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30 weeks!!!! Three-quarters of the way done! I only have 10 weeks left. Well, maybe less than 10, if I decide to be induced at 39ish weeks (which I told you about in week 29’s post).


At 30 weeks, Baby is the size of a…

Summer cantaloupe

Motorcycle helmet


Butternut squash



She’s about 17″ long and 3.5 pounds.

Did you know? Babies are gaining about half a pound a WEEK from this point forward.


This is the size of her hand at 30 weeks:

30 weeks pregnant!


And her foot:

30 weeks pregnant!


And me!

30 weeks pregnant!


30 weeks pregnant!


Symptoms this week include…

Belly achiness. All that stretching is putting a real strain on my abdomen. Sometimes, it’s even painful to the touch!

Rib pain. They hurt if I poke them, too. I should probably just stop poking myself.

Stretch marks. Multiplying and growing on my love handles and my lower belly. Exhibit A:

30 weeks pregnant!

Boob pain. Probably from growth. I REALLY want to fit into the medium-sized dress I bought for my brother-in-law’s wedding, so it would be nice if my boobs stopped growing, since the top part of the dress fits perfectly. I did buy a large, too, though, just in case these boobs have a mind of their own.

Decrease in appetite. Women are generally gaining a lot of weight right about now in their pregnancies. I’m doing the opposite. I gained zero pounds between week 28 and week 30, and I attribute it to my tamer appetite. Tamer appetite = an easier time eating only nutritious foods (and less Pringles).

TROUBLE SLEEPING. This is due 80% to discomfort and 20% to when I wake up, I can’t fall back asleep. I wake up about six times a night these days needing to shift my position in the bed because of back/abdominal pain. Then, I lie awake because I can’t breathe well because Baby Girl is occupying all of my lung space.


During week 30, I flew home to Michigan for my baby shower!


(The shower isn’t until week 31, though, so you’ll have to wait a few more days to hear about it.)


I was so relieved to not be driving 15 hours across North America that nothing could have squashed my airport happiness.


That is, until my airplane happiness was totally obliterated within seconds of leaving the ground.


Why, you ask?


Because I almost passed out on the plane!!!!


There we were, ascending, and all of a sudden, I felt like all consciousness was being sucked out of me.


I sat upright. I tried to turn on the air conditioning above my seat.

I looked at the guy next to me and contemplated telling him that I was about to pass out.

I wiggled all around and pressed on my cheeks.

I tried not to throw up.

I searched frantically in my backpack for some sugar to eat.

I contemplated asking the guy next to me for some of his water.


For the ten minute ascent, I did EVERYTHING IN MY POWER to stay awake. And it was not easy. I kept getting pulled under. I thought FOR SURE I was going to pass out and die and take my sweet baby girl with me when I did.


I cannot even describe how terrifying it was.


Since the flight was only 25 minutes, we were descending before I knew it.




I made it to the ground without passing out, but as soon as we were taxiing to our gate, I felt like I was about to upchuck all over my own lap.

So I was breathing nice and deeply and doing everything in my power to keep my food down.

I also felt extremely dizzy.


I texted Husband and my mom immediately and told them the terrible news, and then I slowly made my way off that plane and found a seat and sat in it so I could calm down/not fall over.





I called my mom and sobbed to her on the phone because I was terrified about my next flight. I just didn’t know if I could get on another f*#&ing plane.


After that call with her, I talked to Husband on the phone.


Both said that my next move was up to me. I could either get on the next plane or have Husband drive to Atlanta to pick me up.

At that moment, I was leaning strongly toward never again seeing the seats of a flying machine in my life, so I decided to call my OB.


For some reason, EVEN THOUGH IT WAS DURING OPERATIONAL HOURS, I was sent to the “after-hours” emergency line, and eventually, I was connected with the on-call physician.


And she was the least helpful person I’ve ever met!!!!


She seriously spent the first ten minutes of our phone call saying, in varying sentiments, “You shouldn’t be passing out. That shouldn’t be happening.”


Okay, great, but the only problem is that I AM passing out.


Eventually, she told me I was probably dehydrated.


All I wanted from this stupid doctor was reassurance that, if I DID pass out on my next flight, I wouldn’t die. I just wanted her to tell me that I would wake up eventually and not be comatose for the entire two-hour flight.


And all she said was, “I don’t know your health history, so I can’t guarantee that.”


I hung up with that TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE EXCUSE for a doctor and texted my nurse sister and told her what was happening.

And thank GOD for that sister of mine, because she said, “I’ve seen TONS of people pass out, and every single one of them comes to in less than a minute. If you pass out, you will wake up.”


And she told me that, if I did feel like I was going to faint, I should warn the person next to me so that the flight attendants/people around me could elevate my feet and help me come back to life.


And so SHE WAS A TON OF HELP FOR ME, as opposed to that sorry sorry excuse for an on-call physician!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anyway, I had 3 hours between flights, so the first hour, I located and consumed some food and some sugar and a GALLON of water. Since I was dehydrated according to that expert on the phone.


And the next hour, I sat on the floor with my feet up.


An hour before my flight, I was feeling pretty okay, and I decided that I was for sure getting on the plane.


