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24 weeks = OB appointment! I have much to share about that appointment. But first…


At 24 weeks, baby is the size of a…



Large zucchini


Did you know? At 24 weeks, my uterus is the size of a SOCCER BALL.



This is the size of baby’s hand at 24 weeks:

Baby's hand size at 24 weeks!


And her foot:

Baby's foot size at 24 weeks!


And here is the size of Brooke at 24 weeks!

24 weeks pregnant!


24 weeks pregnant!

24 weeks pregnant!

Want to see some crazy side-by-side comparison pictures?

Here’s 21 weeks versus 24 weeks:

Here I am at 21 weeks pregnant versus 24 weeks pregnant. WHOA is RIGHT.


If you thought that was insane, you should see 12 weeks versus 24 weeks!

Here I am at 12 weeks pregnant versus 24 weeks pregnant. WHOA is RIGHT.


This baby is going to explode out of me!!!!


So!! I had another OB appointment week 24!


It was actually amazing because I left feeling really good about myself and my baby, which is sometimes a rarity when you’re pregnant and you don’t know what the heck is going on in your uterus/why the scale keeps showing you such offensive numbers.


According to my OB:

I am gaining weight perfectly. I gained 3.4 pounds since my last appointment 4 weeks ago, which shocked me, since I spent last week working my way through the kitchen with my mother. I was expecting to have gained at least five pounds.

My blood pressure is excellent.

Baby’s heart rate sounds perfect, and her (constant) movement (as reported by me) is ideal.

Baby is measuring one centimeter larger via fundal height than her current doctor-estimated age. She was right on track at her 20-week appointment (measuring just two days ahead via ultrasound), but when my OB took a tape measure and spanned the top of my uterus to the bottom to measure fundal height, she measured one centimeter more than Baby’s gestational age, which means Baby is measuring one week further along.


“Big baby!” said my OB.


But she wasn’t alarmed.

She shouldn’t be, since I was 10 pounds 3 ounces when I was born.

And Husband’s brother was 10 pounds 13 ounces when he was born.

Big baby family.


Hopefully I don’t have gestational diabetes.

We will find out at my 28 week appointment, because that’s when I’ll be doing the infamous glucose test.


I learned during week 24 that babies start to grow at their own rates, now, according to genetics.

That’s why doctors rely on early ultrasound due-date guesses and stick with them, regardless of how large baby looks/measures from this point forward.


Anyway, I left my appointment knowing that my 21 pound weight gain at 24 weeks is just fine and that baby is just fine.


My OB told me that I am “the poster child for pregnancy.”

*angels sing in Brooke’s head*

She said so because nothing has gone wrong with me so far, and uncomplicated, smooth pregnancies are more of a rarity than you’d think, at least for her.


I also talked to her about a possible scheduled induction, since I want to fly my mom out to Alabama around Baby’s birth, and since Husband is in flight school and he doesn’t want to have to make up a billion flight hours from a mid-week birth.

I’ll talk more about the possible scheduled induction another time, because I am still not sure about it, and there is no use getting anyone all pugnacious with me in the meantime.


So, all’s well in Brooke’s uterus!



I had a feeling all was well, anyway, because this BABY. My gosh. She is just like a little sunshine Mexican Jumping Bean in there.

You can absolutely see her kick/punch me from the outside now, no problem.

She is always throwing haymakers at my organs and donkey kicking me in the bladder, and she will GO GO GO for a few hours before settling down.


My OB told me some new facts:

Most weight gain in pregnancy occurs between weeks 24-36.

However, babies actually gain half a pound to a pound PER WEEK in weeks 36 on.


My OB is so quick, intelligent, and confident about delivering babies that I just want to hand her my very uterus and say “take the reins.”

I really don’t have many stipulations for giving birth. I want to avoid a c-section if possible, and I am PRO-epidural all the way, but other than that, I just want Baby out of me and alive and in a stable condition at the end of the ordeal.

Births are messy and complicated and it’s a miracle anyone survives them, so I am holding onto that very realistic perspective all the way into the delivery room.


