This is another reader-idea post!

Gosh I just LOVE these.

There is nothing I enjoy more than getting an email from you! It’s like champagne in my belly every time my inbox pings.

Keep ’em coming!


The email that inspired this post came from a dear reader and friend of mine.


Here’s my reader’s email:

“Please explain how you became such an exceptional morning person. I am STRUGGLING so hard getting up every morning. I press snooze all of the time, never give myself enough time and just generally dislike my rush before work. My internship starts at 7, so I have to leave the house by 6:30, and I really want to make my morning successful and enjoyable. I know you have a strict routine and give yourself plenty of time each morning. How did you start this habit? What does your routine look like? Does it get easier?”

Did I mention that I love when you email me? In fact, I love your eyeballs for reading these very words!


And what a good idea for a post!

Because it is true, I am definitely a morning person.


A very early morning person.


Did you know? It’s normal for me to pop out of bed at 4:30AM.

In fact, I did that this morning.
I still had an alarm set for 5:45AM. But sometimes I get lucky and my body wakes me up before my alarm has a chance. 

Those are the best days.


Why do I love waking up hours before work?

Because I LOVE MORNINGS. And because I don’t like work.

No one does!


Long mornings = hours of goodness before work. It’s like building a happy barricade against badness. Fueling up to ward off my coworkers’ general unpleasantness. It works!


I’d like to make one thing clear: I do not wake up early because I need all those hours to get ready for work. Ha!

I usually look like a bag of potatoes at work.


How to Become a Morning Person -


I work in an office of men.
Old men + zero women = freedom of appearance.
I let my hair air-dry and wear the most comfortable clothes I own (jeans are allowed in my office).

Most days I swipe on eyeliner. So it’s not like I don’t care at all.


What I’m trying to say here is that I’m already dressing like a mom in my everyday jeans-and-tennis-shoes apparel. So I might as well just have a baby already, right? Right, Husband?



(It’s Husband’s birthday today, so he has every right to ignore my cries for infants. Happy Birthday, Husband!)


Poor Husband just wishes I’d throw on heels once in a while and throw out those sweatpants. Is that my ticket to baby kingdom? I’m willing to try anything, I think.
But are babies worth losing the sweatpants…







The thing about amazing sweatpants is that they are hardly worth trading for anything, even if you are NOT doing your body any favors by wearing them.

Where were we?



Ah, yes.

How did I become one of those mysterious morning-loving things?

Well, I thinks it’s better phrased as: What turned ME into a morning person?

Lots of things.

But primarily, it was introversion.


Also, I just need to say that I used to be a smoker, so cigarettes used to make my life mornings particularly awesome. Chiefing down three of those bad boys before I even sipped my coffee (why are you looking at me like that?) made my mornings pretty dang great.

But even without cigarettes, my mornings are spectacular.


I am going to show you how YOU can start loving your mornings, too.


Don’t worry – I DO sometimes have bad mornings. Rarely, but definitely, I find myself begrudging the very SUNRISE coming through the window.

Especially if I wake up late, or if I can’t find something.

And especially if I accidentally smash a clay project I’ve been pouring over for weeks.


BUT when I am not destroying hand-crafted pieces of my soul, I love my mornings. I love them so much.


Below are THE three keys to being a morning person. My keys. They open up doors to hermit happiness. Recluse paradise. Bon voyage!



The #1 key to being a morning person is keeping far away from other people.

How to Become a Morning Person -

Preferably for the entire day, but a few hours in the morning usually suffices.

To achieve this requires lots of tiptoeing and silent coffee-making and hiding.

You know what ruins a good morning in a snap? Another human.

Hate ’em in the mornings. Go on! Git!

And I’m telling you, it’s pretty easy to be a morning person when you don’t have another human staring at you. At least if you’re me. So I suggest hiding as a solid starting point.


