36 weeks!!!!! She could be here ANY DAY NOW.


And, really, she could. Wait till you hear about my OB appointment!


Let’s get the stats out of the way.


At 36 weeks, Baby Girl is the size of a…

Large cantaloupe

Ripe papaya

Two plates of beignets

Cabbage patch doll



She’s anywhere from 19-22 inches long, and she weighs between 6-7 pounds.

Don’t I know it!


Did you know that baby’s growth starts to slow at this stage? It’s so Baby can fit through the birth canal, and so Baby can save up energy for birth.


Here’s the size of her 36-week-old hand:

36 weeks!


And her foot:

36 weeks!


And me!

36 weeks!




SO. My OB appointment!!!!


Well, I told you last week that I was doing everything in my power to naturally induce myself. Because otherwise, we are going for a medical induction at 39 weeks. I explained the reasoning for that in week 35’s post.


So, at my appointment, I found out that I will have my cervix checked at every appointment moving forward. Which was a relief, since I definitely WANTED them to check my cervix at my 36-week appointment.

The MAIN reason I wanted them to check it is because I have been doing 8 billion things to try to ripen my cervix this past week, and I wanted to see if any of them worked.


Well, they worked!!!


She told me that my cervix is still closed, which she was happy about because she wants Baby Girl to cook a few weeks more.




She told me that I had “thinned out a great deal.”

She told me I was 50% effaced!!!!!


That’s a 50% increase from week 35!


My cervix thinned out to 50% in ONE WEEK.


So, my dear pregnant friends, go buy some dates and some evening primrose oil and have lots of sex and go for lots of walks, because I did ALL of those things last week and ONE of them worked. Perhaps all of them. Can you really argue against any of them if any of them worked?!




I then asked about scheduling my induction when I’m 39 weeks, and she said that yes, we could get that scheduled, “if you even make it to that point.”


Music to my ears.


Cloud 13,000 in my OB’s office week 36.


My October baby could be a September baby!!!!



On the natural induction note, many of you provided some funny and definitely helpful tips for inducing naturally.

The most popular tip was to bounce on an exercise ball.

So, naturally, I went and picked one up at the store the next day.


I have been bouncing on that ball ever since.

And walking.

And doing yoga.

And dancing.


And itching.


A lot.




But especially my feet and sometimes my hands and my belly in the middle of the night and occasionally my forearms and chest and neck and definitely my ankles.


I have been itching SO MUCH that, one night, I finally decided to google why my feet and palms were SO ITCHY.


And my heart almost fell out of my chest, because I learned that, in the third trimester, women can develop a thing called cholestasis.

And it is DANGEROUS.


I called my OB the next day to see if she thought I should go to the hospital.

I got that super UNhelpful on-call doctor again. Because it was Saturday when I called and offices were closed. I hate the on-call doctor at my OB. She is the WORST.


She said that, since it didn’t sound like I was tearing my skin off, and since I was still feeling Baby move, she didn’t think I had anything to worry about. She told me I could go to the hospital if I wanted, but that it seemed okay to wait until my appointment the following Tuesday.


Cholestasis develops when a pregnant woman’s surge of third-trimester hormones interferes with her liver’s ability to filter bile through her liver properly. The bile then spills over into the bloodstream. For the mother, it’s generally okay, but for the infant, it can cause breathing problems at birth and oh, did I mention? STILLBIRTH. Cholestasis causes stillbirth.

Out of nowhere, your infant could simply die in your uterus if you have too much bile floating around in your bloodstream.




Before I even thought I might have cholestasis, my greatest fear was losing Baby Girl. It keeps me up at night. My anxiety over her being brought into the world SAFELY and ALIVE is ruling my world in a terrible, terrible way.


Anyway, today is finally Tuesday. Which means I finally get to go to my OB and see what my REAL doctor thinks. 


The reason why I never went to the hospital is because I have been feeling Baby Girl move a whole lot, so I knew she was still alive in there.

Another reason why I am not positive I have cholestasis is because my itchiness comes and goes.

And because I was taking Evening Primrose Oil and drinking tons of Red Raspberry Leaf Tea, and I wasn’t sure if either of those things were causing my itchiness.

I stopped consuming both of those things days ago to see if the itchiness would subside.

It hasn’t.

But it comes and goes. I will wake up at 11PM itching the bottoms of my feet like CRAZY, and then I’ll wake up a few hours later for another bathroom trip, and the urge to itch will be virtually nonexistent.


The thing is, if you are as late in your pregnancy as I am, many doctors who suspect you have cholestasis will try to get that baby out of you ASAP. Because it takes 4-5 days for the cholestasis blood test to come back from the lab, and at this point, it could be too risky for the baby to wait and see if the mother is positive.


I am HOPING my doctor tells me that my itching is normal. I will demand a blood test to be sure, but I am really hoping everything is fine with me and with Baby Girl.


Other than that, I keep thinking labor is starting when it isn’t, so THAT’S fun.

Just yesterday, I started to feel very nauseous and light-headed and crampy and filled with pelvic pressure. This went on for about two hours and didn’t subside when I rested. I thought it was really Go Time!

I was also using the bathroom A LOT.

Using the bathroom, people.

I’m not going to get more specific than that, other than to say that I think I made about fifteen trips to the bathroom Monday morning.

All of these things that were happening to me are early signs of labor, so I was kind of panicking.

But, eventually, everything died down and I felt normal.


Baby’s world, everyone! She’ll come when she wants.

Or she will come before then, because the doctors don’t trust my blood to be bile-free.


In other news, Baby Girl has dropped! I can tell, because I can B R E A T H E.

I forgot what it was like to be able to take a full breath without pain/coming up short.

It’s amazing.


Other than my terrifying symptoms which keep me up for hours and hours every night with worry, I am just sitting around waiting for this baby to come.

Rather, I am running around my house cleaning my stove and throwing things away and donating all of my belongings because I am nesting.


Speaking of running, I must be going, because I have an OB appointment to prepare for.


Have YOU ever had any experience with itchiness during pregnancy? Were you concerned it was cholestasis when in fact it was not? Please leave your advice/concerns/opinions in the comments!!!



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