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19 weeks! I cannot BELIEVE we are one week away from being halfway through this pregnancy.

I also can’t believe I get to see Baby Girl next week for my anatomy scan ultrasound!!!!


At 19 weeks, baby is the size of a…



Heirloom tomato




Which I happily subtract from my scale number, thank you very much.

Also, baby is about 6″ long. Crown-to-rump. Next week, we will be including those long legs of hers in that measurement.


Here’s the size of Baby’s hand at 19 weeks:

Baby's hand size at 19 weeks!


And her foot:

Baby's hand size at 19 weeks!


And here’s a picture of me at 19 weeks!

19 weeks!


Here are some new pregnancy symptoms week 19:

1.) Heartburn. No matter what I eat. Be it Cheetos or oatmeal, heartburn ensues.

2.) Shortness of breath. My gosh, this is debilitating. I start out every day feeling excellent, and then anywhere from 4 hours after waking to late afternoon, I start to feel very, very lethargic. It feels like a combination of difficulty breathing deeplyheartburn, and body tiredness.

It’s a feeling of general uncomfortableness, the kind that makes you want to cry just because you are so uncomfortable. Not IN PAIN, just so wrong feeling.

For example, the further it is into my day, the harder it is to get up to go to the bathroom. Which is unfortunate, because I’m drinking like a camel all day plus I’m pregnant, which means I pee a lot.

I probably pee at least once per hour on average. Not even kidding!

I am just trying my best to stay very hydrated to protect baby against thirst. And to protect myself against cramps.

3.) This weird jumpy leg thing. It only happens at the end of the day when I’m lying in bed/sitting on the couch. Suddenly, a spot on my leg will feel SO INTENSELY TICKLY or SO INSANELY ITCHY and then my whole leg with just jump on its own. It’s an extremely short intolerable feeling. I think it’s restless leg syndrome, which is a common symptom of pregnancy. It’s not a big deal and happens infrequently, but it’s weird because it’s never happened to me before.

4.) Back pain/tailbone pain. I know I’ve been crying about tailbone pain for weeks, but it’s now accompanied by lower back pain. Heavier baby = more strain on the body.

5.) HEADACHES. AHHHH GO AWAY HEADACHES. I get them almost every single day now. I had them for a while a few weeks ago but they disappeared. They’re back. I do take Tylenol when they’re unbearable. But they’re awful. Help me.


(Also, last week’s maniacal, rage-fueled mood swings have died down. For now.)


I tell my mom about all of these issues I am having, and she says things like, “Oh baby, you have so much further to go.”

Ain’t that the truth!

Not even halfway there and Baby is sucking the life out of me and stealing all my lung space.

I wonder if she is extra large. Or if she is average size and my body is just squishing everything out of the way in an uncomfortable manner.

19 weeks!


I did read in one of my pregnancy apps this week that my uterus is “officially large enough” to be squishing the air out of my lungs.


Have you heard me when I get up from the couch and walk from the living room to the kitchen? It’s like the breath just drops out of me and I have to pant to get it back. It’s so weird.


Did you know that I was 10 lbs. 6 oz. when I was born?

And no, my mom did not have gestational diabetes when she was pregnant with me. I was just huge.


And Husband’s brother was something asinine like 10 lbs. 13 oz.


So it wouldn’t be abnormal for Baby Girl to be gigantic.


Either way, keep the house cool and keep me off my feet. Because it is HOT IN THIS STATE and I am sweating almost constantly when outside.

Even when I’m inside, I am too hot. And when you’re too hot and pregnant, it’s even MORE difficult to breathe.


I had the thought the other day that I am eager to see how I feel post-pregnancy, because it’s been a long time since I wasn’t pregnant, and I bet I’ve forgotten how EASY it is to only have to sustain my body all the time.


Week 19 was pretty low-key, although Husband and I did have our first double-date with my Alabama friend and her husband.


And it was A BLAST.


OH, it was so much fun.

The four of us got along swimmingly and had many intelligent conversations throughout the night, which, if you know me, is like catnip to my soul.


If you don’t remember, my Alabama friend is pregnant just like me. Only a week behind me! I went to her house one day to tell her I was pregnant, and she surprised me with ultrasound pictures of her own!

We’ve spent a LOT of time talking about pregnancy since then.

We even went to a breastfeeding class together. That was fun, too.

She’s great.


So this double-date dinner happened to be scheduled on the day she found out the sex of her baby.


She’s having a GIRL!!!!!!!


Just like me!


Pregnant a week apart, and both with baby girls.


I screamed and jumped up and down and hugged her when she told me. And then I hugged her again because these are the things you should get overly excited about.


Then we opened a bottle of non-alcoholic sparkling cider (which was delicious, by the way) and toasted the boys with their beers.

Here’s the boys, picking out beers from the eclectic stock in the fridge.

Double date!


It was a fabulous evening.

Here’s a shot of the mamas-to-be. She has a REALLY cute baby bump, you just can’t see hers in this pic.

Double date!



Speaking of baby bumps, I decided to do a side-by-side comparison of me when I found out I was pregnant versus me halfway through my pregnancy:

Lots of bump pictures in this week's 19-week blog post, including this side-by-side belly comparison picture of me when I was 4 weeks pregnant versus 19 weeks pregnant.


LOVE this picture. Love it.


Here are some more belly shots of me from different angles, so you get the whole idea of how large I am:

19 weeks!


19 weeks!


Here is Rucker getting in the way of me taking belly shots so he could check himself out.

Little prince


During week 19, I also had an hour-long conversation on the phone with one of my Michigan BFFs who recently had a baby.

I was just DYING to talk to her so I could hear every single detail about her birthing experience, from the moment she went into labor to the moment she picked up the phone to call me.

Our conversation was AWESOME.



She told me way too many things to type out, so I’ll summarize by saying that she reassured me that I would know when I was going into labor, and that I could handle laboring at home for a while without freaking out.

She also said she called her OB a lot during the day to update them and ask them if it was Hospital Time, which I did not realize you did when you’re into labor. I felt a lot better after she told me that!

Just don’t leave me alone!!!!!!! I don’t want to do it alone!!!

I won’t, because Husband will be there (if he isn’t at school). And my OB will be there in spirit, because I will be calling her nurses every hour on the hour while laboring at home.

I am sure my OB will fill me in on many more Giving Birth Details as October 11 draws closer, so I really just need to calm down.


Also, my friend encouraged me to ask for a lactation consult as soon as I wanted to, post-birth. Since I want to breastfeed and not freak out when it isn’t working, I will definitely be doing this almost immediately.


She also described a lot of instinctual components of giving birth and breastfeeding a baby and being a mother in general that I will experience when the time comes.

Mama instincts.

She said I will be fine.


I am sure she is right.

Now, cook, Baby, cook!!!!!

I can’t wait to see Baby’s face.

I know she is only halfway baked, but I want her in my arms so badly.


My greatest birth HOPE is that I don’t have to have a c-section. That’s really my only stipulation in the delivery room. Obviously, I’ll concede if it’s necessary, I would just really rather heal from a vaginal birth versus a cesarean.

Mostly because I want to get pregnant ASAP after Baby Girl is born.

And don’t tell me I should wait a year to conceive again, because I’m not going to and you can’t change my mind!


Also during week 19, I did a bit of research regarding how to get a free breast pump through insurance.

But I’m going to wait until week 20 to talk about that.


And make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss week 20’s post, because…….WE WILL SEE BABY GIRL AGAIN (VIA ULTRASOUND FOR HER ANATOMY SCAN)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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