UPDATE: I have since cancelled my coaching membership with Beachbody, and I am no longer a Coach. I am more than happy to answer any 21 Day Fix questions you have, though, so please don’t hesitate to ask!


Hey there!

I know you JUST heard from me yesterday, but I have some big news that can’t wait until my days 16-18 post.


So, I mentioned in my days 10-12 post that I met a coach on Instagram who added me to a 21 Day Fix Facebook group that has completely changed my 21 Day Fix world.

I also mentioned in that post that I had no intentions of becoming a Beachbody Coach.




I’ve changed my mind!!!


Rather, the coaches in my group changed my mind.

I resisted for as long as I could! Brittany can attest to this.


They all just kept telling me that I should do it! They all said that I was basically “coaching” already by sharing my own story (and I’ve inadvertently recruited a few people in the office and at home just by telling them about my experience), so I might as well jump on the coaching ship!


was going to hold off on becoming a Coach until my Fix was over with. Because I didn’t want any of this coaching business to interfere with my posts to YOU.

But, Brittany assured me that I could sign up and just let the coaching stuff sit for as long as I wanted until I was ready to jump in!


After hearing that, I just couldn’t even wait a day longer to be a Coach, so I signed up YESTERDAY.


The cool thing about my sign-up yesterday is that my $40 start-coaching fee was waived (though I would have had it waived anyway because spouses of active military members get Beachbody Coach perks, like having their fees waived – and their monthly $16 fee waived, too, if they meet a certain quota (more on that later when I figure it all out)).


Also, I decided to buy a Challenge Pack! Here are ALL THE CHALLENGE PACKS.


I would like to note that I had no idea what a challenge pack was before yesterday.


Thank goodness for Brittany. Seriously, if she hadn’t reached out to me and helped me through this whole thing and encouraged me to become a Coach, I wouldn’t have. Period. Love, love, love Brittany. ♥


Also, guess what else? A very dear friend of mine is going to GIVE me 1 chocolate Shakeology sample, one strawberry Shakeology sample, one vanilla Shakeology sample, and one Café Latte Shakeology sample.


Since she is GRACIOUSLY just letting me try these, I decided to order the VEGAN chocolate Shakeology bag with my Challenge Pack. Because I prefer a plant-based diet, if possible. Here is a nice post about how Vegan Shakeology compares to regular Shakeology, in case you’re wondering. There are more differences, I’m sure, but that was the post that convinced me to buy a WHOLE BAG of vegan.


Plus, I would prefer to limit my intake of dairy, if possible. I love vegetables, remember? Hopefully vegan tastes good!


***UPDATE*** All of the females in my 1,000-member 21 Day Fix Facebook group seem to prefer the taste of vegan chocolate Shakeology (compared to regular chocolate). They say it tastes like fudge! I agree.


So, which Challenge Pack did I order, you might be wondering?


I ordered the 22 Minute Hard Corps + Shakeology Challenge Pack.

It was $140.00.

I know, lots of money (which is why I didn’t buy one at first), but I chose a BAG of chocolate vegan Shakeology with my pack (instead of 24 1-serving packets, because more bang for my buck with a bag!). The bags ALONE costs $130.00. And the 22 Minute Hard Corps is on sale right now for $40.00. So I bought a Shakeology-bag-and-workout bundle and paid $140.00 total. What a steal!


You might be thinking: Brooke! You idiot! Coaches get a 25% discount on all-things-Beachbody! You could have saved money by just ordering the Shakeology and workout videos separately AFTER you signed up to be a coach!


But Brittany and I did the math. I saved 10 dollars with some sort of shipping discount when I bought my Workout + Shakeo bundle BEFORE coaching. So there, mathematicians!

Did you know? Shakeo is a cool way to say Shakeology.


So I got an email from Beachbody telling me that all of these things were going to be shipped to me:

  • Business Starter Kit-Free Offer- Coach Sign Up
  • Shakeology Chocolate Vegan Bag 30 Servings
  • Challenge Pack
  • 22 Min HardCorps DVD Package w/TBB Bonus


What the heck is a TBB Bonus?

No clue!

I guess we’ll find out when the mail arrives.

I also think I get my own set of containers (remember, I’m borrowing my mom’s?) and a Shakeology cup. We’ll see!


Also, I get another something extra from one of the coaches in my Facebook group. I think. I am not really sure. I think I just get a lot of things. And I am just REALLY EXCITED ABOUT IT!!


