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Annnnnd I’m back! Baby’s still alive.

Before I continue, I just want to THANK everyone who sent me messages of love and support after my week 4-5 post! You are all amazing. I am so thankful for this blog, because it connects me to all of your wonderful souls. Most of all: don’t worry about me stressing out about baby’s survival. All of you said variations of “Relax!!” Haha! Don’t worry – I was only stressed out for the first few weeks. Once week six hit, a wave of calm washed over me and I’ve been happily pregnant (and sleepy) ever since. I love and truly appreciate your concern, though, and so does baby McInnis. ♥


So. Week six!!!

I am at my parents’ house in Michigan (Husband is at SERE school, remember?), and I am as pregnant as ever.


Ever since I got to this house, I have been exhausted and totally overwhelmed.

Which makes sense.

I went from a quiet Alabama house to a very LOUD Michigan house with a ton of animals and people.

I know it’s just my hormones that are throwing me off, though, because this is the only time I’ve wanted to cry 24/7 the first two days of being back in Michigan.

Hormones, I tell ya!


Sister showed up and gifted me (and baby) the CUTEST gifts!!

Look how she wrapped them. That’s her writing on there!

Baby presents!


Isn’t she so talented?

Inside the beautiful wrapping: two adorable baby books and a baby journal for me!!!!!!!!

Nothing makes me swoon like gifts for baby. Makes it so incredibly real!

Madeline and Corduroy were the books.

Those two books are books Sister and I read when we were small.


These ladies in my life (mom and sister) make being pregnant AWESOME.


On day one of week six, I got about 9 hours of sleep, yet I was very tired all day. Baby growing is hard work.

This was the first day I really noticed a state of constant tiredness.

Other than that, my only other symptom is mildly sore boobs and FOOD AVERSIONS.


Things that make me want to throw up:


Green, leafy salad

Edible leaves in general

Vegetables that aren’t coated in sauce/dip

The smell of marijuana GAG (thanks, little brother!)

The smell of my dog’s rawhide bone

The smell of dog food

Those food videos you watch on Facebook


I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about food, though. I have to, otherwise I’d never come up with something to eat.

But it’s a dangerous game.

Like Russian Roulette.

You might think of something AMAZING.

But odds are you think of something that makes your face turn green.


See, I’m not exactly nauseous. I was one day, but I think that was because of the migraine.

Because of my food aversions, my appetite is nowhere NEAR where it usually is.

Usually, I can eat anything all day long and be happy as a clam.

Now, I can fit scant amounts of food into my stomach at irregular intervals. I go hungry sometimes because it’s better than food!

First trimester = so weird.

I KNOW I need to feed baby, and I am doing my best. I’m not starving, trust me.

Also, don’t worry. Mom and I are going to the grocery store this week, and we are going to walk UP and DOWN the aisles and I can throw whatever doesn’t make me want to hurl into the cart.


I have been craving some things…

For example: a homemade milkshake.

Also, hummus. I cannot wait to get my paws on some spicy red pepper hummus!!!!!


If you can believe it, I haven’t been craving sweets as much as I thought I would.

But haha, I have 8 more months to run down that candy-paved path.

Also, Mother-In-Law said that since Husband doesn’t like sweets (I know, weird), I must be carrying a baby Husband!


Anyway, I worked my way through my sixth week by filling up on as many healthy foods as possible (not that many) and lots of carbs. Nom nom.


I also bought myself a diaper bag!!


Diaper bag!


When I bought it, it was on sale, so I only paid $60!

My sister-in-law has this backpack diaper bag. When I asked my sister which one she wanted when she had kids, she said she wanted the same one as Sister-In-Law.

And since I told Sister to send me her registry so I could just copy down all of her items (of course she has a registry pre-baby – this is Sister we’re talking about), I copied her #1 item: this bag.

Can’t wait to get it!

I know the price tag is high, but you can’t put a price on TWO free hands.

***I have since received this diaper backpack, and I am obsessed with it!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s adorable, perfectly sized, and exactly what I was hoping for. Would recommend to a friend!***


Also, I worked my way through my free prenatal vitamin samples from my OB during week six.

Prenatal Vitamins!


Almost all of these made me want to throw up within an hour of consuming them.

Seriously, I ran to the bathroom twice.


And NOT because of morning sickness.

I don’t have morning sickness…

…so I am one of those pregnant ladies other pregnant ladies love to hate.


My mom didn’t have it, either.

All I have is random uterus stretching/cramping and sore boobs.

And bloating. But we can probably blame that on the carbs.


Speaking of carbs, here’s my six-week baby belly photo!

Six weeks!

Don’t get excited, people, the baby’s the size of a sweet pea. That bump is ALL ME.


I do actually have one strong pregnancy symptom: TIREDNESS.


Holy crap, am I exhausted.

I can get ELEVEN HOURS of sleep and then take a nap an hour after waking.


Comatose mama.


It’s hard to describe this tiredness. I could easily pass out anywhere.

Lucky for me, I was relaxing with my mother in Michigan during week six, so I didn’t have any responsibilities requiring my head to be in the upright position.


