Guess what?

I’ve just sent my eBook draft to an intelligent friend for review.

Which means I’m THISCLOSE to sending it out to my subscribers!

Remember when I told you that, if you subscribed, you’d receive exclusive email perks? Perks you wouldn’t find on my blog?

This FREE eBook is the first one! And it will be delivered to your inbox this week!

I’m just over the moon about it.
I’ve been working on this eBook for over a month. I haven’t worked this hard since undergrad.
And I haven’t been this EXCITED since undergrad.


My FREE eBook has been TOP SECRET from the start.


I did tell you that the entire thing is based on a reader’s request. Remember the last time I wrote something in response to a reader’s request? It’s my favorite post to date (and my most popular)!

This eBook idea came from another reader. Ingenious!
You are all amazing.
I cannot thank you all enough for your brilliant questions and suggestions. Send me more!


Anyway, NO ONE knows any details about my FREE eBook.

Not even Husband.




I’m going to tell you a few things about it.

But I’m not going to give it all away.

Because I just love surprises! So I am keeping the topic a secret until I unveil the eBook to subscribers.


Here are some BRAND NEW details about my FREE eBook:

It’s about 45 pages long.

It contains stories and pictures from my youth.

It has links to some of my favorite pertinent resources.

It’s a how-to. Specifically, it’s about how to fix something.

If I told you how many people are affected by this something, Google would give it away (so I won’t!).

Behind the red curtain of this image is the actual eBook cover:

Secrets about my FREE eBook!





As soon as my beautiful genius friend tells me what’s wrong with it, I’ll fix, polish, and send my FREE eBook out to my subscribers.

So make sure you’re signed up!

By the way, if you’re worried about getting too many emails from me, stop worrying.
The only ones I send are “new post!” emails (and I post once a week).
Of course, you’ll also get one with a link to your FREE eBook
…which will absolutely blow your mind.



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