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Let’s see, where did we leave off?


Oh, right. I’m pregnant! And I was waiting for an OB referral from my doctor’s office.


What else was going on?


Before we continue, I feel obligated to remind you again that these posts are TMI. Unless you want to know all the deep dark secrets of my pregnant existence, close your browser tab!!!


So, what was new?

Well, I was noticing that my breasts were getting sore. It was just the nipples a week ago, but now it’s everything ta-tas.

Also, getting overheated is a very real thing when you’re Brooke and you’re in the early stages of pregnancy.

Also, tiredness is starting to take its toll. Maybe because I stayed awake in the middle of the night terrified I’d miscarry while also researching pregnancy-safe deodorants.

INSOMNIA IS A VERY REAL THING FOR PREGNANT WOMEN. I know we’re supposed to be exhausted, blah blah, and we are, but when you’re only 4-5 weeks along, all you can do is lie awake and worry that something is going to go awry with your baby.


I purchased some pregnancy-related items. First on the list (and it was first on my When I’m Pregnant List) = deodorant.


You shouldn’t use regular deodorant when you’re pregnant. Lots of them contain aluminum, and heavy metals like that are really toxic for a developing fetus.

Regular deodorants also have parabens and other nasties.


So, I went to the Commissary (on-base army grocery store) and bought these two gems:

Pregnancy-safe deodorants.


Tom’s is an all-natural brand of toiletry products like tooth paste and deodorant.

That Jason brand was sitting right next to the Tom’s sticks, and I couldn’t help but buy that stick, too, when I spotted it and read the label.

For the record, I wanted lavender scented Tom’s, but they only had apricot and lemongrass, and lemongrass was not agreeing with me in the store.


So, what do I think of these deodorants?


They both suck!!!!!


Seriously, you apply them and you immediately have sticky armpits.

Tom’s sucks worse than the Jason kind.

(I threw the Tom kind away, eventually.)

They are both more oily than normal deodorants, too.

I have to apply the Jason kind about 10 times a day. SO ANNOYING.

But it’s all about Baby McInnis, now.


Also, I bought some cavity-protection toothpaste, since someone recommended that. Pregnant women are susceptible to all sorts of mouth issues due to hormones and the oodles of blood pumping through our veins. Seriously, we can have TWICE the volume of blood in us when we’re pregnant. Isn’t that crazy? Is that why my veins are popping out all over my body?


Also, I bought my first real for-baby purchase ever!!!!

Baby-safe laundry detergent!


Baby-safe laundry detergent! You know, for sensitive baby skin!!!! How cute!!!!

I know this isn’t totally necessary, but you can’t ask a pregnant woman to go grocery shopping and NOT expect her to come home with baby frivolities.


Speaking of baby items, my sister told me to peruse Babylist.com for all of the best-of-the-best baby items. This website is pretty great, but I honestly wanted to put my laptop away and hide in a corner after looking at all of the items.


There are so many things I have to buy for this infant.


And also I have to CHOOSE which kinds of items I want to buy.



What a joke of a question, because not only do you have to choose a crib, you have to then choose a mattressmattress pads, and sheets for your little one’s new home.



Very overwhelming for someone like me who HATES to shop.

So, I defer to my sister and tell her to tell me what to buy. She is happy to do so, thank goodness.


I wonder what our baby will look like?

I wonder if I will miscarry?

^These are a few of the many questions swarming through my brain on a 24/7 basis.


Anyway, I had some new symptoms in week five that I didn’t have in week four.

For example: heartburn.

And constipation.

I’ve had gas since I found OUT I was pregnant.


Oh, and here is my five week picture!

Five week pregnant!!


Also, no one told me this would happen, but I have had cramps in my lower pelvic region, specifically on my left side, since BEFORE I found out I was pregnant.

Apparently, this is “round ligament pain,” which is pain that comes from the ligaments surrounding your uterus. Uterus stretches = abdominal cramps.

The only time you should worry is if the cramps are severe and/or they are accompanied by bleeding.

No bleeding for me, yet!!!


Which is GREAT, since all I do 24/7 is worry about miscarrying.

It’s terrible, this anxiety.

It’s just that miscarriages are SO COMMON.

They say 20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage.


I am trying really hard to relax, but it’s not possible.

Which is part of the reason I have early pregnancy insomnia.

I will wake up at midnight, one, two, three AM, and not be able to fall back asleep for HOURS.

Sometimes I squish my boobs to make sure they still hurt.





They tell me that I’ve “got to calm down.”


After my first loss-of-symptoms freak out, I did some research and learned that it’s common for pregnancy symptoms to fluctuate.


