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We’ve reached 21 weeks in this pregnancy! Now, we’re just counting down to delivery day.


At 21 weeks, Baby is the size of a…

Baby bok choy

Baseball hat


Large(r) banana

Pomegranate (Even though Baby was a pomegranate WEEKS ago, and even though pomegranates are decidedly smaller than bananas, which is how big Baby was last week, Baby is apparently the size of a pomegranate this week. These apps can be REAL annoying.)


My apps also say Baby weighs 12-13 ounces this week, but since we know Baby was 13 oz. at her 20-week ultrasound, I will henceforth calculate her weight to be 3 ounces more than what the apps say.

So…..this week, Baby is officially one pound! Hooray!

I can tell.


I am officially fluctuating between 16 pounds and 19 pounds gained since conception. The goal right now (at 20-21 weeks) for a healthy weight gain is 10-16 pounds, so technically…sometimes…like in the early morning…if I’m completely naked…I still fit into that range.

Also, my OB said (last week) that my weight gain is right on track, so who cares! Especially since Baby is going to be ballooning up extra quickly from here on out (which means I will too, with even MORE blood, fat, and water weight).


At the end of 21 weeks, I am holding strong at 18 pounds gained. I am really happy with this number. Also, I am pretty sure I’ve gained at least four pounds in each BOOB since conception, anyway. My sister knows what I’m talking about. It’s all she can talk about, my giant boobs.

I don’t blame her. She and I have enjoyed memberships to the Itty Bitty squad all our lives while being raised by a mother who is EXTREMELY well-endowed in the chest department. All we ever dreamed about was having bigger boobs.

I told Sister she can squeeze them all she wants when she gets here. Might as well! Dream boobs deserve to be squeezed.


Husband realized the other day that these boobs deflate after pregnancy. You should have seen his face. Genuine, heartbreaking disappointment. To really ruin his day, I told him these boobs would still droop after pregnancy and never be perky again. And that subsequent pregnancies would only exacerbate this problem.

He said, “Boob job?”

And I said, “Yes, please!”

Right after I get Lasik, though, because I’d much rather be able to see the world than look great to the world.

Or at least I’d like spectacular eyeballs to come before spectacular ta-tas.

In all seriousness, a boob job is VERY LOW on my priority list.


Did you know? This week, Baby is 10.5 inches long (according to the apps).

I know I should let it go, but honestly, when is the last time you saw a 10″ pomegranate? Stupid apps.


Also…did you know? Baby’s taste buds are developed enough to taste whatever I’m eating (the flavors pass through the placenta into the amniotic fluid, which Baby is swallowing every day). She is also inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid (and has been for weeks) to get some lung practice for when she emerges. Isn’t that crazy?

Time to buy some kale so Baby loves kale when she exits the womb.


Also…did you know? My boobs will be 100% ready to make breast milk by the end of the second trimester. (The second trimester is weeks 13-26.)

Also…did you know? After this week, I’ll officially be SIX MONTHS PREGNANT. (The sixth month is weeks 22-26, at least according to the calendars that claim you have FIVE WEEKS each in the remaining 2 months of your pregnancy. Take pregnancy timelines with a grain of salt, I guess.)


This is the size of Baby’s hand this week:

Baby's hand size at 21 weeks!


And her foot:

Baby's foot size at 21 weeks!


Week 21 pregnancy symptoms include (but are not limited to):

Headaches. Still. They aren’t migraines, so I really should shut up about them, but they are persistent, which is annoying.

Exhaustion. Sometimes my body and head will rip the rug out from under me and it’s like moving through SYRUP all day long. Even breathing is hard. Baby’s happy, though, just stomping away in there, usually right on top of my bladder.

Congestion. I’ve had this for weeks, now, but it seems to be getting worse. I have trouble breathing at night through my nose (which is a sick joke, because my increasingly limited lung space means I have trouble breathing when I’m awake, period). When I wake up, I am a sneezy, snotty mess for an hour or two. I’m a real sight for sore eyes – just ask Husband.

I can no longer lie on my stomach. It just hurts my whole uterus when I do. I was wondering how long it would take for this to happen.

I can no longer lie on my back during…uh…”play time.” Seriously, it’s like my lungs can’t handle the pressure of lying horizontally with another human on top of me. There’s nowhere else for my lungs to go but UP these days, which (if lying horizontally with a human being on top of me) makes me feel like my chest muscles are about to detach from my collar bones. I end up hyperventilating and tugging at my clavicles until Husband freaks out and stands up and pulls me to upright position. Then, suddenly, I can breathe again. I guess it’s time for us to get creative.

On that note…sex drive is in FULL swing. I really have been more open to rolls in the hay ever since I got pregnant, but lately, the word “no” isn’t in my vocabulary. It’s been replaced by “NOW.”

Itchy boobs/stomach/butt. Yup! Skin’s still stretching! The boobs, though, UGH. It’s like the topmost layer of my boob skin is slightly numb from all the stretching. And just below that numb layer, I itch like crazy. So…scratching doesn’t really help. I mean it does, but only if I almost draw blood. Seriously, there are almost always broken blood vessels on my enormous ta-tas. TMI?

Stretch mark on my boob? I think? I have been eyeing this mark for a while, trying to determine if it’s a stretch mark. It’s still hard to tell, but I’m pretty sure it is. Who cares!


Shall we take wagers on which week I’ll see my first belly/love handles stretch mark???