AND I GOT ANOTHER CUTE ANNOUNCEMENT in the Facebook group about becoming a coach!

I'm a Beachbody Coach - Perksofinterest.com #21dayfix #beachbodycoach


Look at how cute that is! Look at those SPARKLY LETTERS AND GOLD BALLOONS. It’s like Brittany knows me.

And Brittany wrote another kind announcement to go along with my picture telling everyone how excited she is that I’m becoming a Coach.

I mean, could YOU resist that kind of love?!


I want to be JUST like Brittany and all the other Coaches in my group who are CONSTANTLY just giving out free information and support, and who never make anyone feel pressured to buy anything.

I don’t want to be a Beachbody saleswoman.

I want to be a Beachbody COACH. I want to help people figure out how to get the body they want. I feel like I might be good at it!



An important word about me becoming a Coach as pertains to my BLOG:

This blog is and always will be MY blog.

Which means that it will encompass all-things-Brooke.

One of those things, as of yesterday, is being a Beachbody Coach.

But that is just ONE facet of who I am.

So don’t go thinking that I am going to turn this blog into a Beachbody factory. Because I am NOT.

In fact, my blog potentially turning into a Beachbody factory was THE MAIN REASON I was so reluctant to become a Coach in the first place!


The minute this thing starts to look like a Beachbody advertisement is a minute that will never happen because NO.


That’s the great thing about owning my own blog – I control EVERYTHING. I might tell you that I’m a Coach and give you means of contacting me if you want me to coach you, but I am NOT going to sell you anything.

Even if it sounds like selling, it’s not! It’s me telling you what I think about stuff (this stuff happens to be 21 Day Fix/Beachbody stuff).

How about this: if it sounds like I’m selling, TELL ME


I started this blog for a very specific yet vague reason, and that reason will forever pump the heart of my content.

That reason = I want to explore my interests and shed light upon all of the life hacks, how-tos, and did you knows? that I discover along the way.

21 Day Fix = best health discovery, yet.



So, please don’t go running off thinking that Perks of Interest is now going to be a Beachbody blog. It’s not.

It’s a Brooke blog.



Also, a note on Shakeology.

I said in my very first 21 Day Fix post that I was doing this diet SANS Shakeology. Because I was too cheap to buy it.


Well, now that I am a Coach, I need to try the flavors so I can actually answer people when they ask me, “What does Shakeology taste like, and does it really make a difference?”

I don’t know the answers to these questions yet. But you better believe that I am going to tell you what I HONESTLY think when I do.


Truthfully, I was excited to HAVE to buy Shakeology, because I really want to try it. Everyone is always talking about how it makes their hair thicker and nails stronger and basically just turns you into a goddess.

That makes sense, since it’s loaded with vitamins and nutrients.


Did you know? One Shakeology = 1 red.

That’s PERFECT FOR ME! Because I have the hardest time getting my reds in!




If it were not already clear, it will be now in this entirely redundant disclaimer.

Henceforth, whenever I talk about 21 Day Fix or Shakeology or ANYTHING Beachbody, I am NOT trying to sell you anything. I will only say things I truly believe.

If I think Shakeology tastes weird, I will tell you. In my very first 21 Day Fix post, I told you how to find a cheaper version of the 21 Day Fix containers. And I STILL tell people in my 21 Day Fix Facebook groups how to find free 21 Day Fix information.

I will continue to be frugal, thrifty, helpful, weird Brooke while I coach.

And I think that’s what will make me a good Beachbody Coach.



Of COURSE, if you WANT me to coach you, tell me!! Email me, tweet at me, Facebook me, yell at me however you please. I would LOVE to help you out.

Did you know? I can coach you for free. Yup. In fact, that’s the only way I coach: FOR FREE. All Coaches coach for free. It’s just the workout programs and Shakeology that you can buy. We are free of charge.



Some Things I Learned Yesterday:

Did you know that 21 Day Fix and Shakeology are actually two separate programs that you can just DO together?

Did you know that you can/are encouraged to drink Shakeology on multiple Beachbody programs?

Did you know that there are more Beachbody programs than just the 21 Day Fix?


Did you know that I am the most clueless newborn Beachbody Coach on the planet?


Well, you know me. That won’t last long.



See you in a few days with my next 21 Day Fix update!



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