, eating better foods, swapping things out. You’re not starving yourself. You’re just improving your eating habits.”

As if that wasn’t eloquent enough, she then said, “And I think you should look at it like ’rounds.’ I am going to do this first round of 21 Day Fix on Monday, and I am going to do my best. And after the round is over, I might take a week or a month off or whatever I need, but I will go back at it with another round. Because I have decades of habits ingrained into me, and it’s going to take more than one round to correct them. But I’m going to go back and try again after the first, because I have grandbabies I want to chase up the stairs someday without being short of breath.”


I just love my mother. I love her goals, and I am so proud of her and excited for her to try the 21 Day Fix.

Because the Fix was exactly what I needed to reset my habits, and my habits were exactly like hers before I started, so I know she can do it.

I can’t wait to reward her with FIVE GRANDBABIES!



And I thank the stars for my wonderful Grammy for making me believe that I ABSOLUTELY DID NOT WANT TO BE A BEACHBODY COACH AT ALL, and then for my incredible mother, who helped me realize that I COULD help people without trying to make money off anyone, and that I COULD buy Shakeology if I liked it and still not have to sell it to anyone, if I didn’t want to.


Both of these incredible women liberated me from my own thought cage. I am SO BLESSED to have them both.


I had the BEST time at my Grammy’s this weekend.


I fell asleep on the couch at 7PM, because personal epiphanies (and lots of sleepless nights) are exhausting. The gray fluff ball atop my chest mewed me awake around 8PM, so I shifted to the bedroom and passed out.


Day 20

Ugh, day 20 was wonderful. I was SO WELL RESTED. And HAPPY.

And my wonderful Grammy made me coffee. And she made my nugget nephew some scrambled eggs and waffles with syrup!

She is the sweetest person ever.


I skipped breakfast because I wasn’t feeling very hungry. But I did drink lots of water!


We hung around, finishing our puzzle, chatting, and petting mewing kitties, until we decided to pack up and head home.


I just LOVE my family. They fill me up with so much joy that it bursts out of me and surrounds me for days.


Once I got home and put all my overnight stuff away, I immediately worked out.


Day 20 exercise = I went old school on day 20! I did my 35-minute Core Rhythms: Secret to Sexy Abs video, first. I felt WAY MORE FLEXIBLE than I ever have during this video. Which is good, because there is a lot of hip lifting, rib cage shifting, and side crunching. I didn’t sweat very much (because I am seriously getting into shape over here), so I popped in my ALL TIME FAVORITE workout video: Kathy Smith’s Latin Rhythm Workout. This one stared to get tiresome toward the end (it’s 40 minutes long), and after I finished, I felt PERFECTLY tuckered out.


I rewarded myself by lying down on a towel in the communal apartment grass and sunning myself.


UGH that sun feels so GOOD!


Michiganders turn back into humans when the sun comes out. And we just love each other when it does. You’ll never see a friendlier crowd than a group of Michiganders on the first warm day of spring.


I didn’t eat anything until 4PM on day 20 because I was so busy.


What I ate on Day 20:

  • 1 taco meat collard wrap + chopped cabbage + salsa + cheese + sriracha = 2 green1 red, 1/3 purple, 1/2 blue
  • 1 apple = 1 purple 


Day 20 totals:

1 red (of 4)
2 green (of 3)
0 yellow (of 2)
1.33 purple (of 2)
1/2 blue (of 1)
0 orange (of 1)
1 teaspoon oil (assumed amount, from the taco meat)


I didn’t eat nearly enough food because I waited a long time to eat. AND I went and laid out in the sunshine, which cooked me a little bit, so my appetite was stifled by the heat. But, I ate when I was hungry and stopped when I wasn’t. It was just odd timing.


Guess what?

I was feeling so good-looking on day 20 that I took a progress picture. I shared it with my mother and sister who said things along the lines of, “hot damn!”


I’m not going to share that day 20 picture with you until day 22, when I share my final 21 Day Fix pictures.

YUP! I’ve decided that, instead of making you wait until day 23, I am just going to post those pictures tomorrow along with my final blog post. Because the results are CRAZY.


My arms have never been so muscular in all my life. I have triceps, I have deltoids, I have weirdly awesome shoulder muscles. And my LEGS are ripped, too! You can’t see these muscles very well until I start working out, but there were, like, 4 different muscle lines in my calves during my workouts. And my obliques were POPPIN’ during my ab workout.


All of this made me feel particularly awesome, because I ate that extra granola on day 19 and I still look great on day 20.


Which reminded me that the 21 Day Fix is not about eating ONLY your containers forever. Once you reach your goal weight/desired body type, you can increase your food for maintenance.


Speaking of goal weights, I WILL weigh myself for you on day 21 like I promised, but I really don’t care if I haven’t lost any weight. Because my reflection is telling me that I look great, and that’s all I care about, now.





My body isn’t just back.

My body is better than it’s ever been.


I am truly at my strongest. And the more weight I lose, the easier my workouts are.


Your workouts WILL GET EASIER when you lose weight. It’s just not as difficult to throw a lighter body on the floor for godawful burpees as it is to throw a heavier one around.

