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Can you believe it?

I cannot BELIEVE I am in the THIRD TRIMESTER of my pregnancy.

Where, oh where, has the time gone?


Kidding. I feel like this pregnancy is taking forever. Just get here, already, Baby Girl!


At 27 weeks, Baby is the size of a…

Bunch of bananas

Romaine lettuce




Here’s the size of Baby’s hand at 27 weeks:

Baby's hand size at 27 weeks!


And her foot:

Baby's foot size at 27 weeks!


Week 27 marked the second half of my vacation with my BFFs!

Remember? First, we went to New Orleans.


Up next: Panama City Beach.


Panama City Beach was incredible.

When we arrived, we went to an excellent sandwich shop where the girls ordered a champagne bucket. How cute is that? Can you tell which cup is mine?

Panama City Beach


The girls enjoyed that champagne bucket so much that we bought another bottle of champagne on our way back to the hotel.

They then crafted a makeshift ice bucket out of our hotel room trash can and hauled it (and the champagne) down to the beach.

Here’s a picture. I’m the one completely submerged in the water, save for my head and feet. Complete aqua submersion is NECESSARY for pregnant people in the Florida heat.

Panama City Beach


SO HOT. SO SO HOT. I can’t even describe how hot and humid it was. It was hard to breathe, it was so hot.

Panama City Beach


Look how cute we are:

Panama City Beach


I was basically a swollen mammoth the entire trip, but especially in my ankles. You should have seen these things. I think I had an ankle roll at one point.


Here’s a picture of my fat ankle beside my sister’s svelte ankle. The picture really doesn’t do it justice, though. All the bones in my ankle disappeared and were never seen again.

Panama City Beach


After the beach, we decided to head to Pineapple Willy’s for dinner. Partly because it was rated highly on Trip Advisor (which is what we used in New Orleans and PCB to guide us to great eats), and partly so the girls could get these refillable plastic mugs to drink boozy cocktails out of:

Panama City Beach



Look at our incredible view:

Panama City Beach


Panama City Beach


Dinner was just okay.

And I am NOT just saying that because they made me wait two hours to eat it.


After dinner, we went back to the hotel, which is where the girls decided that an ocean dip was in order.

I followed them down, thinking it was only a dip they were after, but I soon learned otherwise. They wanted to skinny dip in the ocean for an hour.

I should have known that their levels of intoxication had rendered them all entirely useless, but I went anyway.

Those drunk friends of mine were the bane of my existence that night.

Keep in mind that I was also exhausted and ready to be done being the only sober one.


Before I left them to fend for themselves in the ocean, I took this picture of our hotel:

Panama City Beach


The next day, I felt much better and less murderous.

We woke up and went to breakfast, and then we went back to the beach to enjoy a few more blistering hours in the sweltering Florida sun.

After, we made ourselves cute so we could head out for an early dinner.

The dinner had to be early because one of my beautiful friends had an appointment at 5PM at a tattoo parlor.

She was going to get her VERY FIRST TATTOO in Panama City Beach with her BFFs.



How cool is that?

How brave is that?


I don’t think I would have had the guts to get my very first tattoo in Panama City Beach with my friends, especially tattoos as ballsy and beautiful as these:

Panama City Beach


She has wanted those pieces of art inked into her skin for YEARS, and they hold a significant amount of meaning for her. They also suit her 100%. I just wish you knew her so you could understand how well this ink suits her.


After we finished in the tattoo shop, we headed back to the hotel, where we quickly decided that we had had all the fun we could in Panama City Beach and we were ready to leave that night instead of the next morning.

So, we left that night!


My sister and I had to pick up baby Rucker in Alabama before heading for Michigan, but the other two girls headed straight out from PCB.


Sister and I had to drive through the night.

That sister of mine.

*sigh of adoration*

She was so amazing on this drive!

I drove for five hours, and then my sister took over and DROVE THE ENTIRE REST OF THE WAY. TWELVE HOURS.

She even let me sleep for a few hours in the middle of the night.

She has never done something so trooper-ish in her life, and she has earned a large slice of respect from me and even more love than I already had for her.


By the time she and I got back to Michigan, I was ready for a three-day nap.


I went to bed and slept for a long, long while.

Then I woke up and showered and vowed to do literally nothing else for the rest of the trip day.


Here I am, 27 weeks pregnant in Michigan:

27 weeks pregnant


Don’t you wonder why baby Rucker is always in every single one of the pictures I take of myself?

Or do you understand that he is a huge, clingy baby and follows me everywhere and THAT is why he is a chronic photo-bomber?


SO pregnant, people.

I know it’s hard to believe, but I felt even BIGGER in real life than I looked in that picture.

Seriously, something about New Orleans and Panama City Beach made Baby Girl grow three times larger. I laughed out loud one morning when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. That’s how much larger I grew!!


Baby Girl feels like she has less room than ever in there.

But she is still a wild wiggly girl, so all’s well in Brooke’s uterus.


The main difference between summer in Michigan and summer in Alabama is that, in Michigan, if you step INTO SOME SHADE, you can find relief.

