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My 21 Day Fix | Days 4-6

I’ve missed you immensely. I faced a LOT of challenges with the 21 Day Fix this week, and the last few days have been particularly difficult.

But I’m sticking with it because MAN am I seeing results!


Day 4

On day 4, I REALLY started to feel gooooood. 🙂

AND considering the fact that I had trouble falling asleep the night before and then woke up READY FOR THE DAY at 3:15AM, I’d say that’s a fantastic way to feel.


I feel fantastic.



Well, for starters, despite all forces apparently working against me, I have a TON of energy. I mean, I could go all day, people! Doing what? Doesn’t matter!


Today, I feel like I am less bloated all over my body. Like my skin is less tight all over. And like my forearms and calves are thinner. But maybe that’s because I was inspecting them at 4AM.


Seriously, and I’m sorry if this makes you feel weird, but my butt is jigglier. In a good way.
And also, I shocked myself this morning when I looked in the mirror at my behind and noticed that my cheeks are more defined!

I’ve got a genetic predisposition to cellulite on the backs of my thighs, so my buttcheek curves are sometimes blurred by cellulite.

At my thinnest, I had defined buttcheeks, but I still had cellulite. I’m convinced it’s because my skin is so soft. Not taut enough to stretch ACROSS the not-so-secret fat underneath.


Anyway, the ol’ butt is feeling jiggly and more shapely. Jiggly butts are almost too personal to discuss on the blog. But this is my blog, so I’ll discuss the curvature/lumpiness of my backside if I please!


I FEEL lighter today. I truly do. When I had to do push-ups this morning, they were easier. I was certain this was due to the fact that I must somehow be smaller.


Anyway, I feel GREAT. My wedding ring looks like it fits nicely on my finger, now, and I am just over the moon about it. My fingers haven’t been swollen in DAYS. They usually swell at night. Or all the time, as of late. So do my feet, which also turn weird colors sometimes. But so does the rest of my skin.




Day 4 exercise = bright and early, I did my 55-minute FIRM video: Hi-Def Sculpt. (P.S. that link – and all my exercise video links – will take you to my Best Workout Videos page where you can read about all of the at-home videos I do). Hi-Def always sneaks up on me. I choose it out of laziness, and then I realize 75% of the way through that I’m dying. Perfect! Sneaky workouts are the best for laziness. Annie kicked my jiggly butt this morning with a billion lunges and lots of weight-lifting.


So I thought today was going to be Buffalo Wild Wings day.


Husband leaves in four days and we’re hitting up all of his favorite restaurants before he goes. B-dubs is one of his true food loves. So I agreed to join him

Mild panic on my (21 Day Fix Diet) part.

You want to know what the perfect solution to panic is?

The internet!


I did a little restaurants vs. 21 Day Fix research, and Nikki has some great 21 Day Fix restaurant tips that are helpful in telling you what to do BEFORE you go out (and while you’re there).

“Coach Bob” also has some great restaurant advice, including how to add alcohol to your meal.


Husband and I are NO LONGER GOING TO Buffalo Wild Wings. We are going to his parents’ house, instead. Which is excellent for 21 Day Fix because I can just eat before I go! MMMMsweetpotato.


I would like to note that, now that I’m thinking about it, it was silly to think I should hold off on starting this diet until after restaurant-loving Husband left. I am going to have to figure out how to eat well at restaurants just like everyone else. Facing restaurants while on the 21 Day Fix is good, real-life practice.


In case you were wondering, I already knew what I was going to order at Buffalo Wild Wings: the hummus and veggie and pita appetizer

I would link to this dish, but their hummus appetizer link is broken. B-dubs! Do you hear me?

I had ordered the hummus/veggie platter once before, and it was delicious (hummus was a little salty, but good).


I did some research on 21 Day Fix options at B-dubs, and other Fixers ordered naked chicken tenders with a salad, or with potato wedges.

Those sound like good options. But I just don’t trust that chicken.


Look, it’s not like I have something against chicken. I just ate some five minutes ago.


It’s just that I ALWAYS trust vegetables. Always. They never let me down. And they’re never too salty. I’m not a big fan of lots of salt, and I could already TASTE the salt in those B-dubs chicken tenders.

