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We’ve made it to week 12, the last week in the first trimester!!!!

Well, according to MOST people. Others argue that the first trimester includes week 13. I don’t care what they say, I’m in the last week of my first trimester!


And as you all now know, I’m pregnant with a teeny tiny baby girl!


How big is Baby Girl McInnis during week 12?

Well, she is the size of a…


Ripe apricot




Here are a few of said fruits placed in front of my abdomen:

12 weeks pregnant!


Her hand is as big as the little pink hand:

Week twelve of pregnancy and this is the size of baby's hand!


Baby Girl McInnis has reflexes now, so if I poke her, she will squirm in response! I told my mother and she said, “Don’t you dare poke my granddaughter!”


You’ll notice in my week 12 belly photo that Baby McInnis is really starting to show. I could suck in more for this photo, but my mom shouted, “Don’t you dare suck in my gummy bear!” So no sucking in from here on out!


That mother of mine is so bossy. 😉


New pregnancy symptoms during week 12:

ROUND LIGAMENT PAIN. I mentioned last week that they say weeks 11-12 are major growth periods, which mean you will see and feel it, if you haven’t before.

Well, I’m feeling it!

If I stand up after sitting for a while, it feels like I pulled a muscle across my whole lower abdomen. Sometimes it’s a tug on either side simultaneously. It’s not exactly pleasant, but I LOVE it, because it means all-but-silent Baby Girl McInnis is growing like a weed in there!!!

I ran into Husband’s office and shouted, “I CAN FEEL MY UTERUS GROWING!!!” And he said, “Are you TRYING to give me a heart attack?”

Also, I can FEEL my uterus inside me when I prop a leg on the side of the tub to shave my shins. It feels like there is a large softball-sized mass inside me. I can’t feel the mass itself, just that someone put a big ball inside my lower belly. And when I bend over, it presses right against my bladder. No wonder I have to pee all the time. You can migrate up away from my bladder any time now, Baby Girl!

Boobs are bigger than ever. Husband’s new favorite name for me is Tits McGee.

Also, sense of smell is at an all-time high.

I walked into my bathroom and said, “I smell water.”

Duh, you think. But then you think again, and you’re like, when’s the last time I smelled water? Turns out there was about 1/2 an inch of standing water in the tub because the drain was pushed closed. I SMELLED THE STANDING WATER. Superhero nose.

Also, I have to stand up niiiiice and slowly or else I get dizzy.

Also, I’m getting pretty hungry. For example, one day I had a fajita taco for lunch and a cream cheese bagel for dessert.

And my skin is breaking out like crazy!! A few weeks ago, I talked about how I was sure I was having a boy because my skin was clear. Ha! Blemishes everywhere. No place is safe! Think: jawline. What?

In addition, I had my first overly emotional reaction to something. I mean, I was SO MAD I could have bursted into flames. I also teared up while watching the season finale of Vampire Diaries. I teared up THREE TIMES. At stupid moments, too. I was wondering when those crazy pregnancy emotions were going to show up!

Second most noticeable pregnancy symptom week 12 = EXHAUSTION. I thought I was over this. I really started to feel better toward the end of week 10 and throughout week 11. But then week 12 hit, and I am SO. TIRED. I pass out (literally) around 8:30PM and wake up around 8:30AM. I have slept 12 hours straight on more than one occasion during week 12. I just can’t bring myself to get out of bed any earlier in the morning. Don’t worry though – this is totally normal. According to a video in my Ovia pregnancy app, exhaustion is very common during this period. Baby grows from around 2 inches to 3.5 inches from week 12 to week 14, and apparently that takes a lot out of mom. I thought I was getting sick or something, but nope! Just pregnant.

In addition, I am blind as a bat. And getting blinder. I looked this up, and eyesight is affected by pregnancy. All that extra blood we’re carrying around swells everything, including our eyeballs. Which makes our vision extra blurry. If I don’t have my glasses on, I can’t make out the features on Rucker’s face when he’s 5 feet away. I can’t decipher the numbers on the microwave from across the kitchen even WITH my glasses on.


I am still working out consistently. This is doing pretty much nothing for my figure except giving me bigger muscles and a bigger body all around. I feel really proud of myself when I complete workouts, though, and I love the idea that Baby Girl McInnis is healthy as a ham in there from all this cardiovascular activity.


As of 12 weeks 2 days, I officially weigh 5 pounds more than I did before I got pregnant. I feel like I look like I’ve gained 15. But that’s what pregnancy does to your body. I’ll take the boobs any day! I feel like Pamela Anderson. I rarely wear a bra because my mom is always telling us sprite young gals to stop wearing bras when we don’t have to. My water balloons basically stand up on their own, so eat your heart out, grocery store clerks and Arby’s drive-through employees!