There is no such thing as “temperature change” in Alabama shade. You are just as hot in the sun as you are under a tree.

Husband says he sweats while riding his motorcycle.

You sweat no matter what you do in Alabama.

At least in Michigan, there’s a nice morning chill in the air and a less-hot-than-the-stagnant-air breeze rolling through.

MUST return to Michigan for more relief.


While we were home in Michigan, baby Rucker visited with his brother. His real brother.

Remember? Husband’s brother has Odin, and we have Rucker, and those boys come from the same mom and dad.

Odin is the alpha of the litter, and Rucker is one of the runts, so Odin is significantly bigger than Rucker.

27 weeks pregnant


Aren’t they cute?

27 weeks pregnant


They loved each other, which is excellent news, since Husband and I will be moving in with Husband’s parents when we return to Michigan, and Odin lives right down the road.


Rucker spent the rest of his time at my parents’ house playing. Literally nonstop. He was jumping/galloping the whole time. Play play play all day long. Then the occasional nap.

27 weeks pregnant


While I was in Michigan, I mostly tried to stay awake since I was SO E X H A U S T E D from my week-long whirlwind road trip with my girls (and then the 15-hour car ride to Michigan).


I did squeeze in a Lake Michigan beach day while home, though.


I went to South Haven with my mom, sister, and Grammy, and we sat in the hot, hot sun on this (significantly cooler than Alabama/Florida) beach.

South Haven


My pregnant body can’t survive on ANY beach for more than two hours, though, so I finally caved and announced that we had to leave or I was going to die.

So, we left, but instead of going home, we went to Crane Orchards, which…did you know?


That’s where Husband and I were married!!!!!


Right there, down the hill, and then we partied with our friends and family under pavilions hidden in those trees.

Crane Orchards


Gosh, I loved marrying Husband. I love him so much.


Crane’s also has a restaurant, which we ladies visit every time we’re in Fennville. Excellent food. Even better pies. And I’m not even a pie person.

I ordered a delicious kale salad at Crane’s. I know you think I’m lying because kale is disgusting, but seriously, that salad was incredible. Sister agreed.


On another Michigan note, here’s a picture of Ava, the mastiff/boxer that lives at my mom’s house. Isn’t she a toadstool?



Here’s a few pictures of Rucker carrying a bucket that he stole right out of my mom’s hands. Isn’t he the worst?

27 weeks pregnant


27 weeks pregnant


So, I know I was supposed to spend a whole week in Michigan, but you see…I was SO TIRED…and I was just so ready to be home in Alabama again. Plus I got to see everyone I love while I was home, so I felt like my Michigan tank was full enough to head back to Alabama.


Besides, I am going BACK to Michigan in a few weeks for my baby shower, so it wasn’t imperative that I stay the whole time…

So, we left!

We = Rucker, my mom, and me.


My mom, she is so amazing. She just agreed to leave a full FIVE DAYS SOONER than planned with me. Just because I wanted to. She just said “sure” like it was no big deal. I just love her so much.


She and I packed up my car with baby stuff and baby Rucker and ourselves and then we headed back to Alabama!


I was feeling GREAT the day we left, so I drove almost the whole way home.



I made it 12 of the 14.5 hours when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, I started to feel like I was going to pass out.




It was so scary.

I calmly pulled into a left hand lane to get off the little highway we were on, and I told my mom that I might pass out.

It just HIT me.

She and I agreed to do a classic run/waddle-around-the-car-at-a-stoplight so she could be in the driver’s seat.


Once I was in the passenger seat, I reclined my seat and shifted my gigantic tingly passy-outy body so that I was lying on my side. I did this because I was trying to relieve the weight of my uterus on what I assumed to be my vena cava, the main vein that pumps blood back to my heart, the main vein that you’re not supposed to lie on during pregnancy because it can cause you to pass out.

I started to come back to life, but I still felt extremely shaky and completely not normal and thus very anxious, so my mom drove the rest of the way to my Alabama house.

It was very scary, and I sobbed to Husband in secret later about how upset with myself I was for endangering my mom and my dog and my baby by not realizing that I was about to pass out.

Lesson learned: stop driving and take walks more frequently when traversing the North American continent. Also, take turns driving, no matter how superstar you feel behind the wheel, because 15-hour road trips are taxing on the body.


I called my OB the next day and pushed my 29-week appointment up to 28 weeks, because I wanted to get a checkup in for the baby to make sure she was all right.

I knew she was because she was kicking away the whole night post-pass-out, but still. Very scary.


But we made it!!!!!!!!!!!!! My mom and I made it back to Alabama.

Driving across the US is just awful.

Truthfully, though, I really was fine until that pass-out moment came on.

I think all those long hours in the car and all the sleep I hadn’t been getting caught up with me and BAM, my brain was shutting down.


Anyway, I’ll have to leave you on that frightening note.

I had my OB appointment during week 28, so I can’t talk about it in week 27’s blog post.

(Hint: baby and mama are just fine.)



Stay tuned for week 28, which is the week I am also scheduled to do my glucose test!!!



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