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I used to have the WORST anxiety.

Then, I fixed it.

On my own.

One of my clever readers suggested I write about it. So, I did!

In your 49-page FREE eBook…

  1. I break down the FIVE STEPS I took to fix my anxiety.
  2. Then, I explain how YOU can use those same FIVE STEPS to fix your anxiety (in a handy User Guide).
  3. After, I use an example to help walk you through the process.
  4. At the end, I list some cool anxiety resources for those who wish to explore further.

People love it! 

“It is SO BRILLIANT!! It is inspiring and informative and from a therapist standpoint makes perfect sense…it will help so many people because it is concise, interesting and relatable.”
– Rachel Armock, Master of Social Work Candidate

“For anyone that’s ever struggled with (or is currently struggling with) anxiety, this is a must-read.”
– Erin Crandell, RN, BSN


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