I’ve been doing a LOT of behind-the-scenes blog research these past few days.

And I’ve made some incredible discoveries.

There are GREAT things on the blog horizon. It’s going to be awesome! I can’t wait to unveil some of the stuff I’m learning.


If you’ve been around for a while, you know that my blog topics are all over the place.


I do that on purpose. Partly because I want to refrain from pigeonholing myself into a specific niche. If I keep writing posts about whatever strikes my fancy, then I can continue to write posts about whatever strikes my fancy.

Things like how-tos, reviews, and, as of late, stories!


The other reason my posts are so random is because each and every post is a tiny experiment. Since I don’t know which posts you like and dislike, I post about EVERYTHING. And after I post something, I see how you respond. If I hear crickets afterward, well, then I know you didn’t like it. If you share the post like crazy, then the post was a success!


But since my posts are ALWAYS all over the place, it’s impossible to tell which TYPES of posts are your favorite. Since I don’t exactly have one type. Nor am I consistent with my topics.


Here’s the amazingly mind-blowing aspect of my blog, though: even though my content is all over the place, you are still here.


Yes, you.

You beautiful subscriber, you.

And you, the one who is not subscribed but still reads my stuff. 

All of you are sticking around, which means that the varied/random content I produce must be applicable in some way or another, even if it isn’t.

I have a hunch that it’s because all of my posts have an entertainment value.

Which is ideal, of course! Because I write to entertain.


But since the feedback I get is as varied as the posts I produce, I have no way of knowing what you want MORE of. What you want LESS of.




You have the answers. They are hidden inside that quiet, brilliant mind of yours.


Which leads to the point of THIS random post.


I want you to tell me your opinion!


Tell me which posts (or types of posts) you like the MOST.

Tell me which posts you wish I would just STOP WRITING.


I also want to know if there’s something I HAVEN’T written about that you want to read about. Your post requests are ALWAYS answered (and those tend to be my favorite posts), so throw your ideas at me, too!


Do you wish I’d write more posts about blogging? About writing?

Do you want to hear more about my personal life and inner secrets? About marriage and being an army wife?

Do you wish I’d post more healthy recipes? More fitness-related posts?

Do you wish I would try something and tell you what I think about it? I LOVE writing reviews.

Do you want to learn more about a subject but wish someone else would do the research? You know I am your girl for that.

Do you love everything I’m currently doing and wish I wouldn’t change ANYTHING?


Tell me!

Tell me!

Tell me!


And do NOT worry about offending me! I love criticism, because it means there’s something I could be doing better for YOU. And you are the reason I’m blogging in the first place! 


You can write in the comments below, send me an email, tweet at me, send me a message on Facebook… however you want to share your opinion with me works for me.


Whether you’re subscribed to my blog or not, I want to know what you think about my content.


So, please tell me…what do you like/dislike/want more of on this blog?



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