Veggie/hummus appetizer for me!


If I had eaten at B-dubs on day 4, I would have planned the REST of day 4’s food around what I knew I’d be eating at dinner. So, I would have saved 1 blue for hummus and 2 green for all the vegetables. (I would have skipped on the pitas.)


Since I didn’t eat B-dubs, I ate this stuff, instead.


What I ate on Day 4:

  • 1 toasted piece of delicious organic bread, topped with 1 scrambled egg + pepper = 1 yellow1/2 red
  • (salad)
    • 1 container of kale + Brussels sprouts + 3 halved cherry tomatoes = 2 green
    • 1 container of sunflower seed kernels = 1 orange
    • chunks of cubed chicken breast = 1/2 red
  • Greek yogurt = 1 red
  • 1 full orange = 1 purple
  • 1 container of flaked walleye = 1 red
  • 1 container of cooked + mashed sweet potato (+ cinnamon) = 1 yellow


Day 4 totals:

3 red (of 4)
2 green (of 3)
2 yellow
1 purple
1 orange
1 teaspoon oil (precooked Brussels sprouts in coconut oil)


I didn’t eat all of my proteins and veggies because I didn’t pack all of them to eat at Husband’s parents’ house. By the time I got home, I was whooped and fell asleep without wanting to eat anything else.


That breakfast combo of egg + bread kept me full forEVER. Which is kind of a feat after a morning workout. But I was also distracted. You know, writing. *birds sing*

Day 4 morning was the first morning I introduced carbs into my breakfast. I’ll try not to repeat this process, because it’s more important to me to get my veggies in than my carbs, and if I’m skipping any containers, I’d prefer to skip yellow containers.


Salad was, again, delicious.


If you’ve never tried Brussels sprouts, I encourage you to! Just trim the ends, cut them in half, and rub them cut-side-down on a sheet pan coated with oil before baking them at 350 until they’re fork tender.


Brussels sprouts have that umami flavor to me. They’re wholesome and meaty without actually being meat. And they do wonderful things for that beautiful bod of yours.

They stink to high heavens while you’re roasting them, but just wait until your lovebird spouse is out of the house before roasting them.

Or wait until your devil spouse is RIGHT IN THE KITCHEN and roast away!

Enough about the Brussels sprouts.


I ended up packing the walleye, my remaining sweet potato, my orange, and my almonds to take with me to Husbands parents’ house, since I was heading there straight from work.


I just have to tell you all that sometimes, this diet is just really, really hard.

For example, at 4:07PM on day 4, I was ready for bed.

My workout + 3:15AM wake-up call were creeping up on me like a warm, cozy blanket. Shhhh, they say, just rest your face on your mouse pad for a few moments



I ate my fish as soon as I got to the In-Laws’ house. I ate my sweet potato a half-hour later.

Then, they brought in the pizza.

Delicious, greasy, cheesy, breadsticks with a warm garlicy aroma and crispy, buttery edges.

I could taste the pizza with my eyeballs. I might have stared at people while they ate. Sorry everyone!


I wasn’t even hungry, but man oh man did I want to grab one of those greasy breadsticks, DOUSE it in ranch, and shove it in my face.

I didn’t, though!

You want to know why?


Because I reminded myself that I can have pizza again some day.


Yeah! Pizza is an approved food on the 21 Day Fix!


But only in emergencies.

Because, really, we should only be eating pizza on RARE occasions. Since pizza isn’t exactly doing any favors to our bodies.

But, alas, I didn’t indulge my screaming senses and have a slice. I want to reach my goal weight before I start eating things that aren’t good for me.


Once I got through the Pizza Pining, I was fine. I’m really getting used to this whole “not snacking after dinner” thing.

And this whole “not eating when I’m not hungry” thing. That’s the biggest change I’ve noticed so far during my Fix: because I have to save my containers for when I’m actually hungry, I’m learning to eat ONLY when I’m hungry.

Go figure! Ingenious diet, 21 Day Fix.


Day 5 

Whoa nelly was I sore on day 5. Dang Annie and her sneaky Hi-Def sculpt! I highly recommend the The FIRM workout videos to EVERYONE. They are ALL very effective in giving you quick results. They’re tough, but they’re definitely doable.

