So…I’m still in the hotel on Fort Rucker.



Remember? Husband and I are waiting for our stuff to arrive in the moving van.

Well, unfortunately (and I of all people should understand this), the transit has been delayed.


So, instead of getting everything we own delivered to our new house today (as scheduled), we will have to wait until Monday, December 5 (at the SOONEST).

Naturally, I’m going a little crazy.

Hotel cabin fever.


There are five reasons I am confined to this hotel cage:
  1. This hotel provides my only connection to wifi.
  2. This hotel serves free breakfast.
  3. It’s nice and quiet in here.
  4. Fort Rucker is a supremely tiny base, which means there’s not much to do.
  5. could go to our house (on base), but it’s empty (except for all the adorable things I keep buying and putting inside it).


I DO leave the hotel room, just as soon as Husband returns from his army duties for the day and lets me out.

I have to wait for him if I want to go off base, because I don’t have a military ID yet. You need one to get on base. Or you need a visitor’s pass.

I know I could get a visitor’s pass. But then I’d have to venture out there on my own…

I will soon! I promise!

The reason I don’t have my military ID is because you have to make an appointment to get one, and the soonest they had was TWO WEEKS FROM WHEN WE ARRIVED.

One of these days I will stop being surprised by army delays.


In the meantime, I’ve got an awesome book to occupy me.


I’ve been reading Tim Ferriss’s book, The 4-Hour Body, and I cannot recommend this ENOUGH to anyone who’s ever wanted to lose weight or tone up or change his/her physique for the better.


Tim Ferriss is like a walking fitness encyclopedia. He’s spent his life testing his body and determining the most efficient ways to lose weight/add muscle. Insane!

Insanely awesome.


Because of Tim Ferriss, Husband and I are purchasing a 40-lb. kettlebell.


These are kettlebells.

Apparently kettlebell swings are one of THE most effective exercises to make yourself sexy.

“Posterior exercise” is what Tim Ferriss calls it. Working your whole backside to give you that hourglass or T-shape.


Are you laughing at the 40-lbs.?

What? You don’t think I can swing 40 lbs.?


Me neither, which is why I’m going to start with ONE swing and work my way up.

Or maybe I’ll start by looking at the kettlebell and working from there.


Tim Ferriss says women need at least 35 lbs. to swing, and men need at least 45 lbs. to swing, so Husband and I met in the middle.

Just you wait! I’m going to be crying on the floor in pain totally ripped!


In other news, one of the coolest things that’s EVER happened to me happened yesterday!


I opened up Snapchat (perksofinterest) Thursday morning and found this message:

Extreme Georgia Diet


I said “lol” because I couldn’t BELIEVE MY EYES!! And I laugh when I’m excited!

Someone was trying our EGD!

Remember, the diet Soul Sister and I created to lose 20 lbs. in two weeks?


This is a great time to mention that, lately, my most popular blog posts have been my EGD posts. Everyone is trying to lose 20 pounds for Christmas, apparently. Or at least that’s what they’re typing into google to find me.


Anyway, I had no idea anyone else would ever attempt the EGD, so I was OVER THE MOON when Cortney messaged me.

I spent the next hour conversing with her (and Soul Sister, because Soul Sister and I were freaking out that another brave soul was attempting our dangerous diet).

I shared as much insight with Cortney as I could, and don’t worry, everyone who emailed/messaged me to yell at me for doing the EGD, I warned Cortney of the dangers, told her to be extra careful, and gave her EGD survival tips.


Cortney’s message made my whole month. Because she exhibited EXACTLY the kind of response I want from my blog: messages AND questions!

You know that’s why I blog, right?

To help you and to make friends.

Cortney is my new friend and I adore her.

I also respect her for attempting the EGD. This diet is no joke. She is a Greek warrior and my little duckling.


Cortney told me she was surprised I responded to her message so quickly (or at all, in her words).

I told her that of course I responded to her message immediately. I sit around all day and wait for people to message me things.

Her surprise stemmed from her belief that most bloggers just want people to look at their blogger stuff (very true), not engage with them (usually not true).

And I was like ahh! Not me! I can’t engage with you ENOUGH.


You know that, right?


I’m here 24/7 to chat with you about whatever you want to chat about. I love nothing more than making connections with people through this blog.

Especially since most of those connections are virtual. Which means I don’t have to leave my house and/or talk to your beautiful face.


You know I’m a hermit. I explained that in this How to Become a Morning Person post.


If you ever want to ask me anything, tell me anything, or request anything from me, I am a gigantic open book splayed out just for YOU.

Dive in!

And wish Cortney well in her weight-loss efforts. She was down 4 lbs. in 3 days! That’s the kind of EGD progress we like to see.





This is really exciting for me, because my old one was at least two years old and cracked in five places, including the plastic screen cover.

I got this pink camo queen for $10!


New pink camo Otterbox!


I’m not a hunter. This was the only style left. But I don’t care about how my phone LOOKS. I care that it’s protected.

As a matter of fact, I choose pragmatism over beauty all the time.


For example, this pink gem came with a PHONE CLIP, the most pragmatic and thus awesome accessory on the market!


If you’re one of my best friends/sister, you are likely rolling your eyes and moaning in agony that Brooke got her hands on another phone clip.

Yup!! Guess where this beast will be sitting for the next 3 years?! ON MY HIP!

My Book Club Ladies (read: my two best friends and my sister) HATE phone clips.

I don’t see why, because phone clips are really handy for ensuring your phone stays in place.

But apparently they are the opposite of fashion sense. I disagree. This looks awesome.

Modeling my sweet new phone clip!


One night many years ago, Book Club Ladies refused to leave the house with me for a night of partying in the city if I didn’t leave my phone clip behind.

Which was ridiculous, because it would have clipped RIGHT onto my shorts, making me worry-free as I flung myself around the dance floor. It was a win-win!

But, no. I had to choose: dancing or the phone clip. And since I was Captain Morgan’s #1 fan back then, the phone clip stayed behind.


Well, joke’s on them, because I’ve got another one now, and it’s WHITE, so it’s even cooler than my old black one!

Yeah, that’s right, cool.


In other news, I am determined to lay out in the sunshine before the week is through.

I mean, look at the forecast. The sun’s just begging to be soaked up.

For Rucker temps!


And since TGIF, I’d better get out there today.

Which means I’d better start rummaging through my box suitcase for a bathing suit.


See you next week! 



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