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So, what’s the topic…….?

I spilled a few secrets about it earlier this week.

I told you that the eBook explained how to fix something.

I told you I couldn’t TELL you how many people are affected by that something because Google would ruin it.

I even gave you a partial peek at the cover.

Secrets about my FREE eBook!






















*wipes away tear*


A how-to on getting rid of your anxiety!


I used to have the WORST anxiety.

Then, I fixed it.

On my own.

My clever reader suggested I write about it. So, I did!


In my FREE eBook…

I break down the FIVE STEPS I took to fix my anxiety.

Then, I explain how YOU can use those same FIVE STEPS to fix your anxiety (in a handy User Guide).

After, I use an example to help walk you through the process.

There are some cool anxiety resources at the end of the eBook for those who wish to learn more.


Oh, and to answer the how-many-people-are-affected-by-it Google mystery, the answer is NEARLY ONE FIFTH. Nearly one-fifth of Americans are affected by an anxiety disorder.


That’s why my reader’s request to write about how to get rid of it was so stinking BRILLIANT.

A FREE eBook for the anxious masses.



Thank you for your request, dear reader. I adore you.


I imagine that publishing an eBook is what motherhood feels like. eBook is baby number one of the six I’ll have.


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It took over a month to craft, so you know it’s worth it.


Now that it’s finished, I’m going to take a blog sabbatical and sleep for days.


I truly love you all.

Thank you for subscribing and for reading and for making my life so interesting.


A huge, massive, insurmountable thank you goes out to my brilliant beautiful warrior princess friend, Rachel Armock, for reviewing my draft so quickly and so well. Your insightful comments and intriguing questions unlocked the secrets I needed to bring this eBook from good to AWESOME. Words fall short of my gratitude.
treasure you.  


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