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So, before we even get started on this week’s post, I’d just like to bring attention to the GIANT ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM and that elephant’s name is Brooke Accidentally Published Last Week’s Post With Her BABY’S REAL NAME IN THE POST Before Three People Saw It and Told Her, After Which She Immediately Corrected It But Still Some People Saw her Baby’s Name.




Can you even believe I did that?!!??!?!!??!!

Stupid baby brain!

(Fun fact: I read recently that pregnancy shrinks a woman’s brain by 5%!!! It’s only temporary, but still. WHY?!)


Anyway, now some of you know Baby Girl McInnis’s name.

The rest of you will just have to wait.



Moving on!


At 16 weeks, baby is the size of a…

Dill pickle



Yeah, I know she was an avocado last week. Well, last week she was a 4″ avocado, and this week she is a 4.6″ avocado.

Also, remember how she weighed as much as an egg last week (2 ounces)? This week, she weighs almost DOUBLE that: 3.5 ounces. She is growing like a weed!


And wouldn’t I know it. This belly is really sticking out there. So is my butt.


Look how big her hand is week 16!

Baby's hand size at 16 weeks!


As far as symptoms go, Baby Girl is giving me lots of growing pains.

And she is absolutely big enough to be totally in the way when I try to bend over/lean forward. I now have to sumo squat to retrieve Rucker toys from the carpet.

It’s a weird feeling. It’s like, if I bend over and squish her, it doesn’t exactly hurt, but it’s really uncomfortable. So I don’t do it anymore. See how she’s taking over?

Oh, and heartburn. Heartburn is a new 16-week symptom for me. No matter what I eat, I get it. Usually at night, and pretty mildly at this point.

Also, my boobs won’t stop growing!!!!

Did I mention my butt keeps growing, too?

There are stretch marks on it already, which I told you about in week 14’s post. Now, there are more stretch marks.

I am just choosing to embrace them while hoping they fade a little with time (after they multiply and spread, of course).

I love them, deep down inside, because they are signs that I am pregnant with an adorable baby girl. Which has been my dream for YEARS.

Oh, and I am up 13 pounds since the start of my pregnancy.

The number is going to keep climbing along with my pant size, but I have some serious whip-body-back-into-shape-post-baby plans, so I am not terribly worried like I was before.


So, week 16 FLEW BY.


Mainly because the week started with my mom leaving *sob*, and immediately after she left, my in-laws arrived! And they brought my nephews with them.


Why did they arrive?


Well, for Family Day!

Family Day = Husband’s family gets to go watch him fly helicopters. Remember? The whole reason we’re in Alabama is so Husband can learn to fly Black Hawks for the Michigan Air National Guard.


He’s flying a Lakota right now, because Black Hawks don’t come until phase II of flight school (in a few months).


Let me tell you, watching your man fly a helicopter is one SEXY experience.

Sexy helicopter pilot.


Sexy helicopter pilot.


LOOK at this stud.

Sexy helicopter pilot.


After I wiped the drool off my face, Husband took us for an up-close look at the inside of a helicopter.



Here he is, showing the littles how to move the propellers and stuff. Are they called propellers?

Sexy helicopter pilot.


After, Father-In-Law kicked the littles out so he could check it out.

Sexy helicopter pilot.


Man, my husband is attractive.

Sexy helicopter pilot.


After we left Family Day, we all decided to attend a local carnival on-base.






The email I received included a list of enticing activities. Including “pig racing.”

I had to go. I just had to.


So, we show up, and we bring our dinosaur dog, and we race up to the Pig Racing booth hoping to see swine run, and this is what we find:

Pig racing, my a**.


False advertising!

Click bait!


Fuzzy wiggling pigs?

Are you serious?

This is ALABAMA. I wanted to see some greasy pigs race down a track!!!


I kid you not, there was a crowd of people, and you could hear a collective groan of disappointment that there weren’t any real pigs to gawk at.

We were all probably from the north, but STILL. Don’t explicitly put “pig racing” in an enticing email and not expect some people to show up expecting live bacon.


