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25 weeks! This was a milestone I thought I’d NEVER reach in my early days of pregnancy.


Not because I didn’t think Baby Girl would make it – I just felt like 25 weeks was SO FAR AWAY. And yet, here we are!


At 25 weeks, baby is the size of a…


Napa cabbage

Baseball glove

Prairie dog



Baby is 9″ crown-to-rump and almost 14″ crown-to-heel this week, and she now weighs over a pound and a half (possibly pounds already, depending on the baby).

I DEFINITELY think I’ve got a two-pound baby in me.


Like I said last week, the uterus is about the size of a soccer ball these days.


The next three weeks are Baby’s most active time in the womb in the whole pregnancy, according to my What to Expect pregnancy app.

Sounds about right!


This is the size of Baby’s hand at 25 weeks:

Baby's hand size at 25 weeks!


And her foot:

Baby's foot size at 25 weeks!


And here’s a few shots of me at 25 weeks!

My belly is really “popping” out – you can almost see how my uterus is causing my entire top-to-bottom stomach to protrude:

25 weeks pregnant!


You can especially see it in this one:

25 weeks pregnant!


SO!!! I received my Motherhood Maternity swimsuit shipment, and I am thrilled to report that we have TWO winners!

25 weeks pregnant!


25 weeks pregnant!


You have no idea how hard it is to find a GOOD one-piece suit until you’re pregnant and none of them fit.

Cannot recommend Motherhood Maternity suits enough. One’s a large and the other’s an XL. I’ve got room to grow in both. THRILLED!!!!


Okay, so now let’s move on to NEW PREGNANCY SYMPTOMS week 25…

(This week’s erratic symptom list is going to be broken up with some pictures, so just keep reading until I tell you the symptom list is over.)

Painful boobs. Again. I am assuming this is a sign of further growth…which is a little alarming…since my boobs are already big enough, thanks.

Haywire emotions. I don’t know what is up with me this week, but gosh, I could just cry so easily! It’s hard to describe. I get these bouts of sadness that knock me upside the head and make me want to sit in a corner and sob. I went into one of my October 2017 Mom Facebook groups and complained about this recent sadness symptom, and many of the moms reported having the same feelings. So at least I know I’m not alone. Being ruled by tears is annoying, but I would take spurts of sadness over spurts of rage any day. As would Husband, I’m sure. He did find me crying in a dark closet the other day, though, so who knows what he thinks…

Feeling ready to be DONE being pregnant. No, I’m not kidding. This week, I feel so whalish. Turning over in bed at night, getting up from seated position, catching my reflection in a mirror – EVERYTHING makes me feel so fat. I am also out of breath no matter what I do, which exacerbates the feeling-like-a-manatee experience. I am just so HUGE. And my stupid pictures don’t do my size justice. I try SO HARD to capture my massive state for you, and it never measures up. This is me at the height of self-pity, trying to show you how miserable I was:

Whale of a gal

know, I know I’ve still got 15 weeks to go. I know this is just the beginning. Like I said, this week was more of a mental struggle than anything else. Sometimes, I just want to be flat-stomached again so I can do simple things like bend over and roll over in bed without waking up Husband/the neighbors.

Feeling like I might only want ONE CHILD. Are you recognizing a pattern here? I asked Husband the other day in all seriousness if he’d be okay having just one child.

“Yes,” he said.

I said, “Even if you never get a son?”

And he said, “Yes.”

He also said, “You’re the one who wanted FIVE kids, not me!”

Week 25 is just proving to be a lot harder emotionally and mentally than weeks 4-24. Something about the idea of having only one child to look after for the rest of my life was REALLY appealing mid-week this week. So…TBD on how many kids we actually end up having…(hint: I am sure I will change my mind 35 more times before she arrives, and then infinity more times after that until I end up with 4-5 kids).

Feeling changes in Baby’s movement in the womb. I went to the beach on Saturday which was THE biggest mistake because, did you know? I am pregnant, which means the heat and I don’t get along very well. Alabama deflates me like a balloon, and apparently so does Florida. Here I am trying to survive on Panama City Beach:

Beach + pregnancy = bad idea.