I don’t hit snooze, either. My eyes pop open and BOOM I am UP.
Not because I have a pile of presents or delicious waffles waiting for me in the kitchen.
I never hit snooze because I am excited to finally be awake. There are so many things to do when your eyeballs are open!

You shouldn’t hit snooze either.


Anyway, the reason I’m so excited to wake up is because coffee (key #3). Coffee makes me feel good.
So does reading cool emails from funny people.


In order to become a morning person who never hits snooze, you need to fill your mornings with something you thoroughly enjoy. Like watching TV or reading or painting or meditating. Pick something you LOVE to do that you usually NEVER do in the mornings and start doing it in the morning!


Mornings are the best part of my day because I have hours all to myself to do whatever the heck I want.

Not what Husband wants. Not what the house wants. Not what the bills want. What I want.

Not that any of those things are stomping their feet and demanding my time when they are awake.
I just FEEL obligated to stare at/attend to them when THEY know I’m awake.
Okay, fine, bills and the house are inanimate. I’m really just talking about humans, again.

This is hard to explain without sounding like a gargoyle.

Maybe I like being a troll!


Husband still has a hard time understanding this. He’s an extrovert.


And I am of the wise opinion that extroverts have a harder time understanding introverts than vice-versa.
Probably because I’m the latter.


I love people, but they exhaust me.

Not because people are exhausting, but because I exhaust myself around people.

I cannot help but care IMMENSELY about other people when they’re around me. Humans’ feelings, lives, hobbies, philosophies, and needs just balloon around me and vacuum up all my love and attention. In a GOOD way. I love attending to humans. I just can’t do it for too long or I crumple up and die inside.


I’m an INFJ. Does that explain it?

Did you know? INFJs are actually extroverted introverts. It’s different from being an introvert. It means I’m a “performer.”
Not the pole dancing kind. I wish!




Being a “performer” means that, when I am around people, I am OUTGOING on purpose. I make an effort to talk to, visit with, and intimately question every human in my vicinity.


I can’t help it.


Because I am GENUINELY interested in your life. I must know everything about you the moment I see you.
Not just that – I must also know how you feel about everything about you.

I have this burning desire to unwind people, to discover them, to open all their human petals and get to the center of them. I just love human intricacies. Seriously, please email me and tell me all of yours.


Anyway, as a “performer,” I investigate/question/discover/ponder humans WHEN I’m around them. The KEY difference between me and a solid EXTROVERT is that I do NOT go looking for humans. In fact, I hide from them. Because when I am around them I suction myself to them like an obsessive slug!


How to Become a Morning Person -


Do you know how exhausting it is to be wholeheartedly interested in everyone you meet? Getting to the hearts of people is nectar to my soul. BUT I need lots of alone time to reconnect with myself, or else I start to lose myself in the people around me.

I’m like a happily invasive slug amoeba.


Also, I am a very bubbly person.


If you are ALSO a bubbly, happy person, you know that behaving like anything OTHER than a bubbly, happy person makes you look like a snarling, wolfish monster to people who know you. And if you CHOOSE to actually ride the having-a-bad-day train, you choose to spend your day answering stupid questions like what’s wrong and are you okay. TERRIBLE way to spend the day. E S P E C I A L L Y if you have introverted tendencies.

We bubbly blockheads realize early on that it’s easier to act happy when we don’t want to be happy than it is to act flat when we JUST want to be flat.


Guess what you can be in private?

A flat piece of crap!

Not even your CAT judges you, even though cats are always judging you.

Well, not mine since she got swallowed by the forest and shattered my heart into a million tiny pieces. Yeah, STILL not over it.



The #2 key to being a morning person is waking up WAY SOONER than I have to.

As my reader mentioned, I purposefully give myself lots of time in the morning.



Because it’s the only time of the day when the whole world is sleeping! Didn’t you read key #1?


I don’t have to talk to anyone if I don’t want to in the mornings. Because no one else is awake at 4AM.


