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By far the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me. EVER.


Let’s get on with it, shall we?


First, I’d like to remind you that everyone (save for a few family members and friends) predicted a boy.


Are you ready?

Are you sure?

Okay, here we go…

I logged into my Panorama account and opened my results screen and this is what I saw:


Panorama Prenatal Blood Test Results!


Did you see it?!?!


Did you look closely?!?!


WE ARE HAVING A BABY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




A girl!!!!

A girl!!!!!!!!

Can you even BELIEVE IT?!?!!!!?!?!?!?!


Remember when I told you that I would fall on the floor if I found out our baby was a girl, since I was so convinced it was a boy?

Well, I remained upright when I found out, but gasped loudly and then I sprinted into the office and screamed at a studying Husband: “I JUST FOUND OUT THE SEX OF OUR BABY!!!!!”

Maybe I gave the sex away with my gigantic beaming grin and incessant bouncing and dinner plate eyeballs of surprise.


I said, “Do you want me to tell you?!?!!”

He couldn’t decide, so I decided to stick with the plan of baking something to reveal the sex of our baby to him.


I immediately ran to the store and bought funfetti cake mix (because what a celebration) and frosting and food coloring.

I decided to dye the cake batter pink and bake it into cupcakes because they cool faster and I am the least patient person in the world when I have good news.


I arranged the cupcakes in a question mark like this and frosted every square pink inch of them and topped with sprinkles.

I revealed the gender of our baby to our family through frosted cupcakes in the shape of a question mark!


We FaceTimed his mom and dad and brother and I recorded the whole thing while he cut into a cupcake.

Here’s Husband’s face when he finds out it’s a girl:

Husband's reaction to the gender reveal!


Couldn’t have asked for a cuter face.


I revealed the gender of our baby to our family through frosted cupcakes in the shape of a question mark!



I secretly wanted a girl.

Husband secretly wanted a boy. But he told me before I revealed the sex that he thought it would be a girl from the very beginning. Which surprised me.

I think that’s natural for each parent to want a baby of the same sex as him/her.




I mean, just look at this thing:


Adorable baby girl dress.




P.S. If you’re wondering what the 12.1% fetal fraction is on my results screen, don’t worry, because I asked my intelligent nurse friend, and she told me it’s the percentage of fetal blood in my blood. She said, “10% is the average, so you’re above average, like always.”


Love her!

A high fetal fraction = highly reliable results.


So, not only are we having a girl, but we are having a HEALTHY girl. All of her risks of genetic issues came back negative!!!!!!!!

It doesn’t guarantee there is nothing wrong with her, but the test shows that her chances of having issues have decreased dramatically.


Also, Husband and I already picked out our baby girl’s name!!!


But we’re not telling anyone until Baby is born, so no pestering!


So, now that we know it’s a girl, let’s see which at-home gender tests were correct and which ones were WRONG.


Remember? I did a series of them last week and told you my results.


So…Ramzi theory was CORRECT! According to where Baby is situated in my uterus, she is, indeed, a girl. Go, Ramzi!

Baking soda test – this one was challenging because I had mixed results. But the final result was no fizz, which meant girl. Baking soda test was correct!

Chinese gender birth chart – THIS ONE WAS WRONG! According to this chart (which uses my month of conception and my age at time of conception), I should be having a boy. Nope!


All of the old wives’ tales told me I was having a boy (no morning sickness, no acne, no moodiness, preference for savory/salty foods), but in fact there’s a girl in my belly! Can’t believe all of those were wrong.

The only one that was right was the “if the heart rate is over 140 beats per minute, it’s a girl” tale. Baby’s heart rate was 169.


I also did the “ring test” at the insistence of a dear also-pregnant friend of mine.


How do you do the ring test?

You wrench your wedding ring off your puffy finger, tie it to a piece of string, and suspend the ring over your open left palm.

Then you wait. And you hold very still.

If the ring spins in a circle, you’re having a girl.

If it sways back and forth, you’re having a boy.

If you wait a little bit after each swing/sway, the ring will stop and start again (for the next child).

Want to know what I got?


GIRL (yup!)

BOY (immediately texted Husband with reassurance)



(did not tell Husband that the rest were girls)


Now, the ring test doesn’t test for twins. The pencil and needle test (same idea, but you dangle a needle over your wrist that’s tied to a string which is tied to a pencil which you hold) has different movements/indicators. I am not sure what the circles/sways mean when they happen during the pencil test, but I am pretty sure a diagonal sway means twins. And when I did that test a year ago, BOTH TIMES, I had twins in my brood. They weren’t first. That’s all I remember.

Maybe twin boys??

That would be five kids = Brooke’s dream come true.


Once I told my mother the sex of my baby, we freaked out together and then she immediately ran out and bought a bunch of baby clothes that make me die on the spot every time I see them.


Baby girl clothes!



Baby girl clothes!

Those little outfits! Those strawberries!!!


Baby girl clothes!

THE KITTY REFERENCES!!!!! I love kittens. I love my mom.


