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28 weeks = glucose test week!


Before we get to that appointment, let’s get the pregnancy stats out of the way.

(Also, I realize the emoji in my cover photo is an ice skate, not a roller blade. I just can’t help but include even semi-relevant emojis in anything I write. They are just too cute.)


At 28 weeks, baby is the size of a…

Roller Blade



Large eggplant


Are you noticing a repeat of the same food comparisons week after week?

That’s because babies grow at their own rates now according to genetics and environment (versus just plain old baby-making physiology), so there’s no telling what size your bambino is without guessing through an ultrasound.


Here’s the size of her hand at 28 weeks:

28 weeks pregnant!


And her foot:

28 weeks pregnant!


Baby’s about 16 inches long and about 2.5-3 pounds.

Big baby!



Check me out!


28 weeks pregnant!


28 weeks pregnant!


Look at my cute New Orleans shirt! Got it on my week 27 trip with my girlfriends. 🙂

28 weeks pregnant!


So! My 28 week OB appointment!


Glucose test.



Honestly, it wasn’t bad at all.

The lab tech brought in a red solo cup filled 1/3 of the way with a clear liquid which I downed immediately. It tasted like SUPER SWEET, syrupy orange pop. (I had the choice of orange or fruit punch, and orange sounded better at the time.)

I had it on an empty stomach (I was instructed to skip breakfast).

And I felt fine. No nausea or headache. Which means that I am very lucky, because lots of pregnant women suffer massively during/after this test from those afflictions.

Not me!



After I finished the drink, the lab tech sent me to a waiting room where I waited for my doctor to come in and measure me and listen to Baby’s heartbeat (classic OB check-up stuff).

Remember – I wanted to make sure Baby Girl was okay after my near-pass-out in my car while driving during week 27.

I’m happy to report that Baby’s heartbeat was perfect and my blood pressure was perfect and my weight is just fine (up 23 pounds since conception, so MIRACULOUSLY, I only gained 3 pounds since my last appointment).

Baby is also measuring “right on track,” which was surprising to me for how BIG she feels.


I will get my Tdap shot at my 30-week appointment. It passively immunizes Baby Girl through the placenta while she is in me, and it helps protect her against Whooping Cough (among other things).


A 30 week appointment means that I have officially graduated to EVERY TWO WEEK OB appointments!!!!


We’re that close to the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Can’t wait for her to be here.


Week 28 of my pregnancy = mom is with me in Alabama.


IDEAL. You won’t find me happier than when my mom is sitting on my couch beside me in Alabama. I just love her and we are very simpatico. We agree on everything and we like all the same things.



We spent our time first catching up on sleep from our terrible car ride from Michigan, and then we were very, very lazy after that.

And it was lovely.

Netflix coma for like five days straight.

We also went to Target, where I proceeded to buy numerous new things for my house and my mother proceeded to buy numerous new things for baby Rucker and Baby Girl McInnis.

I have a shopping bug lately, and I fear it’s my primal “nesting” urge kicking in. I just want to buy so many things. And I am usually not a shopper.

However, my mother and I promised each other that we would do no more shopping until my baby shower, since we keep buying things off my registry and the registry is dwindling down accordingly.


Other than the shopping trip, my week with my mother was spent almost entirely on the couch. And it was incredible. And much-needed, after the HOURS I spent in the car during week 26 and week 27. All that swelling in my ankles went down, too, so I could finally see the bones in my feet again.


I did jump back into my fitness routine, though, after a few days of couch-sitting, since I want to stay as in-shape as possible for Baby’s birth.


Here I am post-walk with baby Rucker. The Alabama heat really wipes him out.

28 weeks pregnant


Rucker REALLY loved Michigan, but he is happy to be home.

In fact, he slept for four days straight.

I’m not kidding.

He was asleep on the couch between my mom and me allllll day long every day.

Baby Rucker


And every morning, he would come into our bedrooms and boop us on the face to wake us up at 6:00-6:30AM.

