And now…pictures of my beloved dollhouses!


I talked about why I painted them in last week’s post.


I love them as though they were my children.

Speaking of children, I spoke to Husband on the phone last night, and guess what he said?


That he’s ready to start having babies!!!!




I couldn’t, so I shouted, “SERIOUSLY?!” into the phone and demanded he tell me everything about his progression from fearing offspring to wanting some.

Since he was surrounded by soldiers, he did that awkward laugh that means don’t make me say this stuff in front of my buddies.


He does that same laugh when I ask him to tell me everything he loves/misses about me.

And all he does is laugh. And then he changes the subject. He DOESN’T give in to my embarrassing demands. Ever! *foot stomp*


I understand the male dynamics, though. Especially in an army scene. You have to be tough because love is for sissies!


He did write me a letter, though, telling me everything he loves/misses about me.

And UGH, it was just brilliant. He is such a wonderful person.

I teared up when I read that letter.

I know, surprise, surprise, you cluck.


Now I am screaming for joy, though, because Husband told me he is ready for babies!

Thank goodness, because the baby train was coming to town this fall whether he decided he was ready or not.


Since screaming, fleshy babies aren’t coming yet, I will instead share with you my miniature, hand-painted babies.

I love them all, but I saved my favorite (and my very first) dollhouse for last.




Baby #1



Dollhouse Pictures! - #dollhouses #painting #miniatures



Dollhouse Pictures! - #dollhouses #painting #miniatures


Dollhouse Pictures! - #dollhouses #painting #miniatures




Dollhouse Pictures! - #dollhouses #painting #miniatures


Dollhouse Pictures! - #dollhouses #painting #miniatures




Baby #2



Dollhouse Pictures! - #dollhouses #painting #miniatures



Dollhouse Pictures! - #dollhouses #painting #miniatures


Dollhouse Pictures! - #dollhouses #painting #miniatures



Dollhouse Pictures! - #dollhouses #painting #miniatures




And here is my pride and joy. Baby #3 (who was actually my first-born).


I spent the most time on this one.

It represents my favorite aspect of dollhouse painting – that you can never have TOO MUCH detail.

It’s impossible, in fact. The more, the better!


Sorry for the stupid blurry picture. I was oblivious to the blur at the time, I swear.

Dollhouse Pictures! - #dollhouses #painting #miniatures



Dollhouse Pictures! - #dollhouses #painting #miniatures



This painting was a very slow and methodical process. That’s what made it so therapeutic.


Dollhouse Pictures! - #dollhouses #painting #miniatures



Note: I assembled and glued this house together completely before painting it.

Sure, that made staircase and interior attic painting extremely frustrating, but you really start to get the hang of painting something 5″ away by holding the very end of a paintbrush between your thumb and forefinger after doing it for a few weeks.


Dollhouse Pictures! - #dollhouses #painting #miniatures



Dollhouse Pictures! - #dollhouses #painting #miniatures



Here’s dejected baby #4.


Dollhouse Pictures! - #dollhouses #painting #miniatures

I call this one my Taj Mahal. I think it’s hideous and threw it out after taking this picture. But it was part of my collection so I suppose it did deserve a moment of fame. Blech.



And, of course, dollhouse furniture.


Dollhouse Pictures! - #dollhouses #painting #miniatures #dollhousefurniture


Dollhouse Pictures! - #dollhouses #painting #miniatures #dollhousefurniture

Notice “wall art” at the bottom of the picture. I was going for “art deco” at the time, though I had no idea what that even meant.


Dollhouse Pictures! - #dollhouses #painting #miniatures #dollhousefurniture



Dollhouse Pictures! - #dollhouses #painting #miniatures #dollhousefurniture

GOSH I just LOVE tiny things.



Dollhouse Pictures! - #dollhouses #painting #miniatures #dollhousefurniture


Hours and hours of repainting smudges, painstakingly lining windowsills, and pointillism-ing baby chairs. And as you know, the most difficult ventures prove to be the most rewarding.


All of these houses came from Michaels and Hobby Lobby. They come shrink-wrapped in sheets of wood with the designs “stamped” into the wood. You carefully pop the walls, terraces, and bed frames out of the wood, sand the rough edges, and glue them together.


I’ve got a castle I’m working on. I am painting every single brick a different color. It will be absolutely radical once finished.


I’ve actually got a REAL dollhouse kit, too. You know, the kind that come with plastic windows to fill your frames and tiles to glue to your roof. The kind you buy wallpaper for and install electrical wiring into so you can hang chandeliers that light up your mini dining room.


TBD on the chandeliers. But I can’t WAIT to get this real dollhouse puppy rolling. I started it a few years ago, actually, but the timing wasn’t right, so I stowed it away.


Well, I’ve retrieved it, and the time is right, again.

A masterpiece awaits me!


Do you paint dollhouses? Birdhouses, like a lovely friend of mine? She sent me pictures of her adorable little birdhouses, and I just swooned over them all. One of the houses had CURTAINS in it. Real live fabric curtains, drawn back. ADORABLE.


Send me all of your artwork pictures! And if you have any tips for real dollhouse creation, please let me know, because I will need all the help I can get!

I’m thinking about staining the roof shingles.

I giggle at the thought.


I’ll keep you posted about castle and real dollhouse progress.

And about life progress.

Did you know? I get to see Husband in the middle of June. He graduates from boot camp, and the whole family is flying/driving down to spend time with him.




Oh, I just want to squeeze him till he explodes. Just squish him flat like a pancake! And eat him up!


Anyway, there’s acrylic paint screaming at me from my living room, so I’ve got to run.


I’ll share dollhouse progress pictures on Instagram, so make sure you’re following me!



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