Also during week 6, I ordered pregnancy-safe nail polish.

It’s free of all the nasties in regular nail polish.

And, it’s pink!

Pregnancy-safe nail polish!


Pregnancy-safe nail polish!


Pregnancy-safe nail polish!


Pregnancy-safe nail polish!


Super fume-y when I painted my nails (like, gasped for air a few times), but that also might be the pregnancy nose talking.


Week 7

Baby is the size of a blueberry!!!

Which means it will grow from .25″ to .5″ this week.

Lots of things are happening to baby, but I still feel the same.

Still tired. Still sore boobs. Still no sickness. *angels sing*


Also, I am DYING TO TELL YOU I’M PREGNANT during week seven. It’s all I think about.

Just dying.

But I can’t, because Husband is still at SERE school during week seven, and he won’t be back until week NINE. And I’m not going to tell everyone without Husband here!!!

But I am going to tell the world when I am nine weeks pregnant.

I know that sounds early. I know, I know. I should wait until I know for sure that the pregnancy is “viable.”

But I just don’t care!

If I miscarry, I will tell you that I was pregnant and miscarried. So there’s no point in waiting.

Plus, it’s impossible for me to keep such good news a secret from you.

Can’t wait.


Here’s my seven week photo:

7 weeks pregnant!


Week seven was calm. *picture warm breeze*

And filled with exhaustion. I know I keep talking about it, but it’s hard to capture with words.

Seriously, for one whole day, I laid in bed. ONE. WHOLE. DAY.

Well, most of the day.

I was just SO TIRED. I didn’t want to MOVE.

So, I didn’t!

Sleepy mama.

Rucker was thrilled. You know how he loves his sleep.

Large boobs and exhaustion characterized week seven.

Oh, and sheer joy knowing that I was pregnant.


Also week 7?

THE WINE TOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



That’s how great my friends are.


We hired a limo driver to drive us around to about 7 different wineries. Limo driver = Andy, and he drove for Grand Traverse Tours company. HIRE ANDY!!!! YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!!! He was funny and he put up with my drunk sister and he also said a billion hilarious things.

For example – it was really snowy and blustery and crappy outside on wine tour day.

Demanding Drunk Sister: “Take us somewhere where we can see a pretty view!”

Andy: “You ain’t gonna see shit today!”


See what I mean?

Andy = IDEAL.

Don’t worry, he won’t swear at you if you don’t swear at him.


Also, we stayed in Cherry Tree Inn – PLEASE stay here. All four of us said we will stay in this place when we come back to Traverse City. It’s just adorable and quaint and everything you imagine when you imagine Traverse City. Free breakfast, 24-hour pool and hot tub. PLUS – YOU CAN TAKE A FREE SHUTTLE BUS TO AND FROM DOWNTOWN. YOU JUST CALL AND IT PICKS YOU UP AND DROPS YOU OFF WHEREVER YOU ARE. STAY AT THIS HOTEL!!!!

I am not being paid to say that. I genuinely want you to stay there for your own wellbeing.


Here are a bunch of pictures from our incredible wine tour vacation.

Traverse City Wine Tour!!!


Traverse City Wine Tour!!!

(Soon-to-be Drunk Sister is the one on the left.)


Traverse City Wine Tour!!!


Traverse City Wine Tour!!!

The only hard part was that these wines smelled SOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!! Ugh, I wanted to try all the reds. LOVE red wine. That was a struggle.


I placated myself by ordering an AMAZING CHEESE PLATTER.


They came with a mustard accompaniment, which turned out to be blueberry-sweetened honey mustard!

And the cheeses!

Did I mention that my favorite thing to eat since I got pregnant is cheese?

Look at this bread! It was so squishy and yeasty.

A pregnant woman’s delight, I tell you.

SOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!

Traverse City Wine Tour!!!


Here’s two drunkies copping an attitude with me.

Traverse City Wine Tour!!!


Of course, we went to Kilwins for ice cream. And we left with this gigantic bucket of popcorn. Sister LOVES popcorn.

Traverse City Wine Tour!!!


We also gorged ourselves on pizza and treats! AMAZING trip. Simply phenomenal. All because of the company (including Andy). ♥


Week 8

Week 8 was filled with even more exhaustion, gigantic boobs, and tight pants.

Yeah. Eight weeks, and already my pants are tight.

The bloat is very real, people!!!

I mean, I am carrying around 30-50% more blood in me right now. And lots of extra water. Most of which I am sure is going straight to my chest.

*dream ta-tas*

Can’t wait to show Husband.

If you want to see them, I will show you, because I basically got a free boob job and I am showing them off accordingly. Just ignore the veins.


Here’s my week 8 baby “bump”! All bloat, people. (I only gained ONE POUND while I was home.)

8 weeks pregnant!


At the end of week seven, ALL of my best friends finally knew I was pregnant, which was a huge relief, because I was almost certain someone was going to spill the beans. Telling your friends you’re pregnant is SO FUN.


