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I cannot believe I am already 29 weeks along.


At 29 weeks, baby is the size of a…

Hawaiian Pineapple

Acorn squash

Butternut squash

Small cabbage


She weighs around 3 pounds this week, and she’s about 17 inches long. That’s almost as long as she’ll be at birth! Now, she just has to fatten up. Can you believe I have a real live infant inside me?


This is how big her hand is at 29 weeks:

29 weeks pregnant!


And her foot:

29 weeks pregnant!


And here’s Brooke at 29 weeks pregnant!

29 weeks pregnant!


My dear friend, I feel so much larger than I look in these photos. So. Much. Larger.

Also, can you see my angry purple tiger stripes peeking out over the side of my shorts?? 😉

29 weeks pregnant!


29 weeks pregnant!


29 weeks pregnant!

In addition to the belly-stretching aches that started during week 28, I am feeling some more pains from Baby Girl as we continue on into the third trimester.

Before I move on to these newer pains, I just want to ask – has anyone else experienced this all-over abdominal achiness while pregnant (and in the third trimester)?

I have asked about it in both October Mom Facebook groups I’m in, and no one knows what I’m talking about.

Is Baby Girl just exploding with growth inside me? I feel twice as large this week as I did last week.

I actually created a side-by-side picture so you can see how much larger I am a WEEK later:

In this week's post, I cry about growing pains which consume my existence lately. And third trimester cervix pain. And everything else because I am a whale.


Also, faint purple squiggles are popping up all around my belly button and lower belly. Here they come, people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Moving on to newer pains this week.


Namely: cervix discomfort.


Seriously, sometimes I feel like my daughter is going to fall out of me while I’m on a walk with baby Rucker.

I might have to stop going on walks.

Whenever I do, I feel like she is bouncing right up against my cervix. And it’s very uncomfortable and extremely alarming and sometimes painful.

Get away from my cervix, Baby Girl!!!!!

I might have my OB give me a pelvic exam at my 30-week appointment just to give me the all-clear before I fly home to Michigan for two weeks. The last thing I want is to be unknowingly dilated a few centimeters before I head home.

Remember? I’m flying home for my baby shower!!!!!!!


I can’t even tell you how excited I am for this party.

My mom and sister have been putting their incredibly clever heads together for MONTHS and I know this shower is just going to DAZZLE me.

Also, there will be cake there. And that fake nacho cheese. I know that cheese will be there because I specifically requested Mexican food so my mom would be forced to buy a vat of fake nacho cheese from Sam’s Club.

I am mostly looking forward to my shower because it means I will get to see all of my favorite Michigan people in one place on a Saturday afternoon.

I can’t imagine a better way to spend my time.


Guess what?


I will be revealing Baby Girl’s NAME at my shower!!!


I have to, because if I don’t reveal it at the very beginning of the event, I just know I’ll accidentally say it. Because that’s how I refer to her in real life. By her real name.



I will probably keep it a secret from you until she’s born. Just because there needs to be at least ONE surprise left before her birth.

Or maybe I will get impatient and tell you during the month of September, which will be a full thirty days of me having ZERO PLANS.

Which means I’ll be waddling nervously around my house waiting for Baby Girl to arrive.

Which means I might tell you secrets.


On another note, I feel like now is a great time to tell you that I am going to schedule an induction for Baby Girl’s birth.

The reason I am doing so is because Husband gets NO time off for her birth. So, any time he has to take off, he has to make up at some point.

SO, if we can schedule her birth on a Friday or Saturday, Husband won’t have to make up any hours (AKA be gone even MORE than he already will be when she’s here).


Also, my mom is flying down to help me out with Baby Girl for the first few weeks of her life. So it would be nice to know when to book her flight.


I am increasingly nervous about this induction.


Mostly because I keep doing research and I keep discovering things that can go wrong.

But I need to knock it off, because there are a lot of precautionary measures the hospital takes BEFORE Baby gets here to ensure I’m looking like I’m primed for delivery.