Anyway, I was in desperate need of some yoga on day 5 morning. But I haven’t done yoga in years, and I knew I wasn’t going to work out on day 6, so CARDIO it is!


Day 5 exercise = not too early (I slept in till 6AM Saturday),  I did 50 minutes of my Zumba Exhilarate video. The full video is 60 minutes, but I was STRUGGLING. Last time I did it, I made it through the “tango” and “swing” segments and then stopped. This time, I skipped over those segments and finished the rest of the video. I skipped 8 minutes of the video and had to pause it MULTIPLE times to cool down and catch my breath. Soreness does not make for effective workouts. My abs were sore, which made it hard to BREATHE. But, I did it!


I knew I’d be spending all day at my parents’ house on day 5, as we are throwing a little goodbye party for Husband. Husband’s parents and siblings are coming, too. I’m really excited because I love family parties.


On the Normal People Main Menu tonight:

My mother’s mouth-watering lasagna

Spinach and artichoke dip

Veggie tray


An ARRAY of delicious, yeasty, sour-dough-y French breads

On the Normal People Dessert Menu tonight:

Chocolate Texas sheet cake

Peanut butter bars (basically a Reese’s Peanut Butter cup in bar form)

My brother’s everything-you-need-in-a-treat saltine bark (here’s a recipe for saltine toffee cookies, which are VERY close to Brother’s recipe)


That saltine bark is ridiculous on the taste buds.

Not mine on day 5, though!


Before the 21 Day Fix, I would have tasted every single ONE of the menu items tonight (especially dessert).

After the 21 Day Fix, I INSTEAD packed my own food to take with me to Parents’ house.


I headed over early to help my mother cook/bake and tidy up, so I packed up everything but breakfast.

My 21 Day Fix | Days 4-6 - Perksofinterest.com #21dayfix

Planning = success on 21 Day Fix.


Plus my protein for my chicken fajita wrap!

My 21 Day Fix | Days 4-6 - Perksofinterest.com #21dayfix

Cooked in a nonstick pan with pepper and finished with a squeeze of lemon juice.


What I ate on Day 5:

  • 1 scrambled egg + pepper and 1/2 container of flaked walleye (for breakfast) = 1 red
  • (salad)
    • 1 container of kale + 1 container of Brussels sprouts = 2 green
  • 1 whole wheat tortilla filled with cubed chicken, sautéed bell peppers, + a drizzle of homemade enchilada sauce (see days 1-3 for recipe) = 1 yellow1 red, 1 green
  • 12 almonds = 1 blue
  • 3/4 apple = 1 purple


Day 5 totals:

2 red (of 4)
3 green
1 yellow (of 2)
1 purple
0 orange (of 1)
1 blue
2 teaspoons oil (precooked Brussels sprouts + bell peppers in coconut oil)


I didn’t eat all of my protein, carbs, or my sunflower seeds because 1) I didn’t pack a 3rd and 4th protein or a 2nd carb and 2) I forgot to mix my sunflower seeds into my salad.


I had a very hard time baking all of those Normal People Dessert Menu desserts and knowing I couldn’t taste any of them. Sister kept calling me “sad,” because I was so quiet. I said, “I’m not sad, I’m hungry,” and promptly retrieved my salad and ate it.

I was sad, though. Because I wanted to try all of those foods so badly. And I could TASTE that chocolate Texas sheet cake. I could just taste it.


I let all of my siblings try my fajita wrap to prove to them that a 21 Day Fix wrap can be delicious. They all agreed that it was!


Husband and I left my parents’ house and met friends at a bar (where I had lemon water). I left the bar around 10PM because I was exhausted and had to be up early the next day for a photo shoot.


Day 6

I woke up on day 6 and felt like this: I SURVIVED.

Yesterday, that is.

I survived yesterday.

A day filled with saying-no and eating-only-what-I-packed feelings. I survived it.

I actually had a dream nightmare that I cheated on my diet with some of that chocolate Texas sheet cake I was drooling over yesterday.


No exercise on day 6.

I had early photo shoot plans, so I didn’t work out in the morning. And I didn’t think I’d have energy to work out when I got home.
Good thing I planned ahead and worked out yesterday, because I was DEAD WHEN I GOT HOME.