Also, during week eight, I unveiled my pregnancy to my mom’s side of the family at my grandpa’s dinner.

Want to see how I did that?

Baby announcement cookies!


Baby announcement cookies!


I packed them all up in a container and opened the container and said, “Do these colors remind you of anything?”


Screams and shouts and hugs.





I have been experiencing a little constipation during week 8. It really only lasted a day (or two – but not in a row).

BUT my #2s are more of a struggle than they ever have been.

Part of that is probably due to the fact that IF YOU SO MUCH AS PUT A VEGETABLE IN MY FACE I WILL THROW UP ON YOU, and the other part is a combination of hormones and lots of iron in my prenatal.


Also during week 8, I got my free baby kit from Target!!!!!

Free baby kit from Target!

I’m not going to show you what’s inside, because I don’t want to spoil it for you new mamas. I had a lot of fun discovering the contents of that bag!

Did I mention how I got it?

I walked up to the counter and asked for it and they just handed it to me.

They. Just. Handed. It. To. Me.

Baby McInnis now has a free bottle, pacifier, baby wipe packet, and a million other things that come in those bags. FREE.


If you make a baby registry on Target.com, you can go to a Target store and tell them that you made a registry and you need a baby gift bag.


They didn’t even ask me for proof of registry…..

So…you know…do with that information what you will………..




…I may have more than one bag.

Moving on!


Week eight was filled with debates about maternity clothes.

I decided I didn’t want to buy them until I was too fat for my regular clothes.

My pregnant friend told me not to bother with the partial-panel maternity pants and just get full panel.

She also told me to get nursing bras and not bother with plain old maternity bras. Smart, since I intend to breastfeed.


Also debated week 8: the panoramic blood test that checks for genetic abnormalities.

I’ll review.

You have to be at least 10 weeks along, and when you are, you can opt to have your blood drawn and sent to a lab to be tested.

They can separate your blood from your baby’s blood (crazy!), and they test fetus’s blood for issues and problems.

They then come back with a list of percentages that tell you the likelihood of your baby having X, Y, Z problems.

You can also find out the sex of your baby through this test.


I decided week 5 that I wasn’t going to do it. I didn’t want to spend my pregnancy freaking out that my baby might have issues.

But then I started to waver during week 7.

And I decided week 8 that I am going to call my insurance provider week 9 and see if they cover the test. If they do, I will just ignore all of the percentages and focus only on baby’s sex.


It hit me mid-week week 8 that I could have a tiny baby Husband.

And I swooned on the spot.

A tiny Husband?! Freckles and all?!

He is so adorable I can’t even imagine having a MINI HIM.


Everyone thinks I am having a boy.

Since I don’t have morning sickness, since I crave savory/salty foods, and since I am not breaking out in zits like crazy, I, too, think it’s a boy.

My jaw will DROP on the ultrasound tech’s floor if it ends up being a girl.

I hope it’s twins.



Seriously, I really want twins.

When Husband thinks of twins, he wants to run away to Mexico.

Me too, just with the twins.


There was only one sac on the ultrasound when I went to my 5.5 week appointment (at least from what I could tell – the pic is super blurry), so I don’t think it will be two babies when I go in on week 10….

Who knows. (It’s probably just one baby.)


Anyway, if I am following the timeline of when I think I ovulated, I will be 9 weeks 3 days at my “ten week” appointment.

But the midwife looked at my first ultrasound and said I was over six weeks, hence my “ten week appointment” being set at 9.5 weeks.

I guess we’ll find out March 9!


Can’t WAIT!


Also, week 8 my mom and I decided that we couldn’t wait any longer to get maternity clothes and went shopping.

SO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!

I got the cutest stuff!!!

Adorable full-panel shorts!

Maternity shorts!


Stretchy cami!!!!

Maternity camisole!


Stretchy tank top!!!!

Pregnancy tank top!


All three are from Target, and all three are large or XL so they fit my sure-to-be huge belly.


I also got an electric breast pump on clearance.

Also, I received many other baby things from my mother.

She’s thrilled to be a grandma again!


Week 8 was filled with anticipation, because I was DYING to tell you I was pregnant, and I only had to wait until week 9 to tell you. Plus, the special gift I ordered to unveil our pregnancy to you would arrive to our Alabama house by week 9, so I knew I was doing it week 9.

(Hint: the cute gift was the adorable onesie pictured in weeks 4-5 post! Got it off Etsy.)


Week 8 rounded off with even MORE exhaustion and weird food aversions.

Can’t do a spoonful of peanut butter anymore, which is a tragedy for me, since I lived off those pre-baby.

Also, sometimes I make a DELICIOUS meal/snack only to take a bite and regret ever stepping foot in the kitchen.

STILL no morning sickness, though!

Headaches on the other hand…

GAH. My head. Sometimes it hurts all day.


Besides that, that’s it!

Now that I’m back in Alabama with nothing to do but write to you, and now that you’re all caught up on my pregnancy, I am going to send you weekly updates from here on out.


Stay tuned for week 9 of my pregnancy!



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