For example, if my cervix is showing no signs of being Open Sesame anytime soon, my doctor said they will push off my induction until I’m looking more ready for birth.

My biggest concern is having any complications arise because I was induced sooner than I should have been.


Fortunately, I won’t be induced until I am 39.5 weeks pregnant, so Baby Girl should be fully cooked by then and ready to evacuate my womb.

I also feel better when I remember that there are additional medical measures my OB and the hospital will take to facilitate a naturally progressive birth when I am induced.

And, my OB does TONS AND TONS of inductions and exudes oodles of confidence when she talks about them, so I am trusting all will go well.


And who knows? I might not need an induction at all.

Baby Girl could be obstinately breech and require a c-section.

Or she could be well-done at 38 weeks and make an early appearance!

Either way, I will be eating lots of dates and having lots of whalish sex and doing everything else to encourage my body to go into labor leading up to my induction.


Because I have a “leave ‘well enough’ alone” problem, I’ve been asking every medical professional I know for her expert opinion on elective inductions for first-time pregnancies.


I’ve talked to a few nurses who help deliver babies for a living. They all said that my chances of having a c-section could increase if I am induced. They also told me that it’s not uncommon for first-time-birth inductions to take up to THREE DAYS to result in a baby.

So…would we start the induction on Wednesday and assume she’ll be here Saturday? Or…will she come Thursday if we start it on Wednesday?

What a crap shoot!

Those nurses also assured me that there are things the doctor can do to determine if I’m nowhere near ready to deliver, and that I can opt to push the induction a few days into the future if I want to.

They allayed many of my induction fears, actually, simply by explaining to me that I have more control than I thought over when/how my induction happens.

Brooke = control freak.


I also spoke to my doctor friend who delivers babies for a living, and she showed me a picture of their delivery schedule for that day just to prove how common inductions are. Seriously almost all were inductions. That surprised me.

But then she explained that those inductions are medically necessary. She said that elective inductions (like the one I want) are only done every few months.

That was a little disconcerting to me.

She also said that 39.5 weeks was a reasonable time to schedule an induction, though. And she agreed that it could take three days (the whole weekend) to get the baby out once I start the process.

She also told me they would send me home if the induction wasn’t progressing, so long as my membranes hadn’t been stripped/my water hadn’t broken. She said that once my water breaks, the clock is on, and baby has to come out one way or another.


Interestingly, the nurses leaned more against scheduled inductions, but the doctor seemed more comfortable/approving of the idea.

Isn’t that interesting?


Now, PLEASE don’t share any induction horror stories with me in the comments. I’ve stumbled across enough of those on my own at 3 o’clock in the morning.

Please DO share any positive induction stories and/or facts to help ease my mind, since my mind is already made up and I won’t be changing it.

(I think.)


I will (probably) be induced.

(But I’m really unsure, and the more I think about it, the less I want to be induced.)

(So I might not be induced at all. I really don’t want to be induced.)


Honestly, just cross your fingers that I’ll already be in the early stages of labor by the time the induction rolls around, so that I don’t have to make a decision to push the induction out/initiate the process before my body is ready.


Oh, hey – I forgot to tell you that I passed my glucose test! I took it week 28, and my OB’s office said that I would receive a call the next day if I failed. No call = no gestational diabetes! VERY happy.


Now, here’s a picture of me holding baby Rucker’s paw while he sleeps:

Baby Rucker


And here’s a picture of my brand new carseat!!!!!!! I already have a carseat that came as a carseat/stroller combo, but my mom was convinced that that carseat wasn’t “beefy” enough, so she and I ordered a new one offline.

29 weeks pregnant!

I love my new carseat. It’s very legit.


Also, my mom put my shiny gold polka dot crib sheet on my crib mattress, so now it matches my changing table!!! See the little gold dots on the side of the changing pad cover?



My mom even bought me the blanket that matches that crib sheet/changing pad set.

My mom is so amazing.


