Happy fall to you!


I, for one, am thrilled with the recently crisp weather. I love turtlenecks and cozy mugs and snuggling.


One of the best things about this fall weather is that it signifies the nearing date of my anniversary celebration with Husband!

We couldn’t celebrate on our actual anniversary (which is August 15) because Husband was at OCS in Georgia.

Now, he’s back!


And I can’t even describe how incredible it feels to have him around again. I get to see him whenever I want! It’s amazing and extremely fun. It’s like we’re dating all over again!

And he is so cute, I just can’t get enough of him.


We couldn’t celebrate our anniversary date together, so we saved our gifts for each other and exchanged them when he returned to Michigan. Which was a few days ago.

I think the gifts we gave each other are so perfect that I cannot help but share them with you.


I’ll start with Husband’s gift.


Now, Husband has always been a phenomenal gift giver. Always. He has never, ever gotten me ANYTHING I didn’t love. I’m not just saying that because I know he’ll read this. Truly, the man was born to buy presents for people. He’s so good at it!


So, for my anniversary present, guess what he got me?


This GIANT wooden sign (re-purposed pallet) that was painted to say “The McInnis Family” in beautiful, swoopy cursive with a little note on the bottom that says “EST. 8.15.15” in black font.


I just LOVE it.

It’s so, so cool.

Every time I look at it, I love it more!

And it has a thick rope strung from each top corner so I can hang it up in our house when we move to Alabama.

It’s rustic and beautiful and the fact that Husband called us a family makes me SWOON.


I just LOVE him. And I LOVE my anniversary present.


So that’s idea #1 for you: Buy your significant other a giant, adorable, rustic sign that tells the world when your family was created.


Idea #2 is what I got for Husband.

I must admit that I was REALLY struggling with what to get him. I mean, he has everything he could possibly want! Except for more tattoos and a motorcycle and other things that aren’t exactly “anniversary present” style.


So, I enlisted the help of my mother for a brainstorming session, and then, all of a sudden, BAM! My gift came to light.


Guess what it is?


It’s a trip.


To where, you ask?


Well, to the place we got married last year, of course.




We are going to go stay in a hotel near Fennville, MI, which is where we wed last August.

We actually got married in Crane Orchards. IN the orchards beneath two huge pavilions with tons of twinkling lights and candles and pie and apple trees and family members. It was extremely romantic.

Anniversary Gift Ideas - Check out a few ideas for your wedding anniversary gift in my latest post! One of them has to do with my Crane Orchards Wedding...

Photo credit goes to the beautiful and exquisitely talented Jessica Darling.


The orchard sits behind a little restaurant called Crane’s Pie Pantry. BEST PIE EVER. I don’t even like pie, and I love their pie. And also they serve the best gelato, wine, and desserts. And the rest of their food is wonderful, too!

I actually bought a big jar of raw honey from Crane’s last year and I’m absolutely buying another when we go back.


I have been eating at Crane’s Pie Pantry since I was little. I’d go with my mother and sister and grandmother, and we would sit in the antique, rustic diner and revel at how quaint and adorable and wonderful Crane’s is.

When I found out I could GET MARRIED there, I obviously had no choice but to do so.

And my wedding and reception were just as wonderful as the orchard itself.

Anniversary Gift Ideas - Check out a few ideas for your wedding anniversary gift in my latest post! One of them has to do with my Crane Orchards Wedding...

Photo credit again goes to Jessica Darling at Darlinganddesire.com.


So, for my anniversary gift to Husband, I purchased one night in a hotel near Crane’s. Apart from that, we can go and pick apples in the orchard (they let you do that!), eat at Crane’s Pie Pantry, and walk around our wedding venue and remember how wonderful our day was.


And maybe we’ll drive to a nearby South Haven beach and search for sea glass!

And maybe we’ll do some wine tasting at Crane’s!

We’ll definitely visit a nearby brewery for some beer tasting.

And DEFINITELY some hard cider tasting at Crane’s. I LOVE hard cider.

Maybe we’ll try to find our way through Crane’s corn maze?

The possibilities are endless.

Maybe we’ll just stroll along the orchard grounds and cry because we are so happy we married the love of our life.

That will probably just be me.


So that’s idea #2 for an anniversary gift: bring your spouse back to the spot you married him/her!


It’s by far the most romantic gesture I’ve ever come up with, and Husband is THRILLED. So am I! Hopefully we can come back every year to celebrate and eventually bring our babies along to show them where Husband and I exchanged our written vows.

I am just dying to go. Can’t wait. Four more days!


Of course, if neither of these anniversary gift ideas suit your needs, you can check out these 25 great anniversary gift ideas (Husband and I actually own the first one and we LOVE it).

And, if you want to stick with tradition and give your spouse a classic, by-year anniversary gift (year one gift is paper, year two gift is cotton, etc.), you can check out this list of traditional anniversary gifts.


Do YOU have any great anniversary gift ideas? Please share them in the comments below! 



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