Look at baby McInnis’s Michigan closet:

Baby girl clothes!


She is already so spoiled. These clothes are just a few of a million things my mother has supplied for Baby McInnis thus far.

P.S. My mother has since gone out and bought Baby McInnis more baby clothes. I can’t just keep showing you baby clothes, though. So maybe I’ll show them to you next week.


Speaking of spoiled, I went out and bought myself some more maternity clothes week 11.


I loved my blue jean maternity shorts so much, I bought 2 more pairs of shorts (both in a larger size, so they fit down the road):

Maternity shorts.


I also bought split side-panel shorts to see how I like them.

Maternity shorts.

These white shorts are massive around my waist. I’ll need to wear a tight tank top over them to keep them on my hips for now. But I have a feeling I’ll need them down the road.


I also bought maternity jeans:

Maternity jeans.


I also bought two cute little dresses. They are not maternity, but they fit perfectly and even look cute when I stick my stomach out as far as I possibly can, so they’ll last a while into my pregnancy.

I needed dresses. I live in Alabama.


Cute Target dress


Cute Target dress


In other news, I am feeling FANTASTIC.

Tiredness is kind of waning, still no morning sickness, and I am starting to feel great. I know it’s because I’m working out consistently. I feel sexier than ever. Probably because my boobs are huge and they finally match my butt in width. Plus, I sometimes catch my reflection and I see a little belly on me and it fills me with joy.

I truly believe that I haven’t looked this great in years. LOVE PREGNANCY.

I was meant to be pregnant.


I am still eating the same foods, and sweets still have no hold over me.

For example, I ate one pink cupcake and thought it was cloyingly sweet and haven’t touched them since. Blech.


I did buy a vat of salted cashews, though, which I touch every day. I work out so I can eat handfuls of these.

Pregnancy foods.


If you’re wondering why my finger is so pink in that photo, it’s because I had just finished making a batch of Pioneer Woman’s pico de gallo, and jalapeño juices were burning the daylights out of my hands.

Pico de gallo!


By the way, you get rid of this burn with lemon juice, body scrub, consistent hand washing, and patience.

Don’t pet your fur babies or yourself until the burn is gone, though.

My burn didn’t fully disappear until the next day.


Anyway, when I made the pico, I also made burritos. Using my mom’s kickass recipe for burrito sauce. When I took my first bite, I felt like I was home.

Burrito night!


Since I like real food more than cookies these days, I am cooking more often.

For example, I have been making Husband variations of homemade Chinese food because he loves it so much.

can stand a piece or two of chicken these days (told you I’m feeling better!), so I always try any Chinese chicken I concoct, but I mostly make it for him.

Because chicken is still disgusting.

Just wait until you have a fetus inside you. You’ll see!


I must now take this time to tell you that Little Brother, who henceforth shall be referred to as Captain Badassdid make chicken that I ate while I was in Michigan.

When I was 7 weeks pregnant.

When chicken aversion was at its height.

His chicken smelled so good that I was drawn to it like a moth to a flame and couldn’t resist a bite.

He insisted I mention this historical moment to you, because “he made chicken so good even a pregnant woman wanted to eat it.”

It was true. Captain Badass’s impromptu Chinese sweet and sour chicken was amazing. I had two full pieces!


Isn’t he weird?


In other news, Husband studies all day and night, now that he’s officially in the first phase of flight school.


Look how cute he is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adorable soldier pilot.


Rucker is growing like a weed.

Giant puppy paw.

That is a five-month-old paw, people.

I am going to start training him to sleep on his dog bed on the floor beside me. I can’t take all of this sleep loss because Rucker wants to stretch and headbutt me at 3am.


Speaking of growing like a weed, during week 11, baby is the size of a


Brussel’s sprout


Cream puff

Poker chip


Baby is getting big! 

Week eleven of pregnancy and this is the size of baby's hand!


So is MOM.

I can’t even suck in anymore to flatten my belly.

This is me NOT sucking in. Allllll natural.


Big mama. Week 11 of pregnancy! Bump alert!


The reason why I’m having trouble sucking in when baby is the size of a lime is because I had some extra padding to begin with!

I love it.

My weight fluctuates every day. Every hour. Some days, I will have only gained two pounds since I got pregnant. Others, it’s back to the four pound weight gain.


As of right now, I’m still at 4 pounds. Which is a miracle, because I’m starting to vacuum food into my mouth at every turn.

That’s why I’m working out, though, so I can be a food vacuum.


There are no new symptoms week 11. My boobs are still huge. My nipples are sometimes sore. I feel like a whale. And I am tired on-and-off. I can tell I’m nearing the end of the first trimester, though, because I have spurts of feeling like my old energetic self, again.

Sister-In-Law described the end-of-the-first-trimester-energy-surge like this: “You’ll be like, wow! This is how normal people feel?”


My extra energy bursts are wonderful, because all I want to do is research baby girl things on Pinterest at 3am.


I say that to myself all the time.

Can you believe it?

Let’s celebrate!


Stay tuned for next week’s pregnancy and life update!



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