21 Day Fix Motivation


I am so excited for this post. This post is for YOU!



In this post, I am going to list all of the things I tell myself/do to help stay motivated on the 21 Day Fix.


What I want you to do is TELL ME what gets YOU feeling motivated to stick with the 21 Day Fix (or any diet!).


Since I joined my 21 Day Fix Facebook group, I have been positively swelling with excitement, eagerness, and reinvigoration all the time. These amazing girls post pictures, weight loss updates, and motivational quotes and comments all the time. And these things are absolutely PRICELESS for anyone trying to stick with a diet.



I’ll tell you what I say and do, but what I REALLY want to hear is what YOU say and do to keep yourself on track (or to get yourself started, or to get yourself back on track after falling off the wagon).

Share your tips with us!


Things I tell myself to stay on track with the 21 Day Fix:


“Just because someone invented the food, doesn’t mean I have to eat it (had Cheetos in mind).”


“If I had never tasted tartar sauce in my life, I wouldn’t miss tartar sauce. So pretend you’ve never tasted it, Self.”


“The reason it’s so hard to lose weight is because you have to eat less calories than you burn every day. CONSISTENTLY. Which is NOT easy. But, once you reach your goal weight, you can eat the SAME AMOUNT OF CALORIES you’re burning every day (for maintenance). Which means CHOCOLATE IS IN YOUR FUTURE.”


“It is WAY easier to keep the weight off than to lose it. If I stick to this plan and workout regimen now, I will shed all the weight I want to shed and eventually be able to eat more each day.”


“The workouts DO get easier. You are stronger TODAY just for DOING that workout. Remember that when you’re feeling like a whale.”



Things I do to stay on track:

When I’m feeling pretty weak on motivation and wanting to punch the stars in hopes of chocolate falling out, I go to Pinterest and search “21 day fix results.” A good scroll through before-and-after pictures usually fluffs my Fix feathers back up.


I follow my beloved Facebook group. Don’t have one? Ask Brittany if you can join ours!


I am making lots of Fix friends! I’ve been Facebooking with the coolest people about the 21 Day Fix. And I recently reconnected with an old friend and we are LOVING EACH OTHER. We text all day long about the 21 Day Fix. And we send each other our goals and our body progress pictures. Sharing a goal makes our 21 Day Fix experience much more manageable. We get so excited when we talk about it that we want to run off and eat more kale and jump around. Excitement about being healthy and fit and the ideal pant size is contagious.


I plan. HUGE ONE HERE. If I already know what I’m having for dinner, then I take the oh, maybe I’ll just have 2 bagels for dinner possibility OUT of the equation.


I put the damn DVD in the damn DVD player and press play. I tell myself that, even if I slump through the whole thing, even if I do the laziest version of this workout known to man, I will have DONE the workout.


Your turn!

Enough about me. Tell me what you tell yourself and what you do to stay on track! We’re in this together, friends! We share our failures and our successes together, and that is what keeps us strong!


So, what are your secrets?

What pushes you to push a little harder?

Why do you choose fruit over chocolate cake?

Comment below!



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