Well, I’m back from Georgia. It was unbelievably wonderful to see Husband again. And Big Wheel again. And to FINALLY see Soul Sister in person. It was truly a glorious week/weekend.

I just love that soldier of mine. And I didn’t even cry once! Can you believe that?!

And I just LOOOOVEEE Soul Sister. Have you ever met your soul twin? You would know if you had. Well, I met mine last week. My life is forever better because she exists.


As you may know, I passed the time leading up to Georgia trip by not eating anything. Don’t worry – I made up for it while I was in Georgia by consuming mass quantities of fast food and restaurant grease.

It was delicious, but now I feel like a blow fish.

And also, I haven’t exactly stopped those bad eating habits since I’ve returned home…



Guess what I’m going to do?


The idea just HIT me while I was flying home from Georgia.

I was sitting on the plane, inhaling french fries and reading over the shoulder of the guy next to me when BOOM.



Here it is: I am going to do another round of the 21 Day Fix!…


…and I will blog about it every three days, since that’s what you wanted last time I blogged about the Fix…




…this time…






Why am I doing this?


Lots of reasons.

Many of those reasons are detailed in my Simple Healthy Substitutions post. In that post, I talk about my preference for a plant-based lifestyle. Plants are a big deal for vegans. Which means my ideal lifestyle is more in line with the vegan version of the 21 Day Fix.

Also, I felt like I didn’t have enough GREEN containers to appease my strong affinity for vegetables during my first round of the 21 Day Fix.

On the vegan Fix, I’m allowed to have FIVE greens per day!!!

And also, I rarely prepared quinoa or lentils during my first round, because they are considered yellows on the regular 21 Day Fix (and you know how valuable those carbs are on the Fix). I wasn’t about to waste a yellow on lentils.


Guess what?


Quinoa and lentils (and chickpeas!) are considered REDS on the vegan 21 Day Fix!!!


I told Husband during our phone call last night how thrilled I am to start my vegan round of the 21 Day Fix, and he said, “Only you would be excited about lentils.


Lots of people like lentils, so I’m sure I’m not alone.


I’m also sure that I’m not alone in my interest to tackle the 21 Day Fix through vegan eyes.

Because the interest is OUT there. Just google it! People are hungry for a vegan version of the 21 Day Fix.


Few people are blogging about the vegan 21 Day Fix.


Do you recall my reason for blogging about my first round of the 21 Day Fix? It was because I couldn’t find a decent blogging journey that detailed a Fixer’s daily 21 Day Fix life.

You know me – I want constant, thorough updates about absolutely every element of whatever I’m dealing with.

Well, there were no decent 21 Day Fix blogs to follow.

So, I created my own!

For the masses, you see.

I didn’t want another person struggling to find what I couldn’t find when I first started the Fix.

So I put MY information out there. For beginners like me who felt totally in-over-their-heads with the Fix.


Believe it or not, my 21 Day Fix journey is THE most popular thing on my blog.



I’d say 90% of my traffic goes directly to all of my 21 Day Fix posts!


Which is great, because that means my effort to help the masses with detailed information about the Fix was a SUCCESS.


I quickly realized, after googling vegan 21 Day Fix, that I had a similar lacking-information problem on my hands.

In fact, the vegan Fix blogs were WORSE.

Actually, information in general about vegan 21 Day Fix is virtually nonexistent!

I had to HUNT to find this Vegan 21 Day Fix PDF.


Well, enough of that, I say!

It’s time for me to add to the vegan 21 Day Fix world, now!


And I’m going to do exactly what I did with my first round of 21 Day Fix: I’m going to give you twice-weekly updates containing recipe posts, food reviews, body progress pictures, and workouts.


GEEKED over here. GEEKED.