I can’t even tell you how miserable I was in that picture. I was so overheated and there was ZERO wind and 400% humidity. Husband eventually bought me a chair with an umbrella because he was sensing death was near for me. I’m sure you’re wondering what this has to do with changes in Baby’s womb movements – I’m getting there. Anyway, I’m sitting on this chair, trying to fan myself with a tank top while a group of people downwind from me chain smoke and send all those lovely toxins my way on the only meager wind stream there is, and all of a sudden this woman comes over to me and hands me this portable FAN. She says, “Here, this might help!” And I graciously thank her and do everything in my power to not start bawling right then and there. I felt like a chubby helpless seal, and I just wanted out of that sweltering air and stifling humidity so badly that I could feel myself starting to panic. It was like all those hours in the sun and all the people and the fact that I was 25 weeks pregnant started to close in on me and I was just sitting there, fan on my face, fighting back tears. I was ready to GO. I should have just told Husband, but I really didn’t want to ruin his beach day with his friends, and I felt like I could withstand another 20 minutes or so. Eventually, Husband noticed that I was struggling, and so we went for one last ocean dip and left the beach. And let me tell you, I was instantly calm once I settled inside the air-conditioned truck. I bet you’re really hoping I’ll explain what this has to do with Baby’s change in womb movements. I’ll tell you! After that horrendously hot beach day, there was such LITTLE activity going on inside my belly that I started to worry a little bit. Baby would still give me a kick or a jab every few hours, but nothing like before. I was sure I had deep-fried my infant on that godforsaken beach. A few days later, she was still exhibiting less movement (though more than she had been on Hell Beach Day), so I finally complained to my mom about my alarmingly quiet womb. And just like that, Baby resumed her normal Womb Charades. Seriously. As if on cue, she did. Only, now, her movements are different. She does more twirls and spins and weird foot/heel-draggy movements across the inside of my stomach that feel SO WEIRD I COULD SCREAM. I attribute this activity change to the fact that Baby Girl is running out of room in there and has to stretch out/spin rather than donkey kick my cervix. I still get a few pokes every now and then, but these days, you can SEE her spin from the outside, and it’s like a wave moving across my belly skin. SO WEIRD. I’m like a walking science experiment.


That about sums up the new pregnancy symptoms I’ve been having lately. Most of them are due to what seems to be a SURGE of pregnancy hormones this week. I haven’t been noticeably affected by my hormones so far, so it’s about time they show up and turn me into an unreliable lunatic.


Lesson learned: Brooke is no longer allowed to accompany Husband to the beach. If Brooke goes to the beach, she needs constant access to adequate shade and/or a portable fan so as to prevent a total manatee meltdown.


I spent the rest of the Fourth of July weekend with Husband and Big Wheel. Remember? Big Wheel is Husband’s best friend/our third wheel wherever we go.

Here they are watching TV after returning from the beach. Both of them = lobsters. We ALL applied sunscreen fourteen times whilst on that beach. They are just bad at it, I guess.

Beach bums


I was a little pink, too, but my hue was nothing compared to those tamales.


We spent most of our long weekend eating food at restaurants because why not?

We went to sushi and I begged them to try the hot sake because I am pregnant and I like to live vicariously through my friends.



Big Wheel liked the sake. Husband said it tasted like cough syrup. I sat there and wished I could have a rum-infused strawberry daiquiri.


Besides eating/sitting around and going to the beach that one time, we really didn’t do much.

I took Rucker for more walks. He loves his walks.

Rucker walks


I also gathered more evidence of my gigantic body:

25 weeks


And other than that, I spent the week preparing for the arrival of my THREE BEST FRIENDS!!!!!!!!


Did you forget?


They are coming down to Alabama THIS WEEKEND and then the four of us are jetting off to New Orleans for a few nights.

Then we are coming back to Fort Rucker so we can rest up before we jet off to Panama City Beach for a few nights.

Then ALL FOUR OF US are caravanning back to Michigan, where I will be staying for a whole week (Baby Rucker is coming to Michigan, too!).


All of this means that, since I’ll be a fat busy little bee the next few weeks, you won’t be hearing from me.


Don’t worry, I will still provide my weekly posts for you – they just won’t be posted every Tuesday morning like they usually are.


Next Tuesday morning, I’ll be waddling through the streets of N’awlins, so I’ll probably wait to publish week 26’s pregnancy post the following week (while I’m in Michigan).


Or maybe I’ll publish week 26 and week 27 back-to-back once I’m finally in Alabama again.


I honesty have no clue what I’ll do, and you can’t make me commit to anything these days because I am a ball of revolving emotions and general recalcitrance.


But know this!

You WILL have your posts.

And those posts WILL be loaded with pictures and details about my adventures.


I will miss you immensely while I’m gone! But I’ll be thinking of you along the way, with every picture I take.


Fare well, my lovely readers. Have a wonderful holiday, and I’ll see you in a few weeks!



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