Want to learn more about yourself today than you’ve ever learned in your whole life?

Why you hate your job?

Why you prefer to spend your time alone?

Why you suck at small talk?


Take these personality tests. They are the best of the best. I even wrote a paper in undergrad about the results of the first one.


Color Career Counselor (color test) — This one tells you what kind of career best suits your personality type. It gives you first and second options, and they are eerily accurate.

Myers-Briggs Test (free version) – Do yourself a favor and blow your own mind today. Take this now. Change your life forever.



Here are my results:

Color test = I’m a CREATOR. Per my test’s results, my happiness is highly associated with my environment, and it is “essential” that I have freedom to be original. This explains perfectly why I started my blog.

Myers-Briggs = I’m an INFJ. The best job I’ve ever had was working as a writing consultant in GVSU’s Writing Center. All my fellow consultants were unique but we had so many things in common (necessarily, considering the skill requirements of our job). The Writing Center was our haven and we were all soul mates. One of the things we were collectively obsessed with was the Myers-Briggs personality test. Each of us fully identified with our four-letter acronym and mentioned it when we introduced ourselves. Nerd-dom.
Oh, and once you discover your acronym, check out which book you should read based on your personality type!


Now, tell me your results!

I love personality test results. People facts are my favorite kind of fact. Please leave a comment and share what you’ve discovered about yourself! ALSO VERY IMPORTANT – if there’s a test out there that you swear by, tell me what it is so I can add it to this post!



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