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I’m 15 weeks pregnant! That means baby is the size of a…


Navel orange


Haas avocado


Baby is FOUR INCHES LONG this week. She grew half an inch last week! And she will this week, too.


I tried to take pictures of 15-week fruit in front of my abdomen so you could see how big she is, but my corresponding fruits run a little smaller than 4″.

15 weeks baby size1


15 weeks baby size1


And here is the size of Baby Girl McInnis’s hand during 15 weeks:

Baby's hand size at 15 weeks!


Why yes, I WAS going through my 15 week baby apps at 4:30AM.


Did you know? Baby weighs as much as an egg at 15 weeks!

Hold one in your hand! It’s pretty heavy!

At 15 weeks baby weighs as much as an egg!


The main pregnancy symptoms I had during week 15 were a few growing pains (round ligament pain), congestion in the mornings (common pregnancy symptom), and a giant, growing belly.

Really, though, that was it!

I did fall asleep on the couch at 7:30PM on my birthday, but I blame that on Baby.


So, as you may recall from last week’s post, my mother came to visit me in Alabama during week 15 of my pregnancy!!!!!!!


It. Was. Amazing.


We had the BEST time. We knew we would, but I think we had an even better time than we thought we would.


The first thing we did was go to the grocery store to stock up on treats for the week, which was very fun because Husband doesn’t like sweets but my mom does, so we could get things like donuts because I wouldn’t be the only one eating them.

This is my beautiful mother, ten feet away from me which is the maximum amount of space I want there to be between us.

My beautiful mother.


The next order of business was to organize Baby Girl McInnis’s closet and her mint rolly cart.


So, we put together my cute pink closet organizer and filled it to the brim!

Baby's closet


It’s SO CUTE and SO PERFECT. I cannot recommend this organizer ENOUGH. Here’s a link to it, if you want to make a pregnant woman really happy by buying it for her.


Here’s a close-up of Baby’s clothes. This is only HALF of them. The rest are still in Michigan.

Baby's closet


And here is her rolly cart, finally filled with all of the diaper-changing essentials I will need! I plan to roll this from room to room.

Rolly cart euphoria!


WHAT A RELIEF. This stuff, this organizing stuff, is not my thing. It is less fun and more stressful to me. But, with my mom, it’s a BLAST. Because she likes doing it! She loves it!

And now all of my baby stuff is all organized and I feel SO RELIEVED.


We also put together Baby’s little rocker bed. I am going to put her in this beside my bed during the night, instead of her crib or a bassinet or a co-sleeper bed in our actual bed.

Baby's rock 'n play!


Our next order of business was…you guessed it…baby shopping!!!!

Here we are on our way. Aren’t we cute?

My beautiful mother.


We went sloooowwwwlllyyyyy through every aisle in Target.

Especially these ones.



Even though it’s WAY TOO SOON for baby dolls.



After this lengthy excursion, we ended up with a cart like this:



Since my mom wouldn’t let me take pictures of ALL the things she bought for Baby Girl McInnis, I am going to show you my two favorites.

Baby girl clothes



It’s puffy! And pink! And so cute!

Pictures don’t do it justice. This jacket is TO DIE FOR.


And then this blanket.

Baby blanket.


Not only is it the softest blanket I’ve ever felt, but it has HEART POOFS ON IT.

I decided immediately that this will be the blanket in which we bring Baby home from the hospital.


We have since been to a few other stores and purchased a few other things.

A lot of other things.


So, the whole reason my mom came to visit me is because IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!

April 23. Go Taur-Taurs!


She bought me a billion new clothes for my birthday.

Maternity clothes.

Which are the BEST clothes to try on and receive when you’re pregnant.


And then she took me to Olive Garden (my favorite restaurant) and bought me an EXTRAVAGANT lunch.

Look at this table!

Birthday lunch!



When that wasn’t enough, I ordered the Black Tie Mousse Cake because it’s my favorite.

Birthday lunch!


The server kept making comments about how much I was eating (I know, right?). It started when I asked for more bread sticks (because the ones she gave us were a little well-done). Every time I asked for something after that, she said something like, “Wow, you must really be hungry today!” among other impolite things.


Finally, I was like, “Well, I am pregnant!”

Then she shut up.

And returned to tell us a bunch of stories about her own pregnancies.


You know, I used to be a server at Olive Garden, and we were told to NEVER say “Do you have any room left for desert?” because it’s a comment about how much our guests are eating and that sort of thing is RUDE.

Maybe training is different in the south…


Anyway, the lunch was AMAZING. I have such a wonderful mother. She is pure treasure to me. I never want her to leave Alabama EVER.


In other news, Sister accidentally spilled the Baby Girl McInnis’s NAME beans to my BFF.

I wasn’t even mad, because it’s really hard to keep it a secret once you know what it is.


Sister then sent me a picture of BFF holding this sign. Isn’t she adorable?

BFF knows!


In some more news, this is a picture of me mid-week during week 15.

Fifteen weeks pregnant belly pic!


Belly (and booty) are poppin’. So are the boobs.


My mother and I spent the remainder of her time here ordering cute things for Baby Girl McInnis online and watching Orange is the New Black.

My mom doesn’t have Netflix, so I picked a good show for her that I was fairly certain we could finish in a week. Like OITNB.

We were down to the wire at the end, because we had to watch season four in a DAY.

But we did it!!


Then, she had to leave.

And I am sooooo sad.

I cried and cried after I dropped her at the airport. Practically the whole way home, my face was pinched with sadness.

And then I came home, and my house had no mom in it, and the tears returned.

And then I saw one of my rugs drying on a chair outside, which she had put out there for me, and I teared up again because she is so sweet it hurts.


Just put crying emojis all over the end of this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It’s just that she is the most incredible mother in the world. She is so kind to me, and she is so helpful. And she is just like me, so we get along on 100% of everything. She’s my favorite person. I could truly spend every single day with her 24/7 and never want her to leave.

Now that she’s left, I am very, very sad.


But I am going to try to cheer myself up, because of one crucial detail.

She’s returning in SEVEN WEEKS.

And she’s bringing my adorable nephew with her.

I already can’t wait!!!!!


Living in Alabama is way WAY more fun when my mom is here. It’s just the truth.

My mom helped me organize stuff…

She cleaned off my counters…

She helped me launder all of Baby’s clothes and she hung them up…

She spoiled her grandpuppy…

She spoiled her granddaughter…



She’s amazing. She’s the coolest human I’ve ever met.

I am just SO THANKFUL that she is in my life.

And that she flew all the way to Alabama to see me just because it was my birthday.




I miss you already.


But next time you see me, I’ll be 23 weeks which means I’ll be the size of a beach ball which means I’ll be even more fun to squeeze.


Almost as fun to squeeze as the clothes in Baby Girl’s closet.


This is a post-Mom-trip photo. Notice how much FULLER it is?

Baby's closet


We went a little crazy.

But have you SEEN THOSE CLOTHES? How can you seriously resist?


Look at this jacket!

Baby girl jacket!


Tiny cute versions of regular clothes? YEAH. You know I love miniature things.


Now, because it wouldn’t be a complete post without him, here’s a picture of Baby Rucker. Who has doubled in size since my mom showed up.

Baby Rucker


In that picture, he’s lying on our brand new couch. Which reclines on both ends. This thing is comparable to nirvana. Seriously. WAY BETTER than a futon.

We love our new couch.

Rucker doesn’t love it as much as we do.

He’s too big to fit on it comfortably, so sometimes he climbs up on the futon and spreads out there, instead.

Works for me!


Anyway, that wraps up week 15.

What a heavenly week it was.



Stay tuned for week 16’s post!



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