Also, I set up my Pack ‘n Play because my mom and I needed to see if I really needed a mattress pad/sheet for it (and we determined that I do). I LOVE THIS PACK ‘N PLAY. It sits in the corner of my bedroom, so I feel like we are already living with a baby. I love waking up and heaving myself upright and immediately seeing this thing. I just love it. It’s simple, straightforward, and heavy-duty. Highly recommend this style (it’s the on-the-go one).

Pack 'n Play


I love this Pack ‘n Play so much that, when Baby Girl is a newborn sleeping beside my bed, I might put her in it instead of the Rock ‘n Play.

I initially liked that idea because I figured Rucker wouldn’t be able to reach her and boop her in the face while she’s sleeping. But yesterday, I watched him effortlessly lean his tall, gigantic dinosaur head right inside the Pack ‘n Play, and that hope went right out the window.

Maybe I’ll use both the Pack ‘n Play and Rock ‘n Play for nighttime sleeping, since I have both at my disposal because my mother and mother-in-law spoil the daylights out of me and buy me everything I could possibly wish for when it comes to Baby Girl.


Here’s a picture of me fawning over the cutest baby mittens in the world while I imagine holding my baby girl’s hand through them after she’s born:

29 weeks pregnant!


So, do you want to see something awesome?

Here is a picture of 29-weeks-pregnant me in my pre-pregnancy skinny jeans:

29 weeks!


The reason why this is so exciting is because I tried these jeans on when I was 14-17 weeks pregnant (I can’t remember), and I could BARELY get them over my butt. Seriously, I got them over my butt just to prove a point, but, really, those jeans should have ripped from the effort I exerted forcing them over my butt.

When I tried them on this week, they slid right up!

I had a feeling that my butt/legs were a little smaller lately (compared to when I wasn’t focusing on healthier eating/exercising in my early pregnancy days), which is why I tried these jeans on.

Plus – remember when I sprouted all of those stretch marks all over my butt when I was in my first trimester? Well, those stretch marks are all but invisible, now. Meaning they haven’t spread/increased in number. Meaning my butt hasn’t gotten any bigger. (Thank goodness for small pregnancy miracles.)

I DEFINITELY CANNOT BUTTON THOSE PANTS, THOUGH, so don’t go clapping your hands, yet!


Moving on.


So, that cervix pain I was whining about earlier?

Well, it kept coming back every time I took baby Rucker for a walk. Or when I walked through the grocery store. Or into the kitchen. And those cervix pains started to become less uncomfortable and more PAINFUL. They just kept getting worse.

And every time I walked baby Rucker, I would get this feeling like Baby Girl was pushing on my stomach so hard. It felt like she was shoved up against my stomach wall or something.

It’s was really bizarre and alarming.

I thought it might be Braxton Hicks contractions.

Either way, I hated these new “developments” because they made me worry about Baby Girl’s safety in my womb.


So, I decided to call my OB and ask that my 30-week appointment get pushed up a few days so I could have my cervix examined ASAP to ensure it wasn’t preparing itself for WAY TOO EARLY birth.


As much as I want to see her face, we need Baby Girl to stay inside me for ten more weeks.


When I called, I had to leave a voicemail for a nurse.

Something told me I wasn’t going to get a call-back. I just had a feeling.

Surprise, surprise, nobody called me back!


The next day, I woke up and felt a little better (less achy in my abdomen, no cervix pain), so I figured I’d just leave my appointment alone and not try to move it.


I then decided to take baby Rucker on a walk to see if the cervix pain would return.

The walk started out just fine, but halfway through (it was a really short walk), the cervix pressure returned.

And the pressure was so focused on my cervix, and there were intermittent jabbing pains, and it was worse than ever before.

I literally felt like my baby was going to fall out of me!!!!!!!!


When I finally made it home, I was nervous to pee because I seriously felt like she would fall out when I did. That’s how weird and heavy the pressure was. I was like, is there going to be a foot sticking out of me when I pull down my pants?


There wasn’t, but I was sufficiently re-alarmed enough to call my OB back.