Most of the time I just lie awake and wonder if I still have a growing baby inside me.

I am still crampy, and my boobs are still sore, but it’s just really hard to wait this whole time and wonder if my baby is going to make it!!!!!!!!!!!


ON A BRILLIANT NOTE, I finally got my referral for my OB, and I am doing everything I can to get an appointment this week.

I know it’s probably too early to see the baby via ultrasound, but I want one anyway, so I am going to tell them two lies so they give me one.

Lie #1: “I don’t know how far along I am.” – kind of true.

Lie #2: “I have lots of cramping on one side and I’m worried it’s ectopic.” – don’t really think this is true. Ectopic = when baby doesn’t implant properly in your uterus, but rather somewhere else like a fallopian tube. Ectopic pregnancies are incredibly dangerous and usually accompanied by bleeding and heavy, painful cramping.

Some women LOSE tubes after having ectopic pregnancies.


The main reason I wanted a checkup and ultrasound week five was because I was LEAVING at the end of week five for Michigan, where I would stay for THREE WHOLE WEEKS.

I just wanted a glimmer of hope to take home with me, if at all possible.


When I called, I reached the after-hours person who assured me that they would call me the next day and try to squeeze me in that week.


When the next day came and it had been two hours since the office opened and I still hadn’t received a phone call, I called again.

This is how you get things done, people.


Also, I have ZERO patience.


Thank goodness I did call!!!!!

Because that after-hours person relayed exactly zero information to the main people. They had no record of my call.



So I talked to a (finally) competent woman on the phone and she said that my OB wouldn’t be able to see me until MARCH.

This was not acceptable to me, so I told her my lies.


“Well, I’ve been having a lot of cramping on my left side, and I am about to leave the state for three weeks, so I really want to make sure it’s not ectopic.”

“Also, I have no idea how far along I am.”


Truthfully, I had been experiencing dull, irregular cramps on my left side, but since I was 99% sure I ovulated from my right ovary, a left-side fallopian baby would be impossible.

But there was NO WAY I was going to leave for Michigan without seeing a tiny blob on an ultrasound (if I could help it).


“Oh, then we will definitely want to get you in right away,” said the woman.

“Great!” said me.


We set the appointment for when I would be five weeks three days (if my ovulation calculations were correct).

If you’re Brooke, you then spend 37 hours researching if it is possible to see anything on an ultrasound at 5 weeks 3 days, and you realize that the possibility is small.

I mean, you should see SOMETHING. But not EVERYTHING. It would be especially rare to see a heartbeat, since the heart would have just started beating in the fifth week.

Was I hoping to see a heartbeat? Of course!

More than that, though, I was hoping to see some good hCG numbers (indicative of a healthy pregnancy), and I was hoping to see that Baby McInnis had placed himself/herself in a nice spot in my uterus.

Perhaps on the left side, since that’s where I had been cramping?


Actually, cramping in pregnancy is very common, remember? Especially on the left side. I would know, because I read every single blog/website that talked about it.


Have you ever heard of the Ramzi Theory?

It’s this idea that you can predict the sex of your baby based upon where the chronic villi/future placenta is located in your uterus.

So, of COURSE I am going to ask the doctor which side the baby is on.

Left side = girl in 97% of cases in the study they did.

Right side = boy with same percentage of accuracy.


What do you think?





EVERYONE thinks we are going to have twins. I would love to see twin sacs on the 5 week 3 day ultrasound.

You know what I would love more, though?

A happy, healthy embryo that develops into at least one baby.

Fingers were crossed BIG TIME for ultrasound.


What else happened in week five?

Well, I had some crazy mood swingy hormone experiences.

One day, I felt like a big stupid annoyed angry dragon. I was bored out of my mind and all I wanted to do was cry for no reason. I was boring myself to tears.

Plus, I had already read everything there was to read on the internet about pregnancy, so it’s not like I could do that.

You think I’m kidding!

Ask me anything about carrying a fetus and if I can’t answer immediately, I can find the answer for you in seconds.

Anyway, on Dragon Day, I felt like a real spazz and it wasn’t fun.

And I wasn’t hungry, so I couldn’t even placate myself with food!

I made myself a salad, and I hated that salad so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


When I pressed my forehead to a wall and whined to Husband for 10 minutes about how I felt like a fire-breathing crybaby, I could tell he was amused and trying to suppress his laughter.

He said, “I can’t help you babe.”

And I said, “And further more, all Rucker does is SLEEP!”



Husband suggested I wake Rucker up and pull him out of our bed. So I did.

