I’m Brooke, and I am thrilled to meet you!

What’s this blog about? My life.

What I try, see, wonder, and want. Many of my posts are how-tos, because I like to try things and then let you know if those things are worth it.

I also create all of the images you see attached to my posts (using Microsoft Paint and Canva.).

Mostly, I like to write about the dirty, shocking, and TMI details of my life.


I’m married to a soldier/pilot/farmer/business owner I refer to as Husband. I nickname all of the people I talk about to help maintain their privacy.

Speaking of Husband – he and I live in Alabama. On an army base called Fort Rucker. We will be here for a few years while Husband completes flight school and learns how to fly Black Hawks. Then it’s back to Michigan.

We have a lazy Great Dane puppy named Rucker whom I feature in a lot of my posts.


Our latest and most exciting news is that we are expecting a baby in October! I’m blogging weekly about it, so make sure you’re subscribed so you never miss a post.


So, about me.

Well, my dream is to one day become a full-time blogger.

Because I love to write. And I LOVE the internet. I spend most of my time on the web, actually.

I started this blog about a year ago and I’ve been head-over-heels in love ever since.


My favorite thing about blogging? YOU.

I’ve received the most interesting post suggestions from you that have turned into my best articles. If I Were Miss America is still my standing favorite. And your comments on my posts, oh, I swoon.

I love sharing new things with you because I am constantly finding new things! I turn crazy facts, real issues, and helpful tips into posts so you can reap the benefits of reading about them first-hand.

That’s why I started this blog. To help you make better tacos, land your dream job, and find the right diet.

I am also BIG into health. I love exercising and experimenting with healthy recipes.


Why did I name my blog Perks of Interest?

I spent a week staring at sticky-note-covered cabinets in my kitchen to come up with this name.

I wanted something that captured my fervor for life and my hunger for knowledge. Not just knowledge – solutions. I LOVE researching because I always find what I’m looking for. And I constantly discover great resources and life hacks that I’m hungry to share with others!

I am interested in life. In living. And being interested in the world has a lot of perks. I’ve learned a lot about people and the world and how to navigate/dominate it gracefully.

Perksofinterest.com is a hub. A centerpoint, if you will. This is where you come to be entertained, and sometimes to learn something new. I’m constantly sharing my discoveries with everyone around me, and I don’t want to leave you out of the fun.


So, welcome! The wildest, rawest corner of the universe where I tell you all of my secrets. 


I’ve also written a FREE eBook about how to fix anxiety, if you’re curious.


Don’t forget to subscribe and follow me on all my social medias so you never miss a post or life-changing discovery.


And now, for some random Brooke details

I am obsessed with food blogs but a fairly inexperienced cook (though I’m getting better). A baker, however, I most certainly am.

All my life, I’ve been euphorically tasting sugar-dusted confections and warm, gooey goodness. And I’ve been mastering my favorite recipes.

The problem with baking is that it enhances my backside, which is something I’ve been trying to shrink for the better part of a year. Hence all the diet posts.


The thing is, I just LOVE sweets. I’m working on a balance where I can eat kale and chocolate every day and stay trim. Stay tuned on that one.


Here are some important preferences of mine that will help you easily identify me:

Peanut butter or chocolate: BOTH

Fruity candy or chocolate candy: chocolate

Cake or cookies: No Bakes. See #1.


Also, fruit is not dessert, nor are any concoctions with fruit in them that people try to call “dessert.” Except lemon bars. Those are delicious. And pumpkin pie. But all other pies don’t count.


I know it looks like I have a sugar problem, and that’s because I do. That’s why I tried to quit sugar. It didn’t last. We’ll give it another go…some day.


Speaking of sugar, here’s a quick baking tip for you sweet lovers out there:

Three ingredients in baking whose measurement should always be read as “heaping”:

1 (heaping) c. peanut butter

1 (heaping) c. chocolate chips

1 (heaping) t. vanilla


Go overboard on those puppies and your result will never disappoint. Trust me.


I’m not just an avid baker.

I am an avid reader (be my friend on Goodreads!).

Grammar fanatic. Seriously, I wrote a whole post about it.


I am also a college grad. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies and a minor in Psychology.


I will be a lot of things in this life, and I am taking you with me through every twist and turn.


Burning questions?

Perks to share about your interested life? Stuff you want me to talk about? Collaboration inquiries? Feel free to send me an email – hello@perksofinterest[dot]com (sorry for the weird type – gotta keep the spam bots at bay) – or reach me through any of my many social media:

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