He’s the worst!


Then, he would jump on my bed UNinvited and make faces like this:

Baby Rucker


Also, my mom and I watched Big Brother while she was here.

Do you watch Big Brother? I am OBSESSED with Big Brother. Have been for years. By far the most entertaining thing on TV. Trust me.

My sister finally jumped on the BB bandwagon, and she is glad that she did.


That completely sums up what I did during week 28, though. I just chilled with my mom. It was incredible. I had to send her home at the end of it, and although I was anxious to see her go like I always am, I wasn’t TOO sad, since I will literally see her in TEN DAYS WHEN I FLY HOME FOR TWO WEEKS FOR MY BABY SHOWER.


So, how am I doing pregnancy-wise during week 28?

Well, I mostly feel the same. Except I feel like I have a heavy inner tube strapped around my torso at all times. That’s actually a pretty good metaphor for feeling third trimester pregnant. Imagine how hard it is to turn over/get up when you have an inner tube around your waist. That’s pregnancy!

My love handle stretch marks have multiplied and they are starting to look angry. I think I have a new one every day.

I am also noticing some faint lines beneath my belly button. A warning of tiger stripes to come…

I KNEW I’d be covered in them all over my midsection, so I’m really not that worried.

Besides, my weight gain has slowed considerably, so it’s all about baby growth and belly stretching at this point.

Speaking of belly stretching, my newest pregnancy symptom is abdominal PAIN.

Sometimes, I feel like my abs are ripping apart. Seriously.

For the past 3 days, every time I inhale, I feel dull, achy pains all around my stomach. It’s deeper than skin-level, but not as deep as uterus-level, so I know Baby’s fine. These pains are growing pains. They are terrible. I am always rubbing my belly these days because it HURTS.

That’s really it, though. Butt’s the same size. Boobs are the same (incredible) size. Belly is exploding.


I just can’t wait to meet my baby girl. I am so curious about her face. What will she look like?

I wonder if she will come out and we will say, “WHOA, she looks like Husband!”

And I wonder if she will come out and we will say, “Who’s baby is that?”


On another exciting note, Husband and I found out when we are moving back to Michigan!!!!


I was right – Baby Girl will be only four months old when we move back, because we will be back…




I told my mom and she cried tears of joy.

I can’t wait to be back. I feel like my life is on hold here and I’m waiting to get it started again.

I mean, think about it…

Husband and I are building a house when we return to Michigan.

I will be getting some form of a job when I return to Michigan.


Those two things aren’t happening until we return to our mitten homeland, so you understand why I feel like I am twiddling my thumbs.




I love Alabama. I am an introvert hermit, so I love the solitude (most of the time).

I also love the weather. It’s only intolerable right now because it’s summer in Alabama and I’m pregnant.


So I get a little melancholy when I think about leaving, especially knowing full well that we may never be back here again. Why would anyone come to Alabama if they didn’t have to?

So the sadness comes from the ending of this phase of our journey together (Husband and me). This was our first ONLY US stint together, and I will always, always love Alabama for giving us the memories and relationship we have developed while we were here.

It will be hard to leave. But it will be okay. Because we will be bringing Baby Girl back to her family in Michigan, which is where the four of us (Rucker, too!) belong.


Husband isn’t so keen on leaving. Really, he wishes he could stay here forever.

But that’s because he doesn’t want to face real life back in Michigan. Real life = working for his company again and building our house and everything else he will have to deal with when we get home.


Too bad, Husband!

Poor guy. I don’t blame him. It’s nice down here! We have very few responsibilities outside of him going to work/school every day and me occasionally working while growing a baby.


Anyway, that’s the end of week 28’s post.

You’re officially caught up on pregnancy posts…….

…….just in time for me to fall behind on them again when I go to Michigan for two weeks (IN TEN DAYS).

Oh well.

You’re all troopers and put up with my intermittent absences like champs. I truly love you all.


See you next week!



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