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I've been doing a LOT of behind-the-scenes blog research these past few days. And I've made some incredible discoveries. There are GREAT things on the blog horizon. It's going to be awesome! I can't wait to unveil some of the stuff I'm learning.   If you've been around for a while, you know that my blog [...]

Drum roll, please…

My FREE eBook is finished! Are you subscribed? If so, you've got mail! Check your inbox for an email from me containing a link to download my FREE eBook! Subscribers enjoy exclusive perks. My FREE eBook is the first one! So, what's the topic.......? I spilled a few secrets about it earlier this week. I [...]

I’m Spilling eBook Secrets!

Guess what? I've just sent my eBook draft to an intelligent friend for review. Which means I'm THISCLOSE to sending it out to my subscribers! Remember when I told you that, if you subscribed, you'd receive exclusive email perks? Perks you wouldn't find on my blog? This FREE eBook is the first one! And it will be [...]

MailChimp! Get your MailChimp!

Get your "new post!" emails via MailChimp, that is. Here is the MailChimp-delivered email, as promised. If you're wondering what the heck I'm talking about, please read the post about how I'm switching things up around here.   If you found this email in your SPAM folder or your "Promotion" folder (Gmail users), please mark [...]

I’m Changing Things Up Around Here!

Happy Friday!   TGINotThursday, for me. Thursday was not happy. Why? Well, I'll tell you!   Minutes after publishing my post yesterday, I sat here, drumming my fingers, waiting for it to show up in my email. And I waited. And I waited. Refreshrefreshrefresh! Nothing. Reluctantly, I dragged my mouse to my SPAM folder. It [...]

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Follow me on Bloglovin'! You can find me in other virtual locations, too. And, of course, don't forget to subscribe so you can get your copy of my FREE eBOOK. P.S. Happy New Year! New year for me = new baby blog steps. Bloglovin' is the Pinterest of blogs. It has everything. Now, it has [...]

Blogs I Recommend

I work in an office with unrestricted access to the internet from 8AM to 5PM. Sometimes I'm so busy I forget to eat.  Other times, I could stab pens into my eyeballs, I'm so bored. When things get slow around here, I feast on the wealth of knowledge the internet has to offer. Here are the [...]

You Should Start a Blog

Starting a blog is like opening a window. Once you open it, gusts of opportunity flow through it. Blogging solved all my problems. It will solve yours, too.   I graduated from GVSU with my Bachelor's degree in Communication Studies (minor in Psychology). Many people think of a degree in communications as being one for marketing, [...]