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Week 9 was the best week by far!!!



Because I had my second ultrasound, of course!

Remember, I had my first one when I was 5.5 weeks (at least that’s how far along they thought I was – it’s a guessing game when you’re that early on).


There is one thing you simply cannot beat in this world and that thing is an ultrasound of your unborn baby.

Especially when that baby DANCES.

Yup! My baby danced on the screen! He/she even waved to us a few times! Haha, babies. They’re the best.


Here’s a printout of just a few of the billions of pictures the ultrasound tech took!

Here's my 9 week 1 day ultrasound!



The last picture shows his/her legs and arms (baby was facing the camera).

While the ultrasound tech was waving her wand around, the baby started to WIGGLE. I just watched it wiggle and jiggle all over the screen.

It was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

In that exact moment, it hit me that we would have a baby in October who would be able to move his or her arms and legs!

know babies can move their limbs, it just hit me.


Also, ignore the fact that the printout says I’m 11 weeks. They went off my last period, which I told them not to do, because my periods are irregular and stupid.

thought I was 9 weeks 3 days when I went in, but they measured me at 9 weeks 1 day.




Baby McInnis is due October 11!!!



I could even see the heartbeat flicker on the TV screen!


I must mention that I took a 2.5 minute video of the whole thing that I was absolutely planning on sharing with you, but I cannot get my email to allow me to send such a large video to myself.

So, if you want to see the video, text me and I’ll send it to you that way.


Trust me, you want to see it.

I’ve watched it about 20 times so far.


Our baby has a heart rate of 169!


According to my OB, that is excellent.

She said they hope for a rate of 120-160, and anything over 160 is an excellent indication of an extremely healthy and happy fetus!!!!


She also went over all of my lab results from my first appointment three weeks ago. She went over them in detail. This woman is amazing and I couldn’t be happier that she is my OB.

Also, she is from Indiana, so she talks like me (accent and speed), which makes our conversations SO QUICK.

Plus, she is extremely intelligent and friendly. I wish I could bring her to Michigan when we move back.

Her name is Dr. Voss and she works for Ladies First OB, in case you’re going to be in the area and need an excellent OB.


Anyway, my blood type is A positive. Who knew?

Also, Dr. Voss told me that they hope for progesterone levels of at least 10 for pregnancy, and when they drew my blood at week 5.5, my level was 26.

She said, “Now that is excellent.”

She basically told me I have a very healthy, strong fetus growing inside me and nothing can stop me.


I relayed this healthy baby information to Husband and he made some comment about how I married Superman so what did I expect.


Best appointment ever and all of my worries have VANISHED.


Also, I noticed that my lower abdomen is “puffy” and kind of hard when I press on it in week 9.

My uterus is the size of a grapefruit around 9 weeks, so this makes sense.


Also, did I mention how tired I am?

Gosh, I can’t catch a break!

Insomnia is back. At least for the past four days.

Baby Rucker will punch me in the face with his paw, and instead of shoving him over to Husband’s side and falling back asleep, I CAN’T. FALL. BACK. ASLEEP.

So I feel like a bag of garbage during the day and all I want to do is sleep.

Very cyclical.


Anyway, back to my OB appointment.

When I told Dr. Voss that I had zero morning sickness, she leaned forward and her eyes bugged out of her head and she semi-whispered, “Do you know how lucky you are?!”


I said, “Yes! I promise, I do! I am so thankful!”

People narrow their eyes at you when you say you have no morning sickness. Like they are trying to judge your level of appreciation for your own luck.

I swear I’m grateful!

I promise I am amazed!

Almost every day, I think to myself how crazy it is that I hardly notice I’m pregnant!


I honestly can’t imagine feeling hungover every day all the time. That’s kind of what morning sickness feels like. But WORSE.


I read a statistic once that said somewhere between 80-90% of women are affected by morning sickness.

I also read (on the Alphamom.com blog) that if I don’t have morning sickness, it’s because I am a superhuman, because hormones don’t affect me as badly as they affect others.

She really did say superhuman. I am not making it up.


Also up for debate during week 9: the panorama genetic test.

Remember? It’s a blood test I can opt to do at 10 weeks or later that separates my blood from baby’s blood and tests the latter for genetic abnormalities.

It also tells you the sex of the baby.


Well, guess what?




Which means I and you and my mom and everyone else will know the sex of the baby anywhere from week 11 to week 12!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was debating doing this test for weeks, remember?


Well, I decided that it would be good to find out if there are any issues with our baby sooner rather than later so we could receive proper prenatal care if necessary.

And, obviously, I want to know the sex of our baby ASAP.

So does everyone else in my life.

Not to worry, curious souls, because I am going to march into my OB and plop myself in that lab chair on week ten and take that test!!!!!!!!


So, what do you think it’s going to be?

