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So…we’ve made it to week 10!!!


At ten weeks, Baby McInnis is the size of a…


Lego man




He/she is tiny and still sucking the life out of me. Tiredness all day every day.

Sometimes, I have to work harder to breathe, I’m so tired.


But you know what?

Do you?

Do you know what week 10 means?




You bet your bottom dollar I woke up on the first day of week 10, jumped in the shower, and sped to my OB’s office for the blood test.

I was there before 9am.

It was really quick! The lab tech just took two HUGE vials of my blood and gave me a card with my “kit ID” stickered on it. She told me to wait a few days before logging in, and from there, I could track my test and see the results in about 10 business days!!!!!!!!!!!!!


After the test, I went to Target to look for some maternity jeans/pants. The selection at my Michigan Target store was sparse, so I was hoping for more luck.

Definitely had more luck!!


I found TWO pairs of jeans that looked decent on me and had full panel belly coverage (supposedly the best for making sure your pants stay up).

It’s hard to get a pic of these without having them on my body, so I’ll wait until I’m bigger to take pics of my maternity pants. You’ll see them, though!

I also got some spanx on clearance!!!


That was an accident.

They were hanging on the maternity clearance rack. They looked like black leggings with a stretchy full-belly panel.

So I tried them on, and I was like YUP.

And I brought them up to the checkout line with me to see how much they were, since there was no tag.

And the lady was like, “These are spanx.”

And I did that thing you’re supposed to do when people don’t give you the response you want right away. I just stared and her and didn’t say anything.

This tactic makes people feel compelled to say something else to appease you.

Try it! It works EVERY TIME. Just bear through the awkward silence and you’ll get a variation of what you want.


“Well, I can put a clearance price on them if you want?” said checkout clerk.

“Please!” I said.

In my head, I was like, there is no way I am paying more than $15 for these maternity pants/spanx.

And she said, “$6.47.”

Uh, YUP!


So I found three new pairs of big belly bottoms and I am thrilled!


Look how cute my belly is week ten!!!!!


Week 10 of pregnancy - starting to show!


I know what you’re thinking: Brooke, your baby is the size of a STRAWBERRY. How can you even have a bump yet?

And I will inform you that I have only gained ONE POUND since I found out I was pregnant, so this is just the magically growing belly you see!

I love it, but I also feel like a big fat whale.

Just HUGE.

I feel like things are going to start orbiting me.

Ha! You say. Just you wait!

I know! Imagine how big I’m going to get! I’ll be a big, fat mammoth!

Can’t wait!


Also, here is the size of baby’s hand during week 10:


Week ten of pregnancy and this is the size of baby's hand!


I swear it’s twice the size of week 9’s hand.


So, during week ten, I did a real workout.

I’ve been going for walks (inconsistently) with baby Rucker, but I needed to kick my butt into gear.

So I picked a DVD from my huge drawer of DVDs.

You know, my workout video collection? It’s amazingly diverse.

I picked one of my hardest ones.

But don’t worry, I told myself I would modify the hardest moves and absolutely no jumping around or crunches/twisty core moves. Don’t want to give baby McInnis whiplash.

Surprisingly, I SURVIVED the workout.

But MAN, I had to stop a few times to cool down.

I was really happy that I did it, though, and I decided that I can do ANY workout if it’s modified, so I’m going to keep doing this in order to maintain my figure while I spend the next 8-10 years having five children.

TMI warning (does it even matter anymore?): sweaty workouts do wonders for your going-number-two experiences. Just saying!


Of course I regretted all that weight lifting and lunging the next day when I had to roll off my mattress onto my floor and army crawl to the kitchen for my prenatals.


Speaking of prenatals, I am taking the generic free prenatal vitamins given to me for free by my pharmacy.

I am ALSO taking Rainbow Lite prenatal vitamins. I alternate them every other day with my free ones.

I bought the Rainbow Lite vitamins before I got the free ones, and I wasn’t about to throw them away.


Speaking of pregnancy-specific edibles


My pregnancy diet:

Lots of carbs

No deli meat (unless it’s heated until it’s steaming – this should kill any bacteria)


Lots of water

FISH. Fish fish fish. Nom nom!

A variety of fruits

The occasional vegetable

Vegetables covered in cheese sauce/dip and/or disguised in a dish (e.g. pasta salad)


Soft pretzels

Cheese in any color, shape, form

Spreadable cheese on crackers

Also, burgers.


I usually hate red meat, but I find myself drooling over the thought of a burger these days. (Reason #687 of why I think I’m having a boy.)


I sent this pic to my mom and said “my lifeline”:

Pregnancy cravings.


I’m really excited because I’ll be flying home to Michigan for my baby shower at which there will likely be a spread of MEXICAN food (yum) including that fake nacho cheese that swirls through my dreams and makes me drool when I think about it. Can’t WAIT for that cheese. Having a baby shower just so I can have fake nacho cheese.


That reminds me!!


So, there are a million wives’ tales about pregnancy that go something like if you’re feeling like this” then you’re having a ___ (boy/girl).”

Here’s a list of some pretty common “tell-tale signs” that you’re having either/or.


There are also some fun, entirely unreliable “DIY” tests you can perform at home to determine if you’re having a boy or a girl.


Pregnancy Gender Tests You Can Do At Home

There are a BILLION of these things.

I’ve done…

The Chinese birth chart calendar, the baking soda test, and Ramzi prediction.


The Chinese calendar basically uses your age at conception and the month you conceived to predict the sex of your baby. According to the Chinese gender calendar, I’m having a boy.


