Guess what?


In one week, I will be petting kitties in Michigan!!!!!!!!!


Also, I will be petting goats. My brother got goats.


I am over the moon excited.

I have made about 8 billion plans.

Seriously, I have made a lot of plans. Very unlike me, but with three weeks’ Michigan vacation, I just couldn’t help myself.


One of the best plans = WINE TOUR!!!!!!!

Did I mention how excited I am for this?

I even got the girls a cute little celebratory wine tour gift. That’s how much of a Dream Come True this is. So True that I have to buy gifts to commemorate the moment.


This trip home will be wonderful and I cannot wait.


My In-Laws arrive this week, and they will stay with us for a few days before whisking baby Rucker and me off in my car for a nice, long 15-hour car ride north.


How do you even say thank you to In-Laws who agree to fly down to Alabama just to drive you back to Michigan AND back to Alabama after the trip is over?

By buying them a house?

By buying them a boat?

By paying for all of their meals while they’re down here? We’ll start there.


In case you forgot, the reason I am going home  is because Husband is going to SERE school.

I got this ominous email that warned me about how affected he might be when he comes home.

Sleep problems.

Appetite problems.

A billion problems he could have.



This makes me very upset to think about and I hate talking about SERE school because it makes me want to throw up when I think about it.

Hence why I’m fleeing to Michigan for the entire duration.


Husband has taken over the dining room, laying out all of his SERE school necessities. It’s a LOT of stuff. They have to survive a lot of things, though, so the more stuff, the better, if you ask me.

know Husband is dreading it.

He just wants it to be over with.

Me too! Poor guy.


In the meantime, I’ve been packing my bags for Michigan.

Do you want to know how I packed?

By doing a giant arm-swoop through my closet/drawers and catching everything in my paws and chucking it into numerous bags.

This is how you pack for a three-week vacation.


I didn’t even fold anything.

Don’t care!


I have to pack Rucker’s backpack, still. He’s so cute, just like a baby. He needs his own bag.

My giant horse dog.


I am praying that his transit BACK to Michigan is just as easy as his transit TO Alabama. Remember? He slept the whole time.


On an amazingly exciting note, I finally bought a retractable leash for Rucker!!!!!!!!

I cannot TELL you how much of a difference this makes for his walks.

I take him for a walk every day, and with his regular leash, I was constantly having to gather up more of it in my hands or slacken it, while also untangling his legs from the strap.

With this retractable one, he can run up ahead or stop in the middle of the sidewalk without me unwittingly clotheslining him.


I cannot recommend enough. Ten stars.


Husband also bought Rucker a Kong toy. You know, those rubber bubbly tube-looking things that you’re supposed to stuff with peanut butter and treats? I am having a hard time with the whole stuffing-it-with-peanut-butter thing. Won’t that be really messy? And absolutely disgusting?


Other than that, nothing new has really been going on around here.

Just waiting for my Michigan vacation to start and snuggling my adorable puppy who doesn’t seem to be grasping the fact that he’s growing really quickly.

Here he is lying on my hip like a ginormous cat.


Here I am holding his head up while he naps.

Can you even resist?


Oh my gosh, I almost completely forgot to tell you!!!

Rucker and I were taking out the trash the other day, and my neighbor was outside with her little girl, and she was like, “Oh, your puppy!” So Rucker and I went to introduce him.

And would you believe it?

Instead of cowering behind me, he walked right up to that little girl and sniffed her and let her pet and hug him and then proceeded to CHASE HER AROUND THE YARD and let her chase him in the cutest game of tag I have ever seen.

He even let the adults pet him!

And he even greeted the neighbor’s dog in a friendly, playful manner!

I swear I was looking at a whole different dog.

So, apparently Rucker can be social when he wants to be. VERY exciting.


Here is a pic of Rucker and I gazing into each other’s eyes.

Love at first snout kiss.

I sent that gazing picture to my mom, and she said, “That is a horse.”

Right, she is!


My very favorite thing about Rucker is that he lets me kiss him right on his snout repeatedly without opening his mouth.

He just sits there, staring at me, as I go “MUAH! MUAH! MUAH!”

He is just to die for, I tell you.

I can’t WAIT for my Michigan people to enjoy his adorable face.


Well, I’m off!

But guess what?


I’m bringing the laptop with me to Michigan!!!!!!!!!!!!


Which means – YUP! You’ll still have your weekly updates, only this time from the mitten state!!!



Until next week, my friend. 😉



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