Instant happiness.

That Husband of mine is a genius (regardless of whether I was contemplating burning down the house with him inside it mere minutes before).


That’s pregnancy for you!


Dragon Brooke Day was ONE DAY before my prenatal appointment, and I was anxiously looking forward to it.

I would finally know if we had a viable pregnancy and put some of my fears to rest.

I couldn’t WAIT.


The next day, I sped off to my appointment, and before I knew it, I was sitting in a chair, shirt pulled up, watching the ultrasound tech squeeze warm jelly on my belly.

Did you know? They have warming jelly now. It was awesome!


She could see the gestational sac, but she wanted a better view, so she switched to the transvaginal ultrasound. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Goes inside your hoo-ha.


With this, we saw gestation sac and yolk sac!!!!!!


Baby was in correct place (in my uterus, not my fallopian tube), too!!

And baby looked great!

Here's my 5 week 3 day ultrasound!


There’s a baby in there!!!!!!!!


“You’re about five to six weeks along,” the ultrasound tech said.

“You can’t tell me exactly?” I asked. Everything I read online said they could tell you exactly.

“No, it’s too early. We could guess, but the embryo is so small that it would be highly inaccurate.”

I was so excited I forgot to ask her which side the baby was on (for Ramzi theory).


I asked her about the left-side cramping, though, and she agreed that it was likely round ligament pain (tendons that hold your uterus in place stretch/pull when your uterus grows). She also told me that the large colon runs down the left side of the uterus, so those pains could be gas pains.

Gassy is my middle name these days, so that made sense.


After my ultrasound, I went back to the waiting room and waited for my name to be called again.

When it was called, I went to a regular doctor’s office room and sat on that bed.

A nurse came in and asked me a bunch of questions. When she asked me if I wanted my tubes tied after delivering this baby, I literally shouted at her, “NO!!!!”


Then we did a pap smear, and she told me what to do to keep baby healthy and which danger/warning signs to look out for. She then sent me down the hall to the lab.

There, I sat in another chair, and a lab technician called me a “hard poke” because apparently my veins are hard to find.

“Did you drink a lot of water today?”


Seriously, my urine sample was almost clear. TMI Town, remember?


She stabbed me and took about 10 vials of my blood. Seriously! She just kept popping them onto the needle tube, one after the other.


Then, I talked to her about the panoramic genetic test I had heard about from the midwife I had seen ten minutes prior.

The what test, you say?

Ten minutes prior, my midwife had told me about the Panoramic genetic test. She said it tested the baby for a lot of genetic disorders, and she said I could do it at 10 weeks AND find out the sex of my baby at the same time.


Well, not really.

Immediately after the midwife told me about it, I texted everyone who ever had a baby and asked if they did genetic testing.

Interestingly, most of them hadn’t.


SO, I asked the lab tech about it.

She said she had done it for every one of her pregnancies because her insurance covered it.

Also, she told me it was a non-invasive blood test (AKA safe for baby).

I would just have to make sure it was covered by my insurance.


So I made up my mind then and there that I would absolutely do it, because how could I seriously TURN DOWN the option to know the sex of our baby at TEN WEEKS?! (Or 12, since they have to mail it to a lab.)


A few days later, I wasn’t so sure about this test anymore.


You see, the results would come back in the form of percentages of my baby’s “chance” of having all of the listed diseases/disorders.

And, in the words of my intelligent friend, “Most babies are healthy anyway, so why freak yourself out for nine months?”

Very true.

Freaking out while being the size of a whale sounded dreadful.

I really just wanted to know the sex of my baby.

I told Husband I had maybe changed my mind about the genetic test.

He said, “I will support whatever decision you make.”

Isn’t he incredible?


So, as of week five, I am not doing the test. Unless I can find a way to ignore all of the actual test results and focus only on the baby’s sex.


The rest of week five was filled with some weird bouts of nausea. I say weird because they were more like GIANT MIGRAINES mixed with upset stomachs.



My boobs have all but stopped hurting unless I poke them. Cramps aren’t as frequent as they were, either.

Toward the end of week five, however, I was staring to feel EXHAUSTED.

And my appetite was waning. Probably because I was feeling like I had laid my head on railroad tracks and waited for eight trains to run over my temples.

But, I am happy to suffer if it means healthy baby.


I already love him. Baby McInnis, I mean.


The ONLY person who says we’re having a girl is my little brother, but I think he just wants to win some bets.

Even I think we’re having a boy. But that’s just because everyone else says we are.


We shall see!


Stay tuned for an update on weeks 6, 7, and 8 of my pregnancy!!!



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