I feel like ALL CAPS is the only way I can adequately express my excitement.


You see, even though I’ve been enjoying the sixty-five-degree Alabama sunshine lately, I cannot WAIT to dig my Uggs into some snow.

Some Michigan snow.


In just a few hours, we will be zooming away from Fort Rucker and heading straight for the mitten state.

Ahhh, home. It’s been calling to me in the warm Alabama wind.


Fact: it takes 14 hours to drive from Alabama to Michigan. 

This time, there will be NO stops.

NO every-twenty-miles bathroom breaks for Brooke.

And we will drive 100mph the whole way there.


I already have everything packed up and ready to go (including Christmas presents!).


I can’t even contain myself. I’m driving Husband nuts.

Well, he’s been driving me nuts, too!

Tensions are running high around here, and it’s mostly because there is a fly the size of my fist circling my living room ceiling.


Actually, poor Husband has been working tirelessly (and unsuccessfully) on his broken truck for the past three days. He needs a Michigan break.

I’ve been reading books, doing the dishes, shouting about how excited I am for Michigan, and applying for a job. I need a break.


Oh, did I mention?

I applied for a part-time online writing consultant job!

PLEASE cross your fingers that I get this job, because I love nothing more than helping people with their writing. This job = Brooke’s ideal job.

Also, I also cannot endure the unemployed-and-living-states-away-from-everyone-I-know life much longer.


Being home alone all day…it…does things to you.


One day, in the midst of crazed isolation, I seriously considered writing you a post titled, “The Woes of a SAHW.”

(SAHW = Stay At Home Wife)

Then, I tore the blanket off my head and realized I would receive some virtually hurled tomatoes to the face if I complained about my glamorous, at-home, responsibility-free life.

So I nixed that idea.


When I am a SAHM with some real responsibilities, then I’ll complain about cabin fever.


Anyway, I really want the online consulting job, so if you never hear me talk about it again, it’s because I didn’t get it and I want you to forget I ever mentioned it.


On a thrilling note, we leave for Michigan in less than 24 hours!

I’ve got about seven bags packed for our ten-day stay.

All our laundry is done.

The house is clean.

The dishes are put away.

Everything’s boarded up down here and I can’t squeal out of this driveway fast enough.


So, what am I going to do during my Michigan hiatus?


I’m going to…

Challenge my brother(s?) to a drunken cribbage duel.

Bake cookies with all of the females in my life.

Bake cookies by myself.

Snuggle kitties!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Snuggle siblings.

Snuggle my mom.

Snuggle every animate and inanimate object I can get my paws on.

Spend Christmas with my family and Husband’s family.

Bake more cookies.

Squeeze my nephew nugget.

Did I mention squeeze my siblings?

And my mother.

I suppose I’ll pet the dog, Meatloaf.

I will also enjoy LOTS of time in those hideous sweatpants Husband hates. I promised him I’d leave them in Michigan (in the protective custody of my mother) when we moved to Alabama, and I stayed true to my word.

My subconscious knows those glorious pants are in my near future, because I actually dreamed about them a few nights ago.


Good thing Husband and I are waking up extra early tomorrow to embark on our northern drive, because there’s no way I’ll be sleeping.


There’s also no way I’ll be blogging while in Michigan, so if you miss me, simply stalk me on Snapchat (perksofinterest). I’m a highly active Snapper because I adore documenting my life in temporary pictures.

If email and/or Facebook are more your style, you can check out the thousand other ways to contact me on my Contact page.


Other than that, I’ll see you in ten days! Just IMAGINE all the family drama and Christmas cookie pictures I’ll have for you.


Before I go, I’d like to say THANK YOU to all of my readers who have been sending me notes of blog love through Facebook, email, and Snapchat. I cannot tell you how much your kind words mean to me. I still find it hard to believe that my senseless ramblings are as entertaining on your screen as they are in my head. You are amazing, and I shall continue to reward you with endless details about my personal life.





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