I told the appointment scheduler that I wanted to push my appointment up because of *insert cervix description here*, and she immediately transferred me directly to a nurse.

When I told the nurse about how I felt like my baby was going to burst through my cervix, she seemed very concerned and pushed my appointment up to Monday the following week (it was Friday when I called).

She also instructed me to take it easy over the weekend.

And she told me that, if I started to feel 6 strong contractions per hour or any bearing-down pressure at all, I should go to the ER.


I relayed all of this information to Husband via text, who FINALLY for the FIRST TIME THIS ENTIRE PREGNANCY showed some concern.

He usually brushes off my pregnancy worries in a very annoying way, saying that I have nothing to freak out about because the baby is fine. He has always been right, but that is beside the point.

I guess all it takes to alarm Husband is an alarmed nurse.


Anyway, after I hung up with the nurse, I relaxed for the rest of the day on Friday and only felt occasional, random cervix twinges and stabs.




I am really hoping (and I have a lot of faith) that this is just how my body responds to heavy babies in the third trimester.

I am also REALLY hoping that I’ll be able to continue my workouts (and maybe just stop going on walks?), and I won’t be restricted to resting all the time.

I really, really hope that Baby Girl’s home stays intact for the next 10 weeks.

She seems okay. I was noticing less movement over the last week and attributed it to her running out of room, but then the other night she was throwing a straight up rave in my uterus for over an hour, so I think she’s just fine.


For the rest of the weekend, I wore jammies and laid low.

29 weeks pregnant!


29 weeks pregnant!


Well, I kind of laid low…


I woke up Saturday morning after ANOTHER restless night (I’m already losing sleep over my babies), and I felt more anxious than ever about the prospect of going into preterm labor.

And the thing about me is that when I’m anxious, I really need to exercise. I crave it when I’m wound up. I HAVE to sweat.


So, I did a VERY LIGHT and moderate prenatal workout and sweated just a teensy bit and I felt much better.

Then, I laid low.

Kind of.

I took Rucker for an oh-so-short walk. I promise, it was very short!

And I didn’t feel any cervix pain while on the walk, which allayed a lot of my fears.


The next day, Sunday, I took Rucker on a few more walks, and I felt ZERO cervix pain both times. Which is why I took him on more than one.

The only thing I did feel are what I am pretty sure are Braxton Hicks contractions. It’s like a momentary intense pressure or pulling sensation behind my belly button and up and down my abdominals. It only happens on walks, and when it does, my belly only tightens up for a few seconds (15 max).


I know what you’re thinking: Brooke, you SUCK at resting. What is wrong with you?

You’re right, I do suck at resting.

My mom kept yelling at me because I wasn’t resting.

But you try resting when all you can think about is the appointment you have coming up on Monday and whether or not you’re dilated and approaching an early, very-scary-because-it’s-way-too-soon-for-her-to-come-out labor!


Anyway, Baby really started moving (returning to her normal level of activity) toward the end of the weekend, and I only felt a twinge or two more of cervix pain. Before I knew it, it was time for my OB appointment Monday morning.


So, I went in and described all of my concerns to the nurse.

She listened and nodded a lot and wrote it all down, and then she had me undress so she could swab my lady canal (to test for any bacterial infection).

Then, she reached right inside me and poked the daylights out of my cervix.


“It’s nice and tight and thick,” she said. “I can’t even get a finger in there!”


What a RELIEF!!!!!!!!!

I can’t tell you how relieved I was to hear that!!!!!


She also said that my blood pressure was fine.

It’s been lower than average (the average is 120/80) throughout my pregnancy, and it was 121/80 Monday morning. Probably because I was so stressed out about preterm labor.


She also said my urine was free of bacteria, which meant I had no infection (an infection could cause cervix pain).


She then measured my fundal height (top of uterus to bottom), and Baby Girl is measuring EXACTLY on track.

Even though I spent the past week and a half feeling my abs tear apart from stretching, Baby Girl is right on track.



The nurse then listened for Baby’s heartbeat, which was perfect.