Half an hour before my flight, my heart starting racing and my breathing became shallow and I could NOT calm myself down no matter what I did, so I walked away from the gate and slipped into a corner and cried some tears while my panic attack reared its ugly head.


Then, some lady down the hall started WAILING and throwing a huge, distracting fit, and before I knew it, my pulse had slowed to higher-than-normal-but-not-pounding-in-my-ears. So I made my way back to the gate and decided again to get on the plane.


I got on that f&$^ing plane and sat next to a woman who immediately greeted me with a smile and a nice sentence I can’t remember.


I then tucked my heels up onto my seat to keep my feet as elevated as possible, and I turned the A/C on my face and put it on FULL BLAST.


And I didn’t tell the woman next to me about my near-death incident a few hours prior because I didn’t want to alarm her.


I did tell her that I wanted to keep my feet up because “sometimes I get a little dizzy,” but that was all I was offering up. I didn’t want to freak her out.


So, the plane took off, and that blessing of a woman, she wouldn’t shut up. It was amazing. She was forcing me to talk to her and be as alert as I possibly could for the whole ascent.

I didn’t feel as close to passing out during the second ascent as I had during that first ascent, and Husband thinks it’s because it was a more gradual ascent than the first flight’s.




I did feel dizzy almost the entire flight except for a few moments of sky cruising where I did a mini celebration because I was still alive.

I did feel 100% anxious the entire time about passing out, so it was an extremely stressful two hours.


To stave off fainting while in the air, I took a few slow and steady trips to the bathroom to splash cold water on my face.


I also ate some ice.


I drank even more water.


I did everything I could to be as alert as possible.


And I made it.


During the descent, my anxiety rose a little higher, and I felt nauseous again, but we landed without me losing consciousness.


Once we were on the ground, I told that woman next to me that she single-handedly helped me survive that flight, and she said, “I’m glad I could help!” And the fact that she said that instead of “what are you talking about?” made it very clear to me that she must have known I was in worse shape than I was pretending to be.


That miracle woman!!!!


So, I made it off the plane and used every last ounce of energy in me to stop myself from relief-crying when I saw my sister waiting for me in the airport entryway.

That sister of mine lugged my huge suitcase out to the car for me, where my mom was waiting.

My poor mother, she worried about me the WHOLE TIME I was in that Atlanta airport and then the WHOLE TWO HOUR FLIGHT.

Poor mom.


So those flights were just the worst things that have ever happened to me and I hate airplanes and I hate my stupid pregnant body for betraying me all the time by doing unpredictable, scary things.


And I am not so sure I will continue to have as effortless a time getting on airplanes in the future as I always have had. Just because of that godawful experience.


I forgot to mention that, while I was panicking in that airport, I decided that there was no way in hell I was flying back to Alabama after my Michigan trip was over.


And you know what? That gift of a mother of mine agreed to DRIVE back to Alabama with me. Without hesitation. She just agreed. Of COURSE she did!


Anyway, once I was safely in Michigan, I spent a bunch of days hanging out with my mom and sister, who were both in Baby Shower Preparation Mode, so sometimes they had to do things in secret since my shower details were going to be a surprise for me.


Other times, I texted Husband and demanded pictures of baby Rucker because I just missed the both of them so much and I was having serious Husband/Rucker withdrawals.

These are the kinds of pictures Husband sent me upon request:

Baby Rucker


While in Michigan, my mom and I met my sister for lunch at the hospital where she works, so she could introduce her very pregnant sister to all of her nurse friends. The only problem is that most of her nurse friends weren’t working that day, so mother and I have to return for another visit so I can meet the rest of her coworkers.


30 weeks!


Actually, the main reason we met Sister for lunch is because the present I ordered for her finally arrived in the mailbox, and I was so unbelievably ecstatic about this present that I couldn’t wait a second more to gift it to her.


30 weeks!


My sister has a boxer, Harley, and she is obsessed with Harley. And so when I saw this promo online for SOCKS that you could have customized with YOUR OWN DOG’S FACE ON THEM, I immediately ordered them.

Here’s the picture I sent in to the company to have printed on the socks:


Didn’t they do an AMAZING job?!!??!!??!

I laughed out loud when I saw those socks. That’s how pleasantly surprised I was.

My sister freaked out when she saw them and declared that they were the best present I had ever gifted her. Win!

Best idea ever, those socks.


Speaking of Harley, I spent a lot of Michigan time with her, since Sister was at my mom’s house so often and usually takes Harley with her wherever she goes.

Isn’t Harley cute?

30 weeks


I also hung out with my nephew while I was home, and I made him some panda pancakes per his request:

30 weeks!


I also exercised while I was home, because Baby’s due date is nearing, so I need to be in top cardiovascular form for the marathon of birth:

30 weeks!


Working out is becoming more of a challenge since I’ve grown to be the size of a pumpkin:

30 weeks!


But, we must persist!

30 weeks!



That concludes week 30 of my pregnancy.

It was great, then terrible, then great.

I love my family.

And I love Michigan, mostly because you can be outdoors without dying.

I also love my baby girl and I am just having the hardest time waiting for her to arrive.


Now, stay tuned for week 31 of my pregnancy, because that post will be all about my BABY SHOWER!!!!! I will be sharing that post in just a few days, too, since I have to catch you up on the posts you’ve missed since I’ve been in Michigan!



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