Happy Friday!


TGINotThursday, for me. Thursday was not happy.


Well, I’ll tell you!


Minutes after publishing my post yesterday, I sat here, drumming my fingers, waiting for it to show up in my email.

And I waited.

And I waited.



Reluctantly, I dragged my mouse to my SPAM folder.
It was like I knew.

I closed my eyes, clicked, and popped them open.

And my heart dropped.


There it was!

The pretty “new post!” email I’d designed to float gracefully into your inbox was in my SPAM FOLDER.

I freaked out and drove straight home.


I burst through the door and spent the next 45 minutes pacing the living room and yammering on to Husband about how I’d broken my email bond with my subscribers.


Thursday started out so promisingly, too.

I spent most of the morning setting up my new MailChimp account for you.

You see, MailChimp offers me a platform to design the emails I send you when I post something new on my blog. I can make them look just like my website! How could I resist?


Here’s the email I sent yesterday, in case you didn’t receive it/you’re not a subscriber but still curious.


So I tailored and tweaked my “new post!” email and sent it off to you. And then MailChimp went and messed everything up by dumping it in my SPAM folder.


Why did the email go to my SPAM folder (and maybe yours)?


Because MailChimp set my email (hello@perksofinterest.com) back to the default way your email receives mine.


This means that yesterday’s new MailChimp email arrived in your inbox the EXACT same way the very first email I sent you arrived. (First one = “subscription confirmation” email.)


If your “subscription confirmation” email went into your SPAM folder, you had to find it, confirm your subscription, mark it as “not-SPAM,” and/or move it to your Inbox so future emails showed up in your Inbox, too.


If your “subscription confirmation” email went into your “Promotion” folder (Gmail users), you had to find it and confirm your subscription. Maybe you then dragged it to your Inbox so the rest of my emails didn’t end up in your “Promotion” folder.


What MailChimp did was reset everything, which required you to repeat the whole find, un-SPAM, refile process. They did this without even telling me (or you)!


MailChimp is the worst!


I immediately switched everything back to the old, reliable, ugly way it was before. Hence the ugly email you received telling you about this new post.



Now, I need you to do me a favor…


Look in your email and find yesterday’s Cheerios post email, please.

If it’s right where you expected it to be, congratulations! Your email is immune to the terrible MailChimp merge. Also, I apologize for making you read this far into the post.


If you find it in that wretched SPAM folder or anywhere you don’t want it to be, please move it/rename it so the rest of my “new post!” emails follow suit.



…I am going to switch back to MailChimp.


I know! It’s just…that Cheerios email was everything I always hoped my emails would be!

So clean and Perks-of-Interest-esque. *sigh*


As a Taurus, I cannot deny such beauty.


I have decided that the once-denounced MailChimp has a place in my blogger world. And that I need it to make my emails beautiful.



And I also need it because I’m working on a stellar e-Book for subscribers’ eyes only.
An e-Book that I’ll email you via MailChimp.
That’s all I’ll say about the e-Book!


So, I would much rather set you up with my MailChimp-formatted emails right now. You deserve beautiful exclusive subscriber perks!





I am going to send you a “new post!” email shortly after this one (it will be a MailChimp email).

If you can’t find it right away, look in your SPAM folder.

If you find it there, mark it as “not SPAM” and move it back to your Inbox.

If you still can’t find it, you might not be subscribed. You can fix that by signing up right now!



THANK YOU for subscribing, and thank you for putting up with this nonsense to ensure proper receipt of my new posts.
You are a profound part of my heart, and I refuse to let you go.

If any part of this transition doesn’t make sense, please tell me. Better yet, leave a comment!



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