As promised, today’s post features pictures of our new Alabama house!


Husband and I moved to Fort Rucker, AL, so Husband could attend flight school and learn to fly Black Hawks, remember?

Anyway, I’ve been nesting like a duck and now it’s time to show you how we’re living down south!


Since Christmas is right around the corner, I’ll start off by showing you some of my festive decor.


You saw my Christmas tree in last week’s post, but here is a mini ceramic tree adorning a little shelf in the wall between the dining room and living room:

Christmas decor!


Also, those are real sand dollar plants. From my sister. Remember my mini Christmas tree that I guarded with my life on the trip down here, because it was the last connection I had to my mother?

Same thing with these sand dollar plants/my sister. I fended off a panic attack as I watched Husband shove these plants into my car and break off a stem.

My eye twitched until I got those plants to this house safely.

You think I’m kidding!


I also hung a dollar store stocking right here, next to the front door, where it looks terrible:

Christmas decor!


Also, remember that garage full of boxes that haunted my dreams?

Well, I did what my aunt suggested and broke down all of the boxes one morning. Now, you can walk across the ugly cement and I can sleep at night.

Gross garage.


I know what you’re wondering: aren’t those black things book shelves?

Why YES, those ARE book shelves, rendered totally useless by the slipshod packing/moving capabilities of our hired company.

If this were Michigan, we could burn those ruined shelves to the ground in our backyard.

Since this is Alabama, and since we live in a cookie cutter community, I don’t think we’re allow to burn things.


Unless you’re Husband, and you park the grill right up next to the siding and you melt it.

Husband melted the house.


Hahaha, look what he did!

I laughed hysterically when I saw it. Husband stood outside, spatula in hand, chuckling nervously at my reaction.

“We’re definitely not getting our security deposit back!” I shouted through the siding glass door.

“We didn’t pay a security deposit,” Husband shouted back.

“EXACTLY!” *heinous cackle*



So, last week I promised to show you a full shot of our brand new gray lavender comforter set for our bed.

Here she is!

New comforter set!


My sister used to have a ruched comforter like this, and I always thought it looked so COZY and ROMANTIC.

It is cozy and romantic. And squishy like a perfect little fish.


Here’s Husband smiling over his self-assembled bed frame that we ordered off Amazon (you know, the one I complained about):

A soldier in all walks of life.


When this was still in the box, and Husband was standing over the box with a knife, I stood beside him and stared at the box.

Husband: I can take care of this, you know, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Brooke: Are you telling me to get lost?

Husband: Well, you and I don’t always see eye-to-eye on things.


Right he is!

We once tried to put together an adjustable metal bed frame (you know, those cheap ones with the wheels that are SUPER easy to assemble), and it turned into World War 537.

Remember, Husband and I have a PASSIONATE relationship. Passion does not equal harmony.

Anyway, I walked into our new bedroom and saw Husband’s finished bed frame and squealed with delight.

I told him I would caption that adorable photo of him like this: “What Husband can accomplish when Brooke isn’t standing over him like a dragon.”


Here’s our walk-in closet:



Why am I showing you our walk-in closet?

Because it took me 4,960 hours to hang all that crap up, earning it a feature spot in this post.


Here is a picture of our guest room/Big Wheel’s room.

Wait, who is Big Wheel?

Well, you’ll have to read this post to find out!

(Read that post because he is single and a total catch! Message me for pics.)

Guest bedroom!


The guest bed is only lacking sheets (in coral pink!!!) that I accidentally shipped to my mother’s house in Michigan. We shall retrieve them (along with bed pillows) when we return to Michigan for Christmas.


Here’s the unfinished office:



Isn’t that desk just the greatest? I LOVE IT.

This room contains an amalgam of loose ends, such as workout equipment (well, at least the stuff the moving company DIDN’T LOSE), five totes of craft stuff, miscellaneous decorations (read: Husband’s decorations) and office supplies.

One day that man of mine will have a man cave where he can hang everything he insists upon keeping.

