I’m going to cut right to the chase: I need your help.


I’ve been having some issues with Baby Rucker – totally normal puppy issues, I’m sure – and I need to know what you think/how you’ve solved these issues with your own pup.


To make this easy, I’m just going to list all of the struggles we’ve been having lately. Then, hopefully, you can tell me if you had the same experience and what you did to remedy the issue.


Brooke’s Puppy Problems


1) Rucker will not eat his food AT his food bowl.

This dog grabs a mouthful of kibblets and runs into the living room, literally dropping all but one morsel along the way. I have a perma-trail of dog food from my kitchen to my living room. Gross. Other than standing guard in the kitchen and playing chicken with him when he tries to dart through my legs, I’m at a loss for solutions. I’ve tried barricading him in with his food and water, but he obviously ceases eating immediately and whines. Help!


2) Rucker keeps sh*tting in his cage.

I’ve had to leave him in there twice, once for a trip to the grocery store and once to see a movie with Husband. Both times I’ve returned to a house that smells like a cow pasture and a crap-covered cage and puppy sitting pathetically in his own feces. Lately, I’ve been trying to acclimate him to his cage (by setting it open in the living room and luring him in there with treats), but I fear that the next time I have to put him in, he will poo again. I’ve already lost one blanket and his cutest squeaky toy, people, so this is serious.


3) Rucker sleeps ALL DAY LONG.

Is there something wrong with my dog? He will be awake for an hour or two MAX and then zonk out for like five hours. What the heck?

Sleeping. All the time.


4) Rucker will NOT go for walks.

There is nothing this dog hates more than being put on a leash. I’ve taken him for two walks total and both times ended up dragging him. He hates it. Refuses to move forward. What kind of dog doesn’t like to go for walks? I’ll tell you: a super lazy Great Dane like mine! What I’ve done to try to correct this is teach him the “come” command, so that I can use it while we’re outside on a walk. Hopes are not high. I’ve also attached his leash to his collar and let him drag it around in attempt to familiarize him with it. Also, I’ve held the attached-to-his-collar leash indoors and instructed him to come, but he sits, obstinate. He just stares at me with hatred. I REALLY WANT A DOG THAT GOES FOR WALKS. HELP ME.


5) Rucker obeys commands…kind of.

This one isn’t so much a problem as an opportunity for feedback. I’ve read some tips online on how to train him to sit and come (he’s mastered sit), but do you have any advice? Especially advice on how to get him to follow me on a leash?


6) What is the best dog food I could possibly feed my dog regardless of price?

I thought I had done my research and settled on a good brand (Blue Wilderness), but then my chock-full-of-information-that-she-proceeded-to-drown-me-with-during-the-entire-appointment veterinarian looked at me like I was the dumbest lamp post on the street. “Advertising,” she said, shaking her head and petting my dog. Like a slap across the face! Who did she think I was, some TV-watching idiot? “I did my research,” I said. “Blue Wilderness isn’t bad,” she continued, “it’s just not the best.” She then peppered me with questions like, “Did you get large breed?” “Yes!” “Did you get puppy?” “Yes!” Who does this woman think she’s dealing with? Anyway, she told me Science Diet is one of the best brands for dogs, and she also told me that protein isn’t that important because “dogs eat a variety of foods” and “he’s not a performance dog.”
Lay it on me, dog owners! What’s the best brand? What do you think of my tyrannical vet’s advice/facts?



That’s basically it. For now.

He’s actually a great puppy. He loves treats, he goes to the door when he has to poo (pee is another issue), he lets me poke and prod him and play with his ears all day, and he’d rather sleep than move.

We both need improvement, though.

So, please help me! Leave a comment below, reply to my Facebook post, Snap at me (perksofinterest), Tweet at me, email me, text me, call me, send me snail mail, send me hate mail, whatever you want, just help me.


Rucker and I thank you with all our hearts.

Baby Rucker snuggles are other-worldly.



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