Yeah. I go to Arby’s. And I get the roasted turkey and swiss sandwich. Yeah, deli meat! Yeah! I eat it! And it’s AMAZING! Yell at me all you want, but it won’t stop me from dreaming about these sandwiches. I’ve only had one so far, but I plan to eat about 8 million more before this pregnancy is through. You can’t stop me!!!!!


I told you last week that my mother has been going baby clothes shopping since she found out she has a granddaughter on the way.

Here are some more pictures of her finds.

Sit down so you don’t pass out from all the cuteness.

Baby girl clothes!

Look at that checkered top!!! Can’t you just picture Baby Girl McInnis in these outfits?


Baby girl clothes!



Baby girl clothes!

Just LOOK at these outfits. A sweater!!!! Gosh I am swooning all over the place.

Did you see those jammies on the end?

The have flamingos on them.

I am obsessed with all things baby with flamingos.

Baby girl clothes!


Those little pink bows!!!!


Baby girl clothes!


The reason I love sleep sacks so much is because they are a form of baby jammies and I intend to put Baby Girl McInnis in jammies as often as I possibly can because LOOK AT THEM.



Baby girl clothes!

Did you see those footies?!?!?!?!?


Baby girl clothes!



Baby girl clothes!


The only thing as cute as those jammies is that cat in the background.


I saved the best for last.

Just look at these outfits.

Baby girl clothes!



My favorite baby girl color is mint. THAT OUTFIT ON THE RIGHT!!! THOSE RUFFLES!!! THOSE LEGGINGS!!!!!

I might dress Baby Girl McInnis in that outfit every day until it no longer fits.

And the other mint outfit?!?!

And that little bloomer/top set?!?!

If you asked, I’m sure my mom would shop for your baby for hire.

Isn’t she amazing?


Look what else she bought for Baby Girl McInnis:

Bitten Mitten for the baby!

A Michigan-shaped teether with army green beads (can you handle all of this?) and a Michigan-print swaddle blanket.


I have the best mom on the planet, but you already knew that.


Speaking of girl things that make me want to pass out because I must have them, look at this car seat cover that I MUST HAVE:

Sparkly baby car seat cover!


Can you even believe something like this exists?

I couldn’t until I saw it on Pinterest and hunted it down until I found it on Etsy and promptly added it to my baby registry.


Oh, you want to spy on my baby registry?

Feel free!

I registered at Babylist.com, so go there and search for Brooke McInnis. Or just click here.

Everything on my registry was chosen carefully through research, so nearly everything is top-rated. I also tried to keep frivolous, non-essential items to a MINIMUM.

You’ll notice that there are no baby clothes on there.

That’s because I am 100% positive I don’t need to ask for them. Because everyone I know has told me they can’t wait to buy Baby McInnis something pink.

I mean, just look at my mom.

Hence the Essentials Only on my registry.

If you see something on there that I DO NOT NEED, please tell me.

More importantly, if you DON’T see something on there that I definitely need, PLEASE TELL ME so I can add it.

Also, I need your advice.

What is the best kind of baby carrier?


Maternity bra?

Nursing bra?

PLEASE give me all of your advice! I am always searching for opinions on the best of the best and must-haves for moms, and I am constantly confronted with conflicting information.

PLEASE scroll down to the comments RIGHT NOW and tell me what I must have/must never buy!


I already bought my crib and crib mattress.

They should arrive any day.

Want to see which crib I chose???

Baby crib!


I also chose the “Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams White Crib Mattress” to go inside. Highly rated. And it doesn’t come rolled up in a vacuum-sealed bag, either. It’s a legitimate mattress.

It should arrive any day now!!!!


Here’s a picture of Rucker at his new favorite spot: the front window.

Baby Rucker the thinker.


Isn’t he cute?

He’s so itchy these days. The gnats and other swamp creatures run rampant in these Alabama parts. He is just covered in bites. And before you chastise me, yes, he is on flea/bug medicine. There is just no stopping those droves of bugs.

Anyone have any recommendations for treating dog bites? Or extremely itchy dogs? Is there such a thing as dog bug spray? Can you put calamine lotion on a dog?

I am so full of questions this week.


I am also full of baby this week.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of 11 weeks versus 12 weeks:

11 weeks pregnant versus 12 weeks pregnant. Baby bump alert!


You think that’s crazy, look at THIS!

Pregnancy baby belly week by week photos! 4 weeks, 8 weeks, and 12 weeks.



Baby bloat is real, but so is baby growth. And boob growth. And extra blood coursing through your veins. Aren’t I so puffy?