After, she told me she was going to go get the Tdap shot so she could shoot it in my arm, and she left the room.


When she came back, she told me that, since I’ll soon be flying home for two weeks, and since I reported that Baby Girl was moving a little less than she usually does, she wanted to do an ultrasound to check my amniotic fluid levels.

She also wanted to do a nonstress test to make sure Baby Girl was A-OK.


I was thrilled about the ultrasound, because the last time I saw Baby Girl, she was 20 weeks old. And any chance a pregnant woman gets to see her baby, she TAKES.


The ultrasound revealed that my amniotic fluid levels were great (17 ounces).

I even got a few pictures of Baby Girl, to boot.

During week 29, I had an ultrasound done of Baby Girl to check my amniotic fluid levels, as well as a nonstress test to ensure Baby was okay in there (after I reported feeling slightly less baby movement lately).


She had one leg tucked up by her belly, and the whole time we saw her face, she was making sucking movements with her lips. Like she had an invisible bottle in her mouth. It was SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!


Doesn’t she have big lips? She gets those from Husband.

In the last picture, her face is turned toward the camera, so you can see her chubby cheek!


She was so cute on this ultrasound. Just the epitome of adorable. I am obsessed with her.


The nurse came to get me from the ultrasound room, and she led me back to my exam room where she and another nurse wrapped my belly with stretchy bands and monitors.

Nonstress test for my 29.5-week old babe!


They then put a clicker in my hand and told me to press the button every time I felt Baby move. They turned up the volume on the machine so I could hear her heartbeat, and then they left the room for 20 minutes while I laid there and waited for kicks.

Nonstress test for my 29.5-week old babe!


Baby Girl did exhibit a lot of movement during this test, which thrilled me, since she had been pretty quiet all morning.

The only thing that alarmed me was that, every now and then, Baby’s heart rate would jump for a few seconds. Then it would slow down a lot. It kept happening.

I was like, uh, what’s wrong with her heart?

When my nurse came back in, she looked at the chart and declared that the results were “excellent.”


Apparently, you want to see/hear a lot of variation in a fetus’s heart rate!

My nurse explained that she wanted to see it go up pretty high (150s-160s) and stay there for about 10 seconds before going back down. Which it did, a few times.


So, Baby passed the nonstress test!


The nurse then gave me my Tdap shot and asked me if I had taken my glucose test yet, to which I responded that I had during week 28.

I told her that I hadn’t receive a phone call post-test, and that the ladies at the front desk said I would only receive a call if I failed the test.

She looked at my chart and said that I passed my glucose test with flying colors.

To pass, one must get a score below 140. My score was 96.


So, all in all, the appointment went swimmingly and I was given the all-clear for my flight home this coming weekend.


She did take a moment to tell me that I did the right thing by moving my appointment up. She said it’s way safer to get checked out and find out there’s nothing wrong than assume you’re fine when you’re NOT.


She also said to take it easy if I feel cervix pain.

She also said Baby is upside down (head on my cervix), which could be why I feel cervical pressure while walking.

I hope baby stays upside down, because that’s how she should be for birth!

During the ultrasound, Baby was facing away from my belly button and toward my spine, which is also the way you want baby to face for birth.

Babies who face your belly button for birth are called “sunny side up” babies, and the backs of their skulls press on YOUR spine during contractions, which can cause you to have back labor, which is absolutely awful and incredibly painful. Just ask my friend who had about 24 hours of back labor. She’ll tell you allllllll about that pain.



So, anyway, my pregnancy is perfect and Michigan, here we come!!!!!!!


I cannot WAIT for my baby shower. I can’t wait to see everyone and eat cake.


I am sad to say that this is the last you’ll hear from me for a while, though.

Because I’m going to be in Michigan for TWO WEEKS.

But don’t worry, I’ll catch you up right quick when I get back.

I’ll have lots of stories and pictures.

Not many pictures of baby Rucker, though, because he’s staying in Alabama with his dad.


Until next time, you have a wonderful August, and I’ll see you in a few weeks! ♥



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