I work in an office with unrestricted access to the internet from 8AM to 5PM. Sometimes I’m so busy I forget to eat.  Other times, I could stab pens into my eyeballs, I’m so bored. When things get slow around here, I feast on the wealth of knowledge the internet has to offer. Here are the blogs I turn to again and again for reference/insight/entertainment/all-of-the-above.



cookieandkate.com – This is my favorite blog to date. Kate creates some of the most delicious, nutrient-rich recipes on the internet and her photos are absolutely stunning. I dream of one day having a blog as well-organized and clean as Kate’s. She even explains how to create a blog in a step-by-step post that is so easy to follow I referenced it for weeks! I trust her insight on food, blogs, and photography – she is the best in the business.

amyshealthybaking.com – I am a die-hard lover of sweets, and baking is my happiness cocoon. I experiment with healthier alternatives to baked favorites all the time (so I can eat the whole pan, duh), and Amy is constantly posting delectable recipes for unique treats and giving awesome makeovers to unhealthy favorites. I’ve learned a lot of tips and tricks from her. Her blog is a healthy baker’s dream.

loveandlemons.com – Another beautiful blog with a layout I yearn for. Seriously, check her out. Jeanine has TONS of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. She shows you how to incorporate plant-based proteins into meals and nutrition into treats. She also takes magazine-worthy photographs of all of her creations. I’ve pinned almost every recipe she posts because those photos.

dessertswithbenefits.com – Jessica is a healthy-baking expert. She has all the sweetening substitutes and knows exactly how to recreate that sugar-cookie-dough flavor in something that is HEALTHY. She’s a chemist of the soul. You name it, she’s got a recipe for it. She also indexes her recipes by type AND by diet restriction. Jessica puts a lot of work into her treats and has the most unique dessert recipes out there.

foodbabe.com – Vani Hari is Superwoman in the flesh. She is the reason I became so interested in organic baking/eating. She is also the reason my fridge is filled with almond milk, organic kale, and dates. Vani unveils everything you want to know about what you’re really eating when you munch on break room donuts, and she teaches you how to buy foods that will drastically improve your health and well-being. She backs everything up with research and is quickly becoming one of the most influential sources of unveiling deception and changing regulations in the food industry. I was so captivated by her blog that I bought her book. Prepare to throw away everything in your snack cupboard, though. Especially your microwave popcorn.



blogtyrant.com – Ramsay was my saving grace whenever I wanted to shove my computer onto the floor (every day). Blogging is a tough sport, and Ramsay knows exactly how to guide you through the steps that seem impossible to comprehend. His advice is ninja-like and truly second to none. I reference him all the time! Ramsay has already done the hard part of figuring out the sources of his problems and he solves them for you before you encounter them. Truly a blogging genius, Ramsay played an essential role in my blog’s creation and my sanity.

startbloggingonline.com – Exactly as the domain implies, Mike’s blog is filled with tips, tricks, and walk-throughs for everything from gaining subscribers to what the heck to blog about. He’s quite popular and with good reason. If you’re considering starting a blog, check out Mike’s. In fact – I challenge you to read his blog and not create one immediately.

abeautifulmess.com – Elsie and Emma came into my life when I joined Bloglovin. I haven’t explored even half of their posts, and I am already in love. What I treasure about their blog is their blogging tips section. They write about everything a blogger wonders at some point in his/her blogging life. And their writing style is so personalized. I feel like I’m sipping tea over a wrought-iron cafe table on a sunny day when I read their posts. To understand the feel of a blogger lifestyle, they’re your girls!



mindbodygreen.com – This wellness-focused website has dozens of new posts daily with insight on everything from relationships to kale smoothies to what “ghosting” is. I always get excited when I see a new email from MBG in my inbox. And I always click-to-read all the post links in the email. High-quality content and a variety of interesting articles make this my tied-for-favorite email subscription.

greatist.com – The other favorite is Greatist. Daily, they send an email containing links to articles that are hilariously written and address serious/pertinent issues in everyone’s life. Concise, intriguing articles that give you the perfect dose of information and answer all your questions. I can’t get enough of their crazy topics and controversial posts. I love Greatist.

foreveramber.co.uk – Amber’s a lifestyle/fashion blogger. I’m not into fashion, really, but I cannot get enough of her posts. She blogs daily (which is TRULY a feat), and she always includes stunning photos. She’s also hilarious. I look forward to her emails in my inbox. Her writing style is distinct and lovely; she’s from the UK, too, so she uses a lot of fun terms (like “wonky”). I just love her! Plus, she’s a gorgeous redhead, and if you know anything about me, you know I have a keen affinity for redheads.



And the list keeps growing. I am always on the prowl for quality content.


Who are your favorite bloggers? What makes them stand out to you? What makes a blog attractive? Please spill your blog love and secrets in the comments below!



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