I’m writing to you from my homeland, the mitten state!!!


Ahhh, it’s so good to be back.


Baby Rucker agrees.

He hasn’t been sleeping nearly as much as he does in Alabama, and that’s because of all the hullabaloo going on around him.

So many guests! People! Dogs! Cats! Horses! He can’t catch a wink, but I secretly think he likes it.


Oh, and he is still catching winks. This is Rucker we’re talking about.

Sleepy boy.


He is making a ton of new friends. He’s cuddling with people who aren’t me! Yeah! SO MUCH PROGRESS with my little speckled introvert!

Look at him in this picture.

Rucker making friends.

He’s sitting beside his girlfriend, Harley, who is the dog of my sister and brother-in-law (also pictured).


Rucker even made it into Brother-In-Law’s lap. I’m telling you, Rucker is a new person.

Rucker making friends.


Don’t believe me?


Look at this – he’s in ANOTHER lap that’s not mine.

This time, it’s Brother’s lap.

Rucker making friends.


Rucker could not get close enough to Brother. He kept squishing himself beside him and climbing further onto his side/legs.

I just stared at my dog like he had gone insane, because what happened to my scaredy cat?

I suppose he is finally blossoming into an extrovert.

Kind of.


He’s still obsessed with his mom.

Mama's boy.


Don’t suppose that will ever change.

He is also obsessed with the cats, both of whom he chases around and stomps on till they squeal.

He’s not exactly nice to them.

Which is sad, because look how cute they are!


Kitty mischief.

The best thing about them is that they are almost always up to no good.

Kitty mischief.


Also, look how HUGE my dog is.

Rucker making friends.


Just to remind you, this is how big he used to be.

We got a puppy!




Anyway, moving on.

What else have I been up to?

Well, buying a cake.



This was a totally necessary purchase!


Also, I have been visiting with lots of friends and eating lots of great food.

I met with my Book Club Ladies for dinner one night, and then I met with my adorably pregnant friend the next day, and then I went into work and talked about getting my old job back (only part-time and thus WAY better) with my old boss.

It went well!

We agreed that, since I won’t be back in Michigan for at least another year, it’s kind of up in the air.

I think he