Michigan, Here We Come!

I AM RESISTING THE URGE TO WRITE THIS ENTIRE POST IN CAPS LOCK. I feel like ALL CAPS is the only way I can adequately express my excitement.   You see, even though I've been enjoying the sixty-five-degree Alabama sunshine lately, I cannot WAIT to dig my Uggs into some snow. Some Michigan snow.   In just a [...]

How to Quit Sugar: Part 3

Part 3 of my How to Quit Sugar saga involves before and after right now pictures.   Also, I've been introducing more healthy carbohydrates into my diet. Here is an excellent link that explains all of the healthy carbs we SHOULD be eating. Remember, I am permanently cutting out refined sugar and processed carbs, but healthy [...]

How to Quit Sugar: Part 2

Part 2 of my How to Quit Sugar saga involves me actually quitting sugar.    I started on Monday, August 1. The day started out beautifully, actually. I took some before pictures. (They're BAD. Worse than my before pictures for my 21 Day Fix. Seriously, I really let myself go after my vegan 21 Day Fix.) [...]

How to Quit Sugar: Part 1

I mentioned in my vegan 21 Day Fix RESULTS post that I am going to quit sugar. I didn't say when, but I said I WOULD. Why? Well, because I had an inkling that my love for sugar was linked to my "enhanced" backside. And, plus, I just LOVE the stuff. Way more than I should. [...]

Vegan 21 Day Fix RESULTS

Here they are! My body progress pictures from my vegan round of the 21 Day Fix! (Start at the beginning of my vegan Fix by clicking here!)   My goals for this vegan round (compared to my regular 21 Day Fix round) were less strict than my usual goals while I'm dieting. I wanted to [...]

Vegan 21 Day Fix | Days 19-21

<< see days 16-18! Vegan 21 Day Fix | Days 19-21 Well...these last few days weren't as successful as one would hope... Busyness with moving home kept me on track with my eats until GOING home for the weekend threw me right back off. *gulp*   Day 19 I popped out of bed before my [...]

Vegan 21 Day Fix | Days 16-18

<< see days 13-15! Vegan 21 Day Fix | Days 16-18 Finally, I've stopped cheating so incessantly on the Fix. Partly because I've got some BIG CHANGES happening in my life right now. I've been busy, busy, busy.   Day 16 I shot up in bed day 16 morning and shouted, "That's it!" at the top [...]

Vegan 21 Day Fix | Days 13-15

<< see days 10-12! Vegan 21 Day Fix | Days 13-15 These three days were filled with triumphs and cheats. Weekends are killer for me. I obliterate my runs and then murder bags of candy. Progress, not perfection, right?   Day 13 Something amazing happened on day 13. I did something I've NEVER done before. [...]

Vegan 21 Day Fix | Days 10-12

<< see days 7-9! Vegan 21 Day Fix | Days 10-12 I rode an emotional tidal wave these past three days. If you've ever disliked the way you look in the mirror and felt totally out of control about your eating habits, well, you and I are in the same boat. You'll see what I [...]