I can’t wait until I reach that stage where you don’t question whether I am pregnant or battling a donut addiction.


Speaking of addictions, food is becoming a better and better friend as we near the end of the first trimester.


I cooked up a storm week 12!


First and foremost, I made myself some homemade spicy spinach hummus!!! It’s exactly like my Spicy Spinach and Red Pepper Hummus, just minus the red pepper because I didn’t have any. Homemade hummus is divine. WAY BETTER than store-bought.

It looks gross, but I can’t take a better picture because it’s gone because I ate ALL OF IT in 2 days.

Homemade spicy spinach hummus!


I also made the world’s greatest meal: Chinese Chicken Salad.

Here’s the recipe:

Chinese Chicken Salad!


Here’s the finished product:

Chinese Chicken Salad!


If you are struggling to get anything other than carbs in your pregnant body, this Chinese Chicken Salad is a delicious way to ameliorate that issue.


I chose thinly sliced cabbage because the bag had carrots in it. You can choose any shred size you want.

Also: THIS MEAL HAS CHICKEN IN IT. Yeah! Want to know how I fixed the problem of hating chicken?

I oven-roasted it!

I bought two ridiculously expensive organic chicken breasts, flayed them open so they were not so fat and thick, rubbed olive oil on both sides and salt/peppered the tops. I covered the 9×13 pan with aluminum foil and roasted them at 400 degrees for 35 minutes. Make sure the chicken is cooked through before you take it out and shred it, though. Obviously.

Roasted chicken smells filled the house while this chicken cooked, and when I tasted a piece, it was so juicy that I had 2 MORE pieces.

I love this chicken and can eat ONLY this chicken without closing my eyes/pretending I’m eating something else. OVEN-ROAST YOUR CHICKEN, PREGGOS!


I also made myself a cheesecake. It’s a family favorite. Here’s the recipe:

White Chocolate Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake!


I made myself this cheesecake because it sounded good. It was the first SWEET THING to sound good since Baby Girl McInnis took up house in my uterus. She is not a fan of sweet things. Much to the dismay of her cotton-candy-veined mother.

So, when the idea of this cheesecake popped into my head and I wanted to pursue it, I was thrilled. Couldn’t WAIT to make it!

Here it is pre-oven:

White Chocolate Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake!


Here it is post-bake:

White Chocolate Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake!


I wanted so badly to swan dive into this cheesecake and never come up for air.

It smelled so good.

The thing is, when I remembered it was in the fridge the next day and shoveled the first forkful into my mouth, I was not impressed.


I blame her 50%, and I blame the fact that I didn’t use the right crust 25%, and I blame the fact that I maybe overbaked it (can’t feed Baby Girl McInnis raw things!) 25%.

They didn’t have pre-baked chocolate crust at the store, so I smashed up 24 Oreos, mixed them with 1/4-cup of melted butter, and patted it into an 8×8 pan (I am ill-prepared for cheesecake baking in my kitchen) before pouring the cheesecake on top.

I have since been scooping the cheesecake part off of the crust and eating it crust-less.

I will try a boxed cheesecake mix next.

Cheesecake falls on that lovely line of not-too-sweet and slightly savory when it comes to desserts, which is why I am not done with it yet.


You know what I will NEVER be done with?


THE CRIB ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!

I watched the UPS guy haul this thing to my front door through the open kitchen window, and as soon as he walked away, I sprinted to the entry way, flung open the door, and dragged the 70-lb. box into my dining room.


This is me hugging my crib box because I am SO HAPPY IT’S FINALLY HERE.

Our crib arrived!!!

I told Husband about this picture and he called me “weird.”



Anyway, I immediately tore apart the box and only sliced my finger open once before laying all the pieces out like so.

Before assembly...


And then BAM!!!!!!!

Our brand new Delta Geneva baby crib in dark espresso!!!


Isn’t it the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen??

The mattress had arrived three days prior, hence the full assembly.

Well, almost full.


Our brand new Delta Geneva baby crib in dark espresso!!!


That’s Leroy testing out the crib. He’s named after Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Obviously.


IMMEDIATELY AFTER I ASSEMBLED THIS CRIB, when my face was still sweaty, I ran to my laptop to leave a review on Amazon for this crib.

There was only ONE review for this crib on Amazon before I bought it. It was a five-star review. But just one!

Do you know how risky that is, to buy a crib with only one good review? Who knows where the bad reviews are! Why isn’t anyone reviewing this crib?

So I immediately left a glittering review for this crib and told everyone how sturdy, solid, and exactly-like-the-picture the coloring is. The finish is so smooth and my crib mattress fits so snugly inside, I couldn’t have asked for a higher level of satisfaction upon assembly completion.