Sometimes I do want to talk to people in the morning. If that’s the case, I politely wait until 6AM to text those people.

My mom and sister get 5AM text messages because I don’t care if I wake them up. Because they keep me up WAY past my 8:30PM bedtime by blowing up my phone with 10PM conversations about mini donkeys and pictures of baby clothes and cakes.


I started becoming a morning person when I still lived with my parents.

One day, I realized that the only way to get away from the people in my house was to be awake when they weren’t. Since I already had to wake up for school/work every day, staying up late was NOT the solution.

Earlier rising, it is!



Plus, I like to work out in the mornings. In fact, it’s the only time I work out. So if I don’t wake up early enough, I don’t work out. Plus, most of my workout videos are a wretched 45 minutes-hour long, which is why I don’t do them I have to wake up at the crack of dawn to do them.

Plus, I need at least 15-30 minutes to drink my coffee and play games on my phone and zone out while my veins gobble up the caffeine I need to jump around like the Hulk.


Time is everything in the morning. And, like my dear reader, I hate feeling rushed.

In fact, not having enough time for ____ is one of my main sources of anxiety (which you would know all about if you read my FREE eBook).

Did you read it?

It was pretty good, wasn’t it?



I combat the pressure of NO TIME! by making sure I have enough time. Which means waking up before the birds do. Yeah, birds, I win!



The #3 key to being a morning person is coffee. Obviously.

How to Become a Morning Person -

I like coffee because it wakes me up. Not because it tastes good. I drink it black to avoid those milk/sugar calories that I will definitely consume fourfold in the evening through chocolate bars and fruit snacks.

Honestly, I’m not entirely convinced that coffee does anything for me. Sometimes, I FORGET to make it. But that’s also because I forget a LOT of things which I’ll discuss some other time.

Anyway, what I’m saying is that I keep drinking it because I’ve been drinking it for years and all habits are good habits.


How I drink coffee:

  1. Empty out yesterday’s coffee stuff.
  2. Sloppily rinse carafe and basket and get water all over the place.
  3. Fill carafe to “4” line with water. Don’t even try to tell me it’s “four cups.” Coffee pots are full of lies!
  4. Place new filter in basket.
  5. Scoop three heaping tablespoons of coffee grounds in filter.
  6. Spill them inevitably all over the counter you JUST cleaned.
  7. Clean those up.
  8. Press “on” switch.
  9. Bypass cute ceramic mugs and retrieve ugly, scratchy, plastic travel mug from cupboard.
  10. Put two giant ice cubes in ancient travel mug.
  11. Jam a giant spoon in there.
  12. Wait for coffee to brew.
  13. Pour brewed coffee over giant ice cubes and stir immediately until cubes melt.
  14. Chug room temperature coffee in 7 gulps.


I’m no coffee sipper. I’m a chugger. Down it and done. Because cheap black coffee is gross.

Lots of people don’t drink coffee and that’s their problem.

I’ve been trying to get Husband to drink it for years. Because it just fixes everything. Coffee’s a superhero like that.

It can even save you from an unexpected early-morning human face you suddenly want to punch.




Anyway, those are MY keys to being a morning person.


Avoid other people, give yourself a TON of time in the morning to do whatever you wish, and drink coffee.

That’s a dang recipe for success, right there.


I told Husband I was writing this post, and he was just exasperated.

“But that’s just YOU!” he shouted, throwing his hands up. Husband can be so enthusiastic. “You’re weird. That’s why you like mornings! You can’t tell anyone how to BE that way because that’s just how you ARE.”

I winked and said, “Exactly.”


I am an early riser by nature, but these three keys are WHY I get up early. Give them a whirl for guaranteed happiness.


You can also check out 8 legit morning habits of successful people here. Number 8 hits home for me. Obviously.



Are you a morning person or a night owl? What do you do to make your mornings spectacular/tolerable? Share your tips in the comments!



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