Hello, there!


I have been quite the busy bee lately. And I’m about to get a whole lot busier.


You see, this upcoming weekend is “the moment we’ve been waiting for” – HUSBAND COMES HOME!!!

Well, he doesn’t come home this weekend. I go see him this weekend. To Georgia. Back again!

On Saturday, we will be attending a formal ball. I’ve got a gown and everything!


The following Tuesday, I will attend his graduation ceremony. Remember? He’s graduating from Officer Candidate School (OCS).


After his Tuesday graduation ceremony, HE WILL COME HOME.


I am excited and nervous all at once.

So is he. He’s used to being a soldier, so he’s a little anxious about adjusting to civilian life.


He won’t be adjusting for long, though.

Because after a few months of him being home, he and I are shipping ourselves to Alabama!

Remember? I talked all about that in my BIG NEWS post.


For now, I (and his family and friends) will be welcoming him home.

I can’t wait to have access to him 24/7 again.

I think we’re both curious about how the adjustment period will be. I mean, we haven’t been around each other consistently since April of this year!


Plus, it’s baby time!

Remember? I’ve had a serious case of baby fever since the beginning of the year. Now that Husband is coming home, we are free to start trying for babies!

I am elated and also mildly terrified.


It’s adventure time in Brooke’s life right now, and heaven only knows when life will slow down (if it ever will again).


Also, if you recall, I was trying to quit sugar a few weeks ago.

And I realized that I wasn’t losing any weight on account of all the almonds I was eating. Remember? Nuts are allowed on a sugar detox.

Well, whenever I wanted sugar, I’d just eat almonds. Or walnuts.

I was eating a lot of nuts.

And not losing ANY weight.


So, after a few frustrating weeks of ZERO budging on my waistline, I gave up attempts to abstain from sugar and switched to eating sugar in very teeny amounts.

And guess what?

I started to lose weight!

Not a significant amount, but an amount nonetheless.

Probably because I was actually satisfying my cravings and not staving them off with bags and bags of nuts!


Anyway, you’re probably just as sick of me talking about losing weight as I am talking ABOUT it, so I’m not going to talk about it any more.


What I AM going to talk about is the upcoming military ball I’ll be attending.

Husband said the event should be similar to a wedding reception.

I am just giddy about the ball.

After the “wedding reception,” we’re going out on the town with all of his buddies and their wives/girlfriends.

I can’t wait!


I’ve never attended a ball before. I hope I’m not expected to know how to Foxtrot or choose the correct forks on the table.

KIDDING. I know which forks to use.

Small to large. Out to in. Something like that.


Also, this work week has been CRAZY. I work with my brother, remember? Well, he’s currently gallivanting through the hills of Kentucky trying to shoot wildlife.


Since I cover his biggest customer when he’s gone (remember, I’m a dispatcher), my days have been FILLED with HIS crap and my crap.

I can hardly keep up!

I’m in an intense state of panic for 9 hours a day.

It’s not terrible, though, because the days are FLYING by.

And I’d choose consistent panic over hours of boredom any day.

This busyness doesn’t allow for lots of blogging time, though.

Hence this short post.


I just wanted to check in with you and let you know that I’ve got some really exciting things coming up, and I’ll be talking ALLLL about them as soon as Husband comes home and things settle down.


In fact, I’ll check back in with you next week after Husband’s return and let you know how we’re adjusting.


In the meantime, you can follow ALL of my adventures on Snapchat (perksofinterest) and Instagram.


See you in a week!



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