Maybe it was the burpees that have turned me into a ball of muscle.


Let me be clear – there is STILL FAT on top of the muscle, which is why the muscle doesn’t pop until I work out. But that muscle is THERE. Oh boy is it there. And it’s only going to get more defined with time.


I can’t wait to get pregnant and stay fit during my pregnancy. I can’t wait to have an easier time eating wholesome, healthy foods when I am growing an infant inside me. And I can’t wait to have extra pregnant energy because I’m fit. I can’t wait to have an easier time bouncing back to my pre-baby body after I have my children.


I’ve worked so hard to get to this point, and let me tell you that every single NO DON’T EAT THAT was worth it.


All of it!




On another amazing note, Husband called on day 20 to give me his address!!!!!!


We only had a minute to talk. I asked him how boot camp initiation went, and he said that, since he wasn’t one of the weaklings, he wasn’t picked on very much, so he made it through “kind of easy,” he said.

He sounded so rushed!

He asked me to send him a wedding picture.


I couldn’t decide which picture to send, so I sent three. One of us with his whole family, one of just us, and one of the big friend group in Mexico snorkeling in a cave.

I put a note in there that said, “sorry if you have to do a billion pushups for these!”


I miss him. He sounded different. More direct and to the point. Less forlorn.

More soldiery.


It always feels so good to talk to him. When you stretch love across distances and time, it tightens and grows bigger.


I skipped to bed and passed out.


Day 21

I was SO EXCITED to take body progress pictures this morning that I hardly left myself any time to work out.


Day 21 exercise = I did Autumn’s 30-minute Upper Fix video. I love this workout because it’s like 75% arm workout, 25% ab workout. Autumn really knows how to incorporate full-body workouts into every move. Super effective! 


I cooked an egg really quickly and, this time, I added pepper and cayenne pepper. I HIGHLY recommend this! That egg was amazing!


I cooked up some Brussels sprouts on day 20, so I could finally have Brussels sprouts in my salad, again. Brussels sprouts are nectar to my food soul.


What I ate on Day 21:

  • 1 egg cooked in a nonstick pan with black pepper and cayenne pepper = 1/2 red
  • 1 container of homemade granola = 1 yellow
  • 1 container of blackberries and raspberries = 1 purple
  • 1 container of Greek yogurt = 1 red
  • salad
    • 1 container of torn collard greens + 1/2 container of mushrooms and Brussels sprouts = 1.5 green
    • 1 container of cubed chicken = 1 red
  • 1 hard-boiled egg = 1/2 red
  • 1 container of celery + carrots = 1/2 green
  • 1 shrimp cabbage roll/wrap + diced tomato = 1/2 green1 red
  • 1 apple = 1 purple
  • pumpkin cookies, a Riesen, some granola, some cereal…. = lots of yellow
  • 2 t. peanut butter = 2 teaspoons
  • a bunch of other crap…


Day 20 totals:

4 red
3 green
2+(?) yellow
2 purple

0 blue (of 1)
0 orange (of 1)
2 teaspoons (peanut butter)


I ate a LOT of snackies on day 21 night because my little cabbage wrap did NOT fill me up. I should have eaten two. And, I kind of went a little wild, because I had just spent the past three weeks never going outside of what I was allowed to eat. So, on day 21, I said, screw it! And I had a little bit of everything.

And I got a stomach ache. Which made me regret the whole yay! eat everything! idea.


I spent the evening hanging out with an old friend, and it was just LOVELY.

Ugh, I have missed her.

You know how you spend a lot of years not seeing someone you love, and then you see them again, and both of you just explode with stories and excitement?

It was JUST like that.



Here’s a snapshot of my cabbage roll. I cooked some shrimp with lemon juice and cayenne pepper, and I plopped those suckers into a cabbage leaf and rolled it up.


My 21 Day Fix | Days 19-21 - Perksofinterest.com #21dayfix #shrimp #cabbage



So, I bet you’re wondering when I am going to get to the FINAL RESULTS pictures.


Well, wonder no more! Because I am NOW GOING TO SHARE THEM.


I am really, REALLY excited to show you!!!


Without further ado…


Click here to see my final 21 Day Fix results!


But make sure you come back, because I’ve listed two great resources below for people who are done with a 21 Day Fix round and looking for maintenance tips.


Excellent tips for 21 Day Fix after-the-fix!

Excellent tips for 21 Day Fix maintenance!


So there you have it, my friend.

One full round of the 21 Day Fix, completed.

I started out eating eggs and chicken, and now I’m eating collard wraps and omelettes.

I lost 17 lbs., and I FINALLY have the body I’ve wanted for so long. And this body will only get better with time.

Best of all, I feel spectacular. My energy is through the roof.

I can’t wait to see where this program takes me.


I feel satisfied.

I feel confident.

I feel accomplished.

I feel like buying a bathing suit.

I feel awesome.



I don’t know what I’ll be talking about in my next post, but I already can’t wait to see you!


Have a wonderful week, and stay strong on your own 21 Day Fix!



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