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31 weeks! Baby shower week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


At 31 weeks, Baby is the size of a…

Large movie theater popcorn




She’s about 17″ long, and she weighs between 3.5-4 pounds.


Here’s the size of her 31-week-old hand:

31 weeks


And her foot:

31 weeks


And here’s the size of Brooke!

31 weeks


31 weeks


Now, enough about me.


Time to talk about the baby shower!!!!!!!!!




My mom and sister had been planning it since they found out I was pregnant, so you know it was spectacular.

The decorations. *sigh*

I can’t even explain how beautifully they decorated the hall we rented. So I’ll show you.

Baby shower!


Baby shower!


Baby shower!



Baby shower!







We had a nice, long taco bar (including a crock pot filled with that fake nacho cheese I’m always raving about).

We also had pink cupcakes (pictured above), which are a favorite in my house.

My mother-in-law also brought the world’s most delicious sheet cake to the shower, just because I asked for one.

And my sister-in-law brought along that OUTSTANDING diaper cake!!!!!!!!!

Can you even believe that thing?

My mom and I took it apart the day after the shower, and we kept discovering tiny little surprises hidden throughout!

Basically, the women in my life are incredible, and I had the TIME OF MY LIFE at my baby shower.


Just look at all of the wonderful souls who came:

Baby shower!


And here I am, surrounded by more gifts than I could possibly wish for:

Baby shower!


We started the shower off by playing some games, and of course, every time one of my guests won a prize, I won a prize, too.

Just for being pregnant.

I love being pregnant.

I love baby showers!!!!!!!!!!

I never wanted it to end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My sister orchestrated the games, and there were so many games, I was just in heaven. Games are my favorite part of any shower I attend. I love playing games.


After games, it was present time, and here I am, beyond delighted to open up every single one of those gifts.

(There were a million pictures of me opening gifts because THERE WERE A MILLION GIFTS, but because I am sure you only want to see a few shots of my ecstatic face, I’ll only include a couple.)

Baby shower!


I can’t even tell you how exciting it was to open all of these gifts. Some of them weren’t even on my registry, and I argue that those were the most fun to receive! Little surprises.

Baby shower!


Exhibit A:

Baby shower!


Also in attendance were a few of Baby Girl’s future BFFs (nieces):

Baby shower!


If Baby Girl looks like anyone when she comes out, it will probably be Husband, because he has a very strong gene pool. The little one in the picture above wearing the pink socks is Husband’s sister’s daughter. That’s probably what Baby Girl will look like when she comes out.

Yes, please!!!!!!!


Here I am, standing between the two most incredible women on the planet (Sister and Mom):

Baby shower!


I can’t even describe how lucky I felt to be the recipient of such a lavish shower. Those two spoil me so much, I can hardly take it. They say it’s because they love me, but even LOVE doesn’t explain all of the details they orchestrated for my perfect, perfect day.


Here I am with Sister-In-Law, holding the world’s most ornate diaper cake, compliments of her endless creativity:

Baby shower!


And here I am between two MORE of the world’s most amazing women (Sister-In-Law and Mother-In-Law). I just can’t even stand how lucky I am to have such amazing women in my life.

Baby shower!


Close-up of Sister and me. Isn’t she adorable?

Baby shower!


And here I am with all of my best friends. I love each of these girls with my whole heart.

Baby shower!


Here I am holding THE cutest balloon garland in the WORLD:

Baby shower!


We had so many family and friends stay behind to clean up after the shower, too. I JUST CAN’T EVEN STAND IT, how nice people are. I cannot comprehend all of the blessings in my life.


I wish you could have been there to see the beautiful gifts everyone got me. Baby Girl won’t need a new outfit for at least two years.




My registry was totally wiped out!


I never wanted that day to end. I feel like it flew by. I had to go through the pictures from that day over and over again to take in all of the whirlwind details at my own pace.

It was absolutely spectacular. More than one guest told me it was the best shower they had ever attended.

I agree!

That sister and mother of mine!!!!!!!!!!!


After the shower, we all went home and unpacked the gifts from the car and sat on our butts.


Since I decided during week 30 that I was never again flying on another airplane whilst pregnant, my mom had agreed to drive back to Alabama with me.


And since my couch in Alabama is the PRIME location for relaxation, we decided to leave for Alabama the Monday following my shower.


It’s just so relaxing in Alabama. No responsibilities. No stress. Lots of A/C.

We DEFINITELY do not go outside. It’s the Devil’s playground out there, I tell you. It’s just awful.


Anyway, we decided to pack up the car with all of my gifts and our suitcases, and we headed out!


And this time, to make sure I didn’t pass out while driving like I almost did the first time we drove to AL together, we took turns sleeping while the other drove. And we stopped and sat at a restaurant for food. And we got out of the car and walked around at each stop we made.


And it was LEAPS AND BOUNDS better than our first trip to AL together. All of those adjustments made a world of a difference.


Seriously, the trip flew by since both of us were only awake for half of it.

When we walked in my Alabama door, we didn’t feel like the walking dead.




That’s the real reason we drove back to Alabama a full week before I was scheduled to fly home.

Because I MISSED Husband and Rucker.


I was in Michigan for a grand total of 10 days this time, and I felt like my heart was shriveling up like a raisin.


I just can’t wait to live in Michigan again with Husband and Rucker. Then, life will be complete for me.


So, are you wondering how Baby Girl is doing?


Seriously, she’s swimming around in there day and night.

Happy as a clam, that girl.

Now, my whole stomach moves when she does. In a very creepy alien way.


She’s alive and well and so is her mom, especially since week 31 involved CHILLING in Alabama with my mom.


On another note, it’s getting more and more difficult to exercise as I progress in this pregnancy.


Taking Rucker on walks in Alabama is straight up dangerous. It’s SO hot and SO humid that what little lung space I have left is taxed even further by the terrible breathing conditions outside.

Rucker still loves walks, though.

Did you know? Husband took Rucker on walks while I was in Michigan.

That just made my heart melt when Husband told me.

Rucker loves walks.

Husband loves Rucker.

I love them both so much.


So, up next on our agenda: Mom and Brooke relax some more in Alabama, and then Mom and Brooke drive BACK to Michigan.

This time, we are returning for Brother-In-Law’s wedding!!!!!!!!!!!


I cannot WAIT for this wedding. I love weddings.

It’s going to be the most beautiful wedding on the planet, I just know it.

I can’t WAIT to see!!!


So, you’ll have your week 32 post next Tuesday, and then I’ll be cruising back to Michigan with my mom and Rucker!

And Husband will be following behind us a few days later.


He hasn’t been in Michigan in MONTHS, so I know he’s eagerly anticipating his trip home.

I just love him.

I love everything about my life.

Especially Husband.

He’s the best blessing.

We celebrated our two-year wedding anniversary August 15.

We’ve dated since high school, though, so we agreed that it felt like our 100th anniversary.

I am borderline obsessed with him, and I couldn’t be happier.


Stay tuned for next week’s post, which includes another check-up appointment with my OB!



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