The baking soda test involves you peeing on baking soda. If it fizzes, you’re having a boy. If it doesn’t, you’re having a girl. (Apparently your urine is more acidic when you’re carrying a boy.)

I did the baking soda test three times. The first time at 6 weeks, no fizz. The second time on a day I was drinking kombucha, definite fizz. The next day when I wasn’t drinking kombucha, no fizz. So, according to the baking soda test, I’m having a girl.


I mentioned Ramzi prediction in one of my first pregnancy posts. Basically, this Ramzi guy did a study where he used the location of the gestational sac in the uterus to determine whether the baby would be a boy or a girl. If the scan is transvaginally done, a baby on the right side of the uterus = girl. Left side = boy. According to Ramzi theory, I am having a girl.

See? Baby’s on the right.

Here's my 9 week 1 day ultrasound!


If I use all of the other wives’ tales or “signs and symptoms” tests (ex: I have little to zero acne, which the old wives say means I’m having a boy), I’m definitely leaning toward the baby being a boy.


Signs I’m having a boy according to old wives:


I have had few to zero breakouts.

I’m very mellow (even Husband agrees I’m not a monster!).

Red meat doesn’t sicken me like it used to.

I don’t crave sweets like I used to.

I don’t have morning sickness.


We’ll find out WHAT BABY IS in about 10 business days!!!!!


Also during week 10, Husband and I went to dinner for his birthday (Olive Garden), and it was AMAZING.

After salad and bread sticks, Husband said, “I’m getting full!”

I said, “Really?!”

And he said, “Hey, not all of us are eating for 10!”


I laughed and laughed and laughed. Because seriously, I still had room. Baby makes mama hungry.


I’ve learned that your metabolism boosts in early pregnancy, which would explain EVERYTHING, since I haven’t exactly been “limiting myself,” and yet I still have only gained a pound in the beginning of week 10.


After dinner, I still had room (mentally, anyway) for ice cream, so we went to one of those frozen yogurt shops where you basically let a pregnant lady loose and she runs around filling her cup with 8 different flavors of froyo and any toppings she WANTS.

Froyo is the way to a pregnant woman's heart.


“You can’t put a clear plastic container filled with gummy sharks in front of me and NOT expect me to put one on my ice cream.”


Guess what we found in front of the froyo shop?

Expectant mothers expect cute parking signs.



Husband seriously almost BYPASSED this sign!!!!

I begged him to turn around and let me enjoy the moment. He said I wasn’t even waddling yet and wasn’t this for waddling mothers, and I said I am so tired I could faceplant this pavement so I need short walking distances to my ice cream.

I was inordinately excited to be parked in front of that sign.


New pregnancy symptom week 10: dull aches and cramping in pelvic region.

I’ve actually read that this is pretty common during weeks 11-12, as your baby is going through a huge growth spurt and stretching the bejesus out of your uterus.

The feeling is like a pulling sensation or a full sensation in certain areas of my pelvis. Very hard to describe.


Also, when I was trying to do a pretzel twist/spine stretch post-workout during week 10, I couldn’t quite twist as far as I wanted because there was a tangible mass in the way. In my stomach. There was a softball in my stomach that was in the way of my stretch.

This was the first time I could even tell Baby McInnis was in there, so I was pretty excited.


Also, if I press on my lower abdomen, it’s firm.

If I press a little higher, it’s squishy, but it was squishy well before baby came along.


Speaking of squishy, I took this picture toward the end of week 10 to forewarn all of my loved ones that I’m getting fat.

Baby bump at ten weeks pregnant!



It is kind of exciting, having a bump. Except I feel obligated to tell everyone that I’m pregnant so they don’t think I just put on 10 pounds around my middle.

I am officially up FOUR pounds since I found out I was pregnant.

Which isn’t half bad, actually. It’s just that my belly is too big for my jeans now and I’m only 10 weeks.

Good thing I bought those cute maternity pants!!!


Also: my panorama test is showing “received and processing” online!! They estimate that I’ll know the results (including sex of the baby) March 28.

Panorama genetic pregnancy test.

I’m hoping it happens a little sooner.


Also, Rucker is doing well. He had some tummy troubles this past week that kept me up all night, but he’s on the mend.

Not-So-Baby Rucker


Also, he’s finally tall enough for his big boy bowls!

Not-So-Baby Rucker


It’s good to get tall platforms for Danes because it helps with their digestion, since they don’t have to fight so much gravity to swallow when their food is at head-level.

Isn’t he cute?



(My birthday is April 23.)


Husband is amazing, but he doesn’t think maternity pants are as exciting as I do. Mother, on the other hand, LOVES everything maternity, and I can’t wait for her to get here so we can talk about babies 24/7.

I am going to take her to all my favorite restaurants down here and also the cupcake shop and also the froyo shop. Going to fatten her right up.

I’ll also take her baby shopping because there is nothing on this earth as exciting as buying things for your future infant.


I can’t wait to have this baby in my arms.

I can’t wait to hold him. Or her.

I can’t wait for baby to start walking and getting into everything and ruining my life.

I can’t wait to look at Husband and ask him if we can return baby.

I just can’t wait for all of it. I am ready to struggle, people. I’m also ready to have the time of my life with my babies.

I’m going to take them everywhere. The zoo. The museum. Both Grandmas’ houses. Swimming. Everywhere.

We are going to have an amazing life.


Stay tuned for week 11 (which will possibly be the moment I reveal to you the sex of my baby!!!!!!)!



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