Anyway, we returned home after that fiasco and started a fire in our new transportable fire pit! Which we are allowed to have on base!!!!!

Do you KNOW how excited Husband and I were when we realized we could have BON FIRES on base?

Another piece of (Michigan) home.

Bon fiyah!


And I finally got to have a s’more.


Also, I enjoyed a few of my many birthday gifts from my In-Laws, most of which centered around the premise of citronella candle, which have become my latest obsession, since I am pregnant and I don’t want any Zika bugs biting me.

No Zika no!


The next day, my In-Laws, Husband, the nephews, and Big Wheel (Husband’s BFF) all left my house to go stay in a Panama City Beach hotel for the night.


I didn’t go, because I was in SERIOUS need of some R&R. This baby is taking the life out of me, plus I am a hardcore introvert and when my house goes from two people to seven people, my need for alone time skyrockets.


So Rucker and I just hung out and snuggled. A lot.

Baby Rucker snuggles.


lot, a lot.

Baby Rucker snuggles.


Baby Rucker snuggles.


All Rucker did was sleep. I think lots of people overwhelm him, too. Especially crazy nephews. Like mother, like son.


Then the whole family returned and I enjoyed some cuddles with my nephew.

Baby nephew snuggles.


How cute is he?


The whole family left that night, which is always sad and hard on the heart.


I spent the remainder of the week starting my workouts again. *growl*

Workouts disappeared while my mom was here and they certainly did not resume during my In-Laws’ stay.

Thus, I am sore all over again.

But we must persevere!


I spent the rest of week 16 fantasizing about my upcoming vacation to Panama City Beach.

Panama City Beach!


GAH I can hardly stand the anticipation.


On another note, I have been doing some cold calling work lately at home for Husband’s company (that he owns with his family), and it is just the opposite of fun.

But, I get paid!

And I can choose my hours. So I choose to only call companies for two hours a day. Because that is truly all I can stand to do in one day. Have you ever cold called?

It’s exhausting!

And very monotonous.

Same call, same voicemail, same speech over and over again.

And sometimes people are rude to me! Which I get VERY offended by, no matter how many times it happens.


But, it’s money! And money, we need.

Husband is thrilled that he’s not the only one providing an income.


So, guess what we stumbled upon during week 16 of my pregnancy?


The real BABY Rucker



Husband is sometimes bothered by the fact that baby Rucker is on the smaller side of the Great Dane spectrum. He wants a brute dog. And a brute dog, we do not have.


We have the cutest Dane ever with a winning personality and I wouldn’t trade him for the world.


Also, on an unrelated but coincidental note, I have been trying to convince Husband to buy me another Dane puppy.

I JUST LOVE RUCKER SO MUCH. He’s calm, he only barks at me out of defiance when I tell him no (versus every other constantly barking dog in my neighborhood), and he is very, very sweet.

Can you BLAME me for wanting another?


I want a fawn. That means light brown coat and dark snout.

A fawn is Scooby Doo.

Seriously, that cartoon dog is a fawn Great Dane.



I keep telling Husband I want one for Mother’s Day.


He tells ME and I’m not a mother, yet.


I tell him to get out of kicking range and that also I AM a mother because have you SEEN the size of me lately?


Anyway, fingers crossed on the puppy.

Although we don’t really NEED another, and Rucker seems perfectly content being an only child.


We’ll see.


Also during week 16, I dropped my iPhone on the ground (which happens every day, all day), but this particular day was an unfortunate day, because now my phone is acting bananas and I am in a panic about it because I MUST be able to text my mom and sister all day long, every day.

Husband allayed my fears when he told me I could message them on my Mac.

So, I’ll be glued to this laptop for foreseeable future, if you need me.

We ordered me a new phone online and then cancelled it 30 minutes later thinking my phone was fine, but now we are hoping they won’t let us cancel the order because I actually do need the phone.

Are you annoyed by these details, yet?


Well, that’s all for week 16! If the rest of my pregnancy flies by as quickly as week 16 did, Baby Girl McInnis will be here before we know it!


Stay tuned for next week, because during week 17, I get to go to my next OB appointment!!!



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