I kind of want to make a bet. With myself.

Because they are coming.

*ominous music*

It’s just a question of when they’ll show up.

My belly is bulging and bulging and growing and swelling. It’s actually kind of weird, now, because there is a you-can’t-miss-it-or-suck-it-in hard MASS in my lower abdomen. A bump that is 100% firm uterus, not just extra pancakes. So now, when I lie down, my lower belly just POPS out. It’s SO WEIRD.

I think it looks alien-like. Like a firm little hill rose up out of my lower abdomen.


On that note, here are some pictures of what I look like at 21 weeks!

21 weeks pregnant!

Can you see my skin peeking out underneath that tank top? Time to retire Brooke’s pre-pregnancy tanks, I’d say!


Here’s one that fits:

21 weeks pregnant!


21 weeks pregnant!


This is my “I know it looks like twins, but they assured me there’s only ONE baby in there” expression:

21 weeks pregnant!


So, remember how I was whining and crying last week about an online writing tutoring job I wanted?

And I thought something went glitchy with my submission, and that’s why I was immediately rejected after I completed it?

And so I created another profile and submitted my application through that one, in hopes that they would ask me to do another submission?


Well, it worked!


So, I did another submission. It was the exact same example of writing I had to critique in the first submission, and I remembered all my answers, so I completed that one and submitted it.

And it submitted to the CORRECT job number this time, so all was well with the world.


And 30 minutes after I submitted it, they emailed me and told me I didn’t get the job.


No idea why.


I know I am a competent writing consultant, so I have no clue what I did wrong. I even made sure to complete the submission in 30 minutes (ideal time for a consultation).

I proofread a million times.


Who knows!


Maybe I chose the wrong things to focus on with the sample essay.

Maybe my answers weren’t long enough.


We will NEVER KNOW, because all they do is send you an email telling you that many qualified applicants have applied, and you, unfortunately, are not good enough to move along in the application process.


I just wish I knew, but this is the real world and sometimes you just have to take uncertainty and disappointment and shove it deep down inside and MOVE ON.


There are two reasons why it’s okay that I didn’t get the job, though.


Reason #1: I did a little research on this company, and previous employees don’t rate the job very highly (average 2.5 out of 5 stars). Apparently there is a LOT of pressure to provide extremely thorough and perfect editing critiques within a thirty minute time frame, and you get in trouble with your supervisors if your responses aren’t ideal. Stress is apparently a very high factor for this position.

Since they pay $10 an hour, I am not so sure I want to feel that much pressure to provide a comprehensive, lengthy feedback for $5 per paper. Honestly, I’d rather get paid more if I’m going to be so stressed out.

Which leads me to the second reason why my double rejection is okay:


Reason #2: I spoke with my former dispatching boss (I wrote an entire post about how I landed that job) and had a very encouraging conversation with him about working for them in the evenings when I return to Michigan. Actually, hopefully I could start before then, because I would be doing so remotely, which would help facilitate a nice, smooth transition to just working from home in MICHIGAN, too.



Fingers crossed they need me after Baby is born and everything works out! Every time I talk to my old boss, he seems eager to have me back, which helps raise my self-esteem from the fiery pits of hell in which it lies after being doubly rejected from a job.


I am disappointed about the writing tutor job, because it would have opened  a few doors for me in the online editing world, but I’m not going to sweat it because it obviously wasn’t meant for me and I was not meant for it.

And I can find other ways of doing what I love.

Or I can just make enough money to do what I love outside of work.

That sounds more realistic.



Still pretty disappointed.


To cheer us up, here are some pictures of baby Rucker.

Fly hunting.

He was hunting for a fly in that picture.


Here he is demonstrating his lack of awareness of personal space.

Baby Rucker


Here he is sleeping in the guest bedroom on the white rug he loves.

Baby Rucker


Here he is being tall.

Baby Rucker


Here he is being sleepy.

Baby Rucker


Here he is playing with his new baby doll toy (which he promptly destroyed).

Baby Rucker


Here he is loving all the smotherings I bestow upon him.

Baby Rucker


My friend, I cannot wait for this baby to get here.

Here is a side-by-side photo comparing me at 16 weeks to me at 21 weeks:

This week I'm 21 weeks pregnant, so here's a comparison of me at 16 weeks pregnant versus 21 weeks. A five week difference!


I love my growing belly and the increasingly firm baby kicks.

But I am kind of losing my mind lately down here in Alabama.


When you’ve got nothing but time on your hands, you spend a lot of it thinking about your baby girl and how you can’t wait to see what she looks like.

You also spend lots of time in the middle of the night awake, wondering how on earth a person gives birth.

You also spend hours missing your family and friends.


And you spend a few minutes here and there taking bump pictures.

21 weeks!


On the weekends, when the love of your life is finally free from flight school and actually around to snuggle and kiss, you go out on lunch dates.

Lunch date with Husband


Other than that, you sit around counting down the days and minutes until you see family and friends next.


Fortunately for me, I only have to wait ONE MORE WEEK until my mom comes back to the sweltering state of Alabama with my nephew in tow!!!


We are going to have so much fun. I am just going to stare at them all the time to soak in their presences.


Hopefully Baby Girl complies and they can feel her kick!

My mom said she would spend 24/7 with her hand on my belly if she has to.

I said fine by me!


Now, hurry up and get here, mom and nephew, because we have a lot of lying around and hugging and baby Rucker snuggling to do!


See y’all next week!



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