It’s time to reveal the HUGE secret I’ve been keeping for over a week.

NO, I’m not pregnant (unfortunately).


So, you know that Husband is at OCS. Or at least you know that he’s not around right now.

That’s because he joined the Michigan Air National Guard. From April to June, he was at boot camp in Georgia. After that, he went to Officer Candidate School (OCS), which is where he currently resides (also Georgia).

At OCS, he studies his butt off and camps in the woods.

LOL he’s not camping, he’s training. Land navigation. Point-finding.

I will get a long explanation from Husband later about why he is NOT “camping.”


Anyway, I told you that he joined the Guard, but what I DIDN’T tell you is WHY.

Why did he join the Guard?

Well, because he wants to fly Black Hawks.


Black Hawkshelicopters, if you’re army-term-clueless like me.


Black Hawks are badass helicopters. They are used for EVERYTHING. Including war.

Speaking of war, Husband KNEW he would be deployed at some point when he signed up.


But he wants to fly those Black Hawks, so he signed up anyway. Because Husband has wanderlust.


Joining the Guard was risky for Husband, though, because there was no guarantee that he’d be able to fly Black Hawks. None! 


In order to fly Black Hawks, he had to get into flight school, first.

And flight school is VERY difficult to get into.

Especially at his Michigan base. I think he said they send 1-2 soldiers to flight school per YEAR out of that base.

And TONS of people apply.

Because Black Hawks.


Anyway, without the Black Hawk guarantee, Husband joined the Guard anyway, and we crossed our fingers that he’d get the board interview and then hopefully the slot for flight school.






It was actually pretty incredible. We prepared for weeks for that board interview. His family and I sat down and grilled him. And I grilled him every other moment. And all that preparation worked, because he got the slot over a man who had over a decade of chopper experience.

Husband has zero chopper experience.

But he still got the slot!

Because he is amazing.

Which means Husband will fly Black Hawks!


Believe it or not, that’s not even the BIG NEWS I’ve been waiting to share with you.


What’s the BIG NEWS?


It is this: flight school is in Alabama.


Also, flight school is a year-and-a-half commitment.




Oh, that sucks, you think, when you realize I will be spending even MORE time without Husband.


Au contraire, my friend.


I get to go with him.




The BIG NEWS is………






Guess when we are moving to Alabama?


This November!


In a little over three months, Husband and I will be driving our cars down to Fort Rucker, Alabama, and I will be screaming out my window the whole time and crying tears of joy into the wind.



Because you know what this means, right?

Do you?

Have you thought this through?

Do you realize?

I get to quit my job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know, this dispatching job that is wonderful but not really my cup of tea and thus the reason why I even STARTED this blog?



If you could see me, you would notice the dark circles under my eyes (because I’ve been moving all my crap back to my parents’ house, remember?) and the massive sparkles in my eyes because I get to quit my job and move to Alabama with Husband.


I have been WAITING for this moment.


Remember how I kept talking about how I felt like I was off, like something was missing, like I just didn’t feel right? Like I just needed a hobby or something to cheer me up and get rid of this feeling down feeling?

All of that sadness – every single DROP of weariness – just vanished the moment I found out we’d be moving.


FINALLY, no more waiting for Husband!

I get to be WITH him.


And we get to start having BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



There is a light at the end of the tunnel. I must use that cliche here because it is so accurate. I have been living in a tube of dark, floating uncertainty. Now, there is a blast of blinding sunshine at the end. And I am SPRINTING toward it.


Do you know what else Alabama MEANS?!




I have zero intentions of getting a job in Alabama because I have full intentions of blogging 24/7 while I’m down there.

Oh, I have BIG PLANS for this blog.

I talked about some of those plans in my 5 Things I Wish I’d Know When I Started My Blog post.


I am on cloud 9,532,103 right now just thinking about being able to blog full time.


Oh, and did you know?

I’m officially “moved in” at my parents’ house.

I moved back in with them because they don’t charge rent which is great for impoverished Husband and me.


The only remaining items in our apartment = large furniture.


Packing up and moving an entire house solo is a LOT of work.

Especially when you do it in a week.

But I did it! Packed and moved everything in my teeny adorable Honda.

BAM – done.

I am burning the Alabama FUEL these days and nothing can stop me.


Apparently the army will pack and move our stuff for us to Alabama, so a lot of my packing will go to waste.

Because they will unpack everything and re-pack it the way they like.

For liability reasons, I think.

My mom said they go so far as to wrap Tupperware lids in newspaper.


Do you know anything about Alabama? Tell me everything you know!!!


My coworkers who love me so much have been sending me links about the nasty Alabama creatures I’m going to encounter.


I told my coworkers to rest assured that I will bake my way out the front door of this office when my end nears.

Treats galore! Every one of them smiled.

Because who doesn’t love baked goods?

I mentioned that I am a baker to all of my bosses during my interviews. On PURPOSE. That’s another tip to add to my 9 interviewing tips and tricks.

I said to my supervisor the other day: “The ONLY reason you hired me is because I bake.”


I am just over the moon about leaving this job. NOT because it’s not a great job. It really is.

And I’m not just saying that to cover my ass in case my bosses read this.

Which they better not, because the horror.

This job is a great job and I am insurmountably thankful to have won the position, but it’s just not the job for me.

The job for me is writing to you all the time and telling you everything I’m learning about the world and myself.



So, that’s it! The BIG NEWS I’ve been keeping from you. Now you know. Husband and I are Alabama-bound.

Everything will change from here on out.

Husband and I will start trying for babies the MOMENT he returns from OCS (mid-September). Hopefully we will have an instantaneous zygote.


And THEN, we are moving to Alabama.

And THEN, I will be able to blog full time.


And you’re going to come along with me every step of the way. Because you know I’m going to tell you all about it.

So make sure you’re subscribed!


Do you know what I am going to do in the meantime, before babies and Alabama?


I’m going to DETOX myself from sugar and try to KICK my sweet addiction.


I talked about sugar detoxing in my 21 Day Fix RESULTS post.

And I fully intend to implement the detox strategies I’m discovering online very soon.

Riiiight after I make a Texas Sheet Cake and eat it.


Stay tuned for next week’s post! It’ll probably be about something health-and-fitness related. Because, did you realize? That seems to be my favorite thing to write about.

*Hint*blog foreshadowing*hint*



See you next week!



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