In the mean time, I will hang all of it in the office/hide it around the house until he forgets about it and I can throw it away.








On to the kitchen!

I took a photo just for your enjoyment. This isn’t a place I necessarily “decorated”:

La cocina!


Yup, I can’t even be bothered to close my kitchen drawer before taking a picture. If you’ve ever doubted my clout as a blogger, this is why.


Hey! Remember that Anniversary Gift Ideas post I wrote a while back?

Well, I told you all about the gift Husband got me, but I didn’t supply a picture.

What was I thinking?

Well, here it is!

Husband's anniversary gift!


Isn’t it beautiful!!

The only problem is that it weighs 100 lbs. and requires something called a “stud” to hold it up.

Sign me up. *wink*


Don’t worry, I know what it really means.

This sign will be hung in my kitchen so you see it first thing when you cross the threshold.


Now, on to the best rooms in the house!


Brooke Fun Fact: I am very passionate about bathroom decorations.

I love them in other people’s houses and especially in my own.

I think there is something about a bathroom being very small that makes it so approachable to my design-challenged eye.

I have another obsession: the OCEAN.

Anything ocean. Paintings, blue/green/teal colors, seashells, sand, anemones, you name it. I love it ALL.

Naturally, my obsessions with oceans and bathroom decorations collided into a masterpiece called my OCEAN BATHROOM.

This ocean bathroom originated in the apartment Husband and I shared in Michigan.

I was never fully satisfied, though, because that bathroom was hideous and I could only do so much with what I was given.


Then, we moved to a 2-bathroom, spacious house in Alabama.

Blank, water closet canvases for my bathroom-decorating expertise.


I opted to decorate the largest bathroom (guest) with my ocean paraphernalia, and I decorated our master bathroom with a new shower curtain and matching accents.


Here’s our master bathroom:

Master bathroom decor!


We got that curtain on clearance at TJ Maxx. At first, I intended to put it in the guest bath and save the ocean brilliance for our bathroom, but I changed my mind when I realized how much more SPACE there was in the guest bath.

More space = more ocean.


So, are you ready to see my pride and joy? The center of excellence in our Alabama compound?



Ocean bathroom!


Just look at her.

And guess what happens when I turn off the main light?



Ocean bathroom!


If that isn’t the most inviting bathroom you’ve ever seen, you’re wrong.


That foam rug squishes around your toes. I cannot recommend foam rugs enough.

I could spend all day in this bathroom.


Here are my ocean bathroom details:

Ocean bathroom details.


I know what you’re thinking: what’s an elephant doing in an ocean bathroom?


What ELSE would I do with a magnificently shiny beast like him?

More so than oceans and bathrooms, I am enamored with shiny things. Also, tiny things. Miniatures make me swoon, and shiny things guide me through life. Like a moth to a glittery flame, I am.



That little bathroom elephant is magnificent and I smile whenever I see him. That’s why he goes in my favorite room of the house.


Here’s the last ocean bathroom picture:

Ocean bathroom decor!


I painted those fish, I did. They would be the cutest thing in this corner if it weren’t for that seahorse.


So, that’s my house!

I’ve got a few more things to hang on the walls, and then I’m done.


What else have I been up to?

Well, after last week’s emotional breakdown, I took it nice and easy all weekend long, and I feel much, much better. I’ve watched the entirety of Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce on Netflix, and it was great!


In other terrible news, I’m still not pregnant. I can’t think of a worse way to be.

Husband says, “It will happen when it happens.”

And then I say, “Come within smacking range.”


Kidding, and I really am kidding about that. I would never strike Husband! I’m a lady.


Guess what? I finally have my military ID, which means I can leave the base and go shopping at our nearby cities, Enterprise and Dothan.

Truth be told, I’m sick of shopping.

Which is great, because I did way too much of that last week and I’m three steps away from peddling on the corner.

Although we do need some bookshelves…


Do you have a favorite room to decorate? Tell me in the comments!



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