Do you know what I read the other day? That pregnant women should remember to bring breath mints into the delivery room. All that huffing and puffing apparently ruins our usually minty fresh breath, so for the welfare of our delivering party, we should have gum/mints handy.

I was VERY happy to read that, because the last thing I want is to be even grosser than I already will be while spread-eagle and pushing a melon out of me.


Since I will still be in Michigan four weeks from now, I return to my OB in 5 weeks.


At my 29-week appointment, in addition to my glucose test, I will be receiving a Tdap shot, which apparently helps to “passively immunize” my infant while she’s cooking in my womb. It will protect her outside the womb until she receives her vaccinations at her post-birth pediatrician appointment.

My OB said it’s a “relatively” new thing to give pregnant moms these immunizations, but there has been an increase in Whooping Cough cases among infants, so they bunched that vaccine with a few others and squeezed them into a shot to inject into the arms of 28-32-weeks-pregnant moms to immunize their babies through the placenta.


I did a little Tdap research, and I could find no reason to NOT get the shot.

I eventually turned to Facebook and asked all of my mom/doctor friends what they thought about it.

Overwhelmingly, everyone said I should get the shot.

Some said their spouses/anyone coming in contact with the baby early on should get the shot, too.

That basically cleared up any lingering doubts I had about the Tdap vaccine.

Tdap, here I come!

I will also ask my OB at my 29-week appointment if Husband and my mom should get the shot, since they will both be snuggling the baby right away post-birth.


On a tangential note, look how cute and regal my dog is:

Baby Rucker!


Now, look at him here!

Baby Rucker!


Isn’t he such a goony pumpkin biscuit?


Anyway, guess what I did during week 24?

I had another sushi date with my also-pregnant Alabama friend!!

Look! I finally got a picture in which you can see her bump!

Sushi date!



Sushi date!


Don’t worry – we only choose fully cooked rolls. And we only choose rolls my Alabama friend picks out, because she has this very refined roll-picking skill and her choices are always SO SO GOOD.


Want to see a picture of how large I am at 24 weeks?

24 weeks


Guess what else I did week 24?

I went swimming again!


24 weeks!


Want to see what I look like in a two-piece suit?

24 weeks!


Aren’t I HUGE?

I have no shame in my two-piece suit. Besides, I ordered a bunch of one-piece suits from Motherhood Maternity last week, and they should be here any day now.

THEN, I promise I will shield pool-goers’ eyes from my massive belly!

…or will I?


Look what I got during week 24:

baby changing table


This is how spoiled I am:

My in-laws SENT me that changing table. It’s the CHANGING TABLE OF MY DREAMS. (They also sent me the pack ‘n play on my registry, because I am the most spoiled piece of rotten fruit on the planet.)

Then, my adorable Husband spent hours putting that glorious changing table together for me.

Then, I used a gift card from my sister-in-law to buy that adorable floral cover (and matching crib sheet – you’ll see that in another post).

And now, my nursery is perfect.




I’ve told you before that I hit the jackpot on in-laws, and you probably didn’t believe me. You were probably like she is only saying that because her in-laws might read her blog.

Sometimes, you are just so wrong!


I married the love of my life and he comes from a family comprised of genuinely kind and generous people.


I’m like a squishy brown blob of apple on the hot summer cement. S P O I L E D.


I am NOT complaining!

Are you complaining that I am rotten?

You should be! I am rotten!


Anyway, enough about my spoiled existence. How are you?

Seriously, how are you?

Are you enjoying your summer?

Are you loathing it?

Are you entertained by my pregnancy posts?

Is there anything you want me to discuss in a future postpregnancy-related or otherwise?

Let me know in the comments, if so.


I love you all so much. You have contributed significantly to making my pregnancy (and my life) a blast.

I find so much joy in writing to you each week and telling you about my small wily bambino and my cute clingy dog and my boring yet occasionally interesting life.

YOU make blogging a riot.


See you heart-throbs in a week!



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