I’ve mentioned that everyone I know thinks it’s going to be a boy.

But some have said girl!

I think it’s a boy.

I would love either one.



So I mentioned Alphamom.com above. AMAZING resource for pregnancy.

Want to know a few others?


Here are the top pregnancy blogs and articles that have quickly become my favorite references:


Alphamom.com – I LOVE her pregnancy calendar. It provides weekly updates of mama’s symptoms and baby’s development. LOVE it.

This list of 100 things about being a first time mom. I sent this to everyone, I loved it so much.

I suggest you read everything on this site, but you should start with this mommy to be guide. I spent HOURS perusing her site for insider tips and information. Amazing!


Those are my favorites.



Did you know?

The size of the little pink hand in the picture below is the size of baby’s hand week 9:

Week 9 pregnancy size of baby's hand!


P.S. The “device” I was using was an iPhone, so use that for reference.

I got this little baby hand reference off an app. A pregnancy app. Remember? I have a ton of them.


Here are all the apps that have survived 5 weeks on my phone. I’ve deleted the ones I don’t like.

Best pregnancy apps.


Start from BabyBump – on. Obviously. And don’t judge me for the other apps!!!

Oh, and Ovia Pregnancy is the app that shows you baby’s hand size week by week.


The last app – Baby Story – is an app where you can decorate belly selfies so they look like this:

Week nine belly picture!


I would like to take this time to bring up the topic of baby bloat.

Extra blood, extra water, extra everything just puffs you up so nicely when you’re pregnant.


Take these pictures for example. The first was my 4 week photo. The second is my 9 week photo.

I weigh just ONE POUND MORE in my nine week photo than I did in my 4 week photo.

4 weeks versus 9 weeks.


Pregnancy does weird things to your body. Like blow it up like a balloon.

My boobs look AMAZING. But they kind of get in the way.

Just you wait!

I forget how big they are and squish/hit them all the time. Luckily, they aren’t as sore lately as they were a week ago.


So, week 9 was filled with a visit from Husband’s parents!!!


COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!

They are so fun. They like to go and do things, so that’s what we did!

We went to Florida!!

It’s a 2.5 hour drive from where we are.

We went to Destin, FL, to be exact.


It was kind of cloudy, but it was breathtakingly beautiful. The sand was SO white. I come from Michigan where the sand dunes are tan. The sand dunes are white in Florida.

Destin, FL


Look at my adorable family. Baby’s in this picture, too, you just can’t see him/her.

Destin, FL


I just love this picture and I love Destin, FL, and I love my in-laws.


Guess what they bought us Husband for his birthday?

A PATIO SET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New patio set!


This thing is so amazing!!!! Isn’t it fancy? It totally extends the house. Now, we sit outside! Like, all the time!

And we got good use out of it right away.

For example, Mother-In-Law and I totally kicked Husband and Father-In-Law’s BUTTS in Euchre.

Two straight rounds in a row we SLAYED THEM.

They were begging for mercy, and we were not merciful.

It was awesome.

Winning is awesome!

New patio set!


They may have won the war but we won the short battle and it was sweet.


So, guess what else I did during week 9 of my pregnancy?

I hung out with my Bama BFF again!!!

Remember, I met her at Rucker’s puppy training classes. She is the mom of Luke, a teeny tiny furry blob of butterscotch.



I was shocked into silence.


And then I screamed.


Pregnant BFF!





You can’t even imagine all the things we talked about during that play date.

She is just two weeks behind me.

Can you BELIEVE that?

I was so excited. So was she.

We are planning to shop for baby furniture and attend free baby classes at the hospital together.



In other news, Rucker is thrilled to be back in Alabama.

He finally gets to soak in the sunshine rays again.

Happy sun pup.


He also loves being in his our bed again.

Giant bed dog.


Isn’t he huge?

And he just keeps growing.

What am I supposed to do with a full-grown Dane?

Buy him a saddle?

Build him a barn?


On another note, I am going to need some new bras soon, because I am spilling out of mine.

never thought I would be a girl who “spilled” out of ANY bra.

Just not blessed up top!

It’s fun and also kind of alarming.

How do you buy a new bra that won’t fit in a few months?

It’s a gambling game, I tell you.


Do you want to know another weird symptom that popped up week 9?



On my shoulders, on my sides, across my chest.

I look like a lightning storm made out of blue bolts.


All that pregnancy blood, I tell ya!


Also: exhaustion is taking over my life.

I go to the grocery store, and I have to come home and sit down for a while.

Everything is way harder when you’re pregnant.


I AM going to bust out my maternity shorts soon, because my other shorts are too tight and have you seen how cute those maternity shorts are?


P.S. I DID bust out those maternity shorts and they are amazing. I might wear them for the rest of my life.


Stay tuned for my week 10 post (including my panorama genetic test!!!!!!)!



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