Here are the reasons I am thrilled about my upcoming vegan Fix:

  1. I am not a big meat-eater, normally. Vegan 21 Day Fix = no meat!
  2. I also avoid dairy, remember? I even buy dairy-free chocolate chips! Vegan 21 Day Fix = no dairy!
  3. If you read all about my 3-day Military Diet, you know I’m not the biggest fan of eggs, either. Vegan 21 Day Fix = no eggs!
  4. I get to count quinoa and lentils as the incredibly protein-dense food sources they ARE on Vegan 21 Day Fix!!!
  5. I get to eat FIVE GREEN CONTAINERS PER DAY on the Vegan 21 Day Fix.
  6. I get to dive into vegan cooking and explore protein substitutes!
  7. I can finally reset my body with healthy, whole foods and NORMAL portions.
  8. I will have to use regular measuring cups to measure out my food since I gave my containers to Sister. Which is excellent because I can show everyone how easy it is to do the Fix without having all of the colorful gadgets.
  9. I get to throw away that Cancer Tilapia.


Speaking of Cancer Tilapia, I want you all to know that I received a LOT of flak for my EGD posts. People telling me that I was “seriously harming my body” and “in danger of having a heart attack” and “being really stupid.”

Seriously, MULTIPLE emails.

I apologize to all of you compassionate souls who genuinely care about my well-being and hate me for neglecting it for 2 weeks.

I promise all of you that I will NEVER engage in the EGD ever again (publicly).




I really won’t do it again. I promise.

Because what I’m going to do is a vegan round of the 21 Day Fix. And, since the vegan version of the 21 Day Fix is WAY MORE in line with what I normally prefer to eat, I see these eating habits as being somewhat SUSTAINABLE after the fix is over.

Because you remember how I gained back 10 of the 17 pounds I lost last time, right?

I am not going to let that happen this time.


How do I intend to prevent binging post-Fix?

By not going CRAZY STRICT with my intake this time.

I promise!

Like, if there is a melty brownie sitting in front of me, and I really want to eat it, I am going to eat it. Because you’re allowed to have treats on the 21 Day Fix. And you SHOULD have treats.

I know that, if I allow myself treats, I won’t be salivating like a malnourished tiger as the days tick away to the 21st. If I allow myself a brownie, I won’t run to the store and smash my face into a frosted sheet cake on day 22.

Oh, and fear not, Book Club Ladies, for I will actually be enjoying a glass of wine at our meet-ups from now on. I will no longer be the lame outcast who is constantly dieting because she is constantly shoving chocolate bars in her mouth every other day.

You’re allowed to have wine on the fix.


I am going to start my FIRST EVER VEGAN round of the 21 Day Fix on Monday, 6/27.


And I am going to try to stop shoving food into my mouth in the meantime. Because I am really starting to feel like crap from all the crap I’m eating.



However, I did create an entire secret Pinterest board titled, “Post-Georgia FOOD” in which I included my mother so I could show her all of the sweets I would be baking and consuming once I returned home.

STILL have to bake some of those sweets.


Monday, though, you’d better believe I’m kicking off this VEGAN round of the Fix with a BANG.


I’m going to scour the internet and give you all of the information I can find.

I’m going to document my emotional turmoil and Fix defeats throughout the round (there are always peanut butter cheats).

I’m going to cry about being sore.

And I’m going to cook up a storm and give you new recipes (and probably repeat some old ones I discovered in my first round).

I made some pretty great stuff like pancakes, chia seed crackers, granola, homemade nachos, and spinach and red pepper hummus. All fix-approved.

And I know EXACTLY how to make egg-substitutes (hint: flax seed) for pancakes, so you KNOW you’ll see those in vegan form.


I’m glad to be back from Georgia.

I am totally refueled with Husband love. And I’m ready to tackle the next three months of not seeing him again. I mean, I might see him. He should have more leniency during Officer Candidate School (OCS), which means we might be able to see each other on weekends.

DO get to text him and send him billions of Snaps every day. I LOVE SNAPCHAT. Love it. Add me (perksofinterest).


Have a lovely week, my friend.

If you have any advice on VEGAN EATING that you’re feeling kind enough to bestow upon me, please leave it in a comment below!


I’ll be back in about a week with my first Vegan 21 Day Fix update!



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