As if the stars weren’t already aligned for me, that SAME DAY, I received a package in the mail from my mother. Inside this package was a letter for Baby Girl McInnis. Her first piece of mail!!!!!!!! Also inside was her very first baby doll, gifted from my mother.

Baby Girl's first baby doll!


There is nothing – I repeat: nothing – so wonderful on earth as opening a letter on your growing baby’s behalf and seeing that it describes baby’s first baby doll, gifted from her Grammy. And then when you get to hold the baby doll, it’s like your entire girlhood flashes before your eyes, and you remember all the Barbies you dressed up and babies you put to “bed” and Melanie Mall girls you took shopping and you have to sit down because you are so overwhelmed by Solid Gold Life Satisfaction.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it for the rest of my life: that mother of mine makes being a mother myself the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me. She just really knows how to celebrate this moment in my life and bathe me in maternal joy almost every single day. If you want to borrow her when you are pregnant, just ask.


Oh, and did I mention that inside this baby doll package, my mother also packed a PINK CRIB SHEET?





Baby Girl's first baby doll!



I feel this overwhelming urge to climb in there and suck all the passion and joy right out of that crib into my own body.


My mom is amazing and I am elated to be alive right now experiencing all of this for the first time.




I can’t wait to hold our baby girl. And stare at her. And brush her cheeks with my fingers and run my fingertips along her lashes and kiss her eyelids and nuzzle her neck and squeeze her against my body and never, ever relinquish her to anyone else EVER.

Just kidding! You’ll have your turn!


Speaking of other people who will want to hold Baby Girl McInnis, check out this extremely sexy husband of mine pictured during his first Fort Rucker helicopter ride.

Sexy heli pilot.


Isn’t he hot?

I can’t wait to tell our baby girl how handsome and accomplished and interesting and kind her father is.


In other news, remember how I said I was going to transition Baby Rucker from sleeping on our faces to sleeping on the floor?

Well, as soon as I moved his dog bed to the floor beside my bed, he magically started sleeping at the foot of OUR bed.

It’s like he knew.

So, since he is no longer waking us up anymore, Husband and I put a hold on his bed-to-floor transition.

Honestly, Husband is secretly wanting Rucker to stay on the bed. I can tell. Sometimes Husband rolls over in the night and pets/pats baby Rucker’s ham hock before falling back asleep. He loves his puppy.


Rucker’s miraculous sleep placement transition only lasted a few days, because, eventually, I woke up like this:

Baby Rucker in the face.


He literally squishes his face against mine. And all his whiskers tickle me. Or he blows his air onto my closed eyelids. Or he sniffs my cheek. So annoying and cute at the same time.

TBD on the Rucker sleep placement.


In other news, my origami rose gold cat necklace FINALLY ARRIVED.

I ordered this offline for like $11 two months ago.

I have since demanded a refund from the company about 11 times.

Silence on their end.

How rude!!!! That has never happened to me before, so I was embarrassed to have purchased something from such a shady company and angry that my ORIGAMI ROSE GOLD CAT necklace would never materialize. Do you even realize how obsessed I am with those three things?

Then, during week 12, I found it in my mailbox! From Singapore!

Origami cat necklace!


It’s longer and bigger than I expected, which means it’s better than I expected and I can hang it all over the place as Ideal Brooke Decor.


Guess what else I received week 12?

A brand new adorable MINT rolly cart!!!!

I am having the hardest time finding an affordable dresser for Baby McInnis on which to place her changing pad. The reason I WANT a dresser is because I need a place to store diapers/wipes/rash cream while I change her. And I need drawers in which to store her clothes/crib sheets and everything else.

But I don’t want to spend, like, $500 on a dresser!!!!!!!!!

Enter: rolly mint cart. The cutest thing to enter the McInnis house since Baby’s baby doll and Baby Rucker.

Mint rolly cart to hold diaper stuff in baby's room!


I got it from Michael’s on clearance. It’s usually $60 and I got it for $30.

Isn’t it ADORABLE.

So I think Baby McInnis’s nursery/baby stuff will be the following colors: pink, mint, and gold.

Because obviously we will need some shimmer somewhere.



Isn’t it so cute?

We can roll it from bedroom to living room and change Baby wherever.

Love, love, love.


I know it seems like I keep buying myself new baby things lately, and that’s because I am.


Now, please leave your advice on All Things Baby in the comments below! Baby carriers, bottles, maternity clothes/bras, crib stuff, body pillows, EVERYTHING!!!! I am clueless and need the mom insider scoop! 



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