MAN do I have a whole lot of newfound respect for models. Modeling is HARD!

Take after take after take and smilesmilesmile and suckinsuckinsuckin all day. Plus, it’s nerve-wracking performing for a photographer and videographer!


It was incredibly fun, but I was exhausted afterward.


Part of that exhaustion was due to a lack of food.

I forgot to pack water AND snacks, which was a big mistake on my part. My energy was quickly spiraling down the drain all morning.


Sister found me a bottle of water from some random nook. I drank the whole thing almost instantly. The other girls were sipping champagne. I had to “fake” sip it, and I got some on my lips. And it tasted DELICIOUS.


I got home from the photo shoot and immediately ate a chicken salad, a sweet potato, and an orange.


Do you know what I REALLY wanted to eat?



Or candy.


Or something fake and sugary sweet.


Then I realized I should probably stop watching Cupcake Wars.


Then I remember that I’m allowed to EAT SWEETS!!!!!


So I busted out my booklet and took a gander at what I could have.

I noticed that I could substitute a spoonful of chocolate chips for a yellow container.


Except I didn’t have chocolate chips.


I had a Riesen.

My 21 Day Fix | Days 4-6 - Perksofinterest.com #21dayfix


And OH MY GOD was it ever the greatest thing I’ve ever eaten.



I can’t remember the last time I went more than a day without chocolate.


And then, this Riesen.


I paused Netflix, leaned back into my futon, closed my eyes, and chewed that thing for like five minutes.

I have never had a more delicious Riesen in my life. It was so good.


But it didn’t exactly keep me satisfied.


So, I thawed out some of my precooked frozen shrimp from Aldi’s (bought on days 1-3), rinsed them, pulled off their tails, and popped as many a I could fit into a red container.

I then sprinkled chili powder and pepper on top of them.


Those precooked shrimp were VERY salty on their own, and with chili powder and pepper? It was a true delicacy, my friends. Incredibly plump and delicious shrimp with a teeny kick. YUM.


Those shrimp weren’t enough, though.


So I ate a full orange container of sunflower seed kernels.


But that wasn’t enough.


So I cooked a sweet potato, smooshed it into a yellow container, sprinkled it with cinnamon, and devoured it.


But that wasn’t enough.


So I filled a blue container with finely shredded sharp cheddar cheese.
First taste of cheese in six days = SO GOOD.
I ate that container slowly.


But when it was gone, I still wasn’t satisfied.


So I ate three spoonfuls of Greek yogurt.


And…you guessed it. I still wasn’t satisfied.


Husband went and picked up Olive Garden To Go for himself.


I was climbing the walls for tortilla chips, cookies, Oreos, brownies…all things I usually WOLF down until I am stuffed to the brim when I’m exhausted.

Then, I remembered that I hadn’t eaten any teaspoons of anything.


So I retrieved the peanut butter jar and scooped out a level teaspoon of peanut butter.

I closed my eyes for this one, too, because that peanut butter was smooth, creamy, rich, and slightly sweet. And it was what my body was LUNGING after.

Then, I scooped a second one. Eyes closed for this too.


Then, I stared at that peanut butter container.

Because I wanted a third.

I stared and stared.

And you know what?

I went for it. I scooped and ate a third!


Yup! I cheated!


I had one extra teaspoon of peanut butter than I was supposed to have.

But you know what?

I didn’t care. Because that peanut butter was making me feel better all over. It was making my heart and SOUL feel better.

And I knew I would have to confess on my blog. And that you might judge me.

And I am okay with that. Truly, I am!


It’s just that, on April 5th, Husband flies away for six months. And it is taking a huge toll on me, emotionally. And the emotions are building up like a tsunami.


Not in the I’m-constantly-sobbing kind of way.

In the I’m-so-tired-I-go-to-bed-at-7:30PM-and-then-lie-awake-until-10PM-because-I-can’t-sleep kind of way.

And the I-wake-up-at-4AM-every-day-for-no-reason-at-all-and-can’t-go-back-to-sleep kind of way.


His leaving is on the back of my mind all the time. And it makes me very sad and anxious in the subtlest way. My emotional turmoil is so subtle even I don’t notice it. Husband does when I tell him how exhausted I am and how little sense it makes.

He says, “Well, it’s probably emotional, babe.”

And I say something incredibly insightful like, “Huh.”


What I ate on Day 6:

  • 1 egg cooked in a nonstick pan + pepper = 1/2 red
  • (salad)
    • 1.5 containers of spinach + halved cherry tomatoes = 2 green
    • chunks of cubed chicken breast = 1/2 red
  • 1 full orange = 1 purple
  • 1 container of mashed sweet potato + cinnamon = 1 yellow
  • 1 Riesen = 1 yellow
  • 1 container of cooked shrimp = 1 red
  • 1 container of sunflower seed kernels = 1 orange
  • 1 apple = 1 purple
  • 1 container of finely shredded sharp cheddar cheese = 1 blue
  • 3 spoonfulls of Greek yogurt = 1/2 red
  • 3 teaspoons peanut butter = 3 teaspoons of nut butter (of 2)


Day 6 totals:

2.5 red (of 4)
2 green (of 3)
2 yellow
2 purple
1 blue
1 orange
3 teaspoons nut butter


I didn’t eat all of my proteins or veggies because YOU saw the kind of day I was having. I seriously thought about grilling up some asparagus for another veggie portion but changed my mind when I realized that I wasn’t HUNGRY. I was just emotionally starving. And veggies don’t satisfy that kind of hunger.

I ate more food on day 6 than I had eaten any other day before it. At least it felt that way. Conveyor belt of Fix-approved foods into my mouth.



I told Sister on the morning of day 6 that, before I started this diet, I had no idea that 80% of my happiness came from food.


I had no clue how happy food made me! Especially bad-for-me food.



I don’t have my chocolate donuts to look forward to. My tortilla chips and salsa to wait for. My homemade cookies to eat by the DOZEN at nighttime.


Before my Fix, food was a reward system to me.
I ate like a rabbit at work, and I rewarded myself at night by eating whatever I wanted in HUGE portions.


After dinner, I would put away half a bag of potato chips, half a carton of ice cream, 17 tootsie rolls, 5 Oreos dunked in peanut butter, and fistfuls of popcorn.

And all of that was my reward. For eating healthy all day. That’s what I told myself.


Lots of my Life Pleasure used to come from food, which makes 21 Day Fix kind of depressing. But remember, I am temporarily depressed right now because of Husband’s departure.

What I intend to do with this new food-was-a-reward knowledge is USE IT to help push me through the rough times.

When I start struggling, I have to remember to mix things up. Cook new dinners. Get fancy in the kitchen. Because I need to teach myself how to find happiness in HEALTHY foods.


I am going to start incorporating more “yellow substitution treats” into my diet, too. Because yesterday was dangerous territory, my friend. I had been restraining myself from sweets for too long. And it was turning me into a crazy person.

The reason I had been so strict was because of the photo shoot. I wanted to drop as many pounds as possible for it.

Now, I can loosen my 21 Day Fix reins and eat MORE of what I’m allowed to eat every day.


Maybe I’ll make some of the healthy cookies they have listed in the Fix booklet.

I’ve been hunting on Pinterest for some yummy Fix-approved treats I can make. Stay tuned.


As far as my body goes, I am definitely thinner.

Husband has noticed.

Sister didn’t (nor does anyone else, really), and that’s because I had been covering up big time all winter long.

Sweatshirts, baggy stuff, whatever got the you-can’t-see-how-much-weight-I’ve-gained job done.

I’m really glad to have Husband here (for the next few days) to agree with me when I tell him I feel slimmer.


Because I AM. My arms are DEFINITELY more toned and slimmer. So are my thighs. My waist is, too. And I am definitely noticing it in my face. And my boobs. *sob*

My favorite difference so far is how my wedding ring fits. After morning workouts, I used to have to WRENCH this thing off my finger. Honestly, sometimes I gave up because I couldn’t get it off.

Now, when I’m all red and swollen and sweaty post-workout, the ring slides off easily. And my heart soars every time.

I’ll weigh myself soon, I promise!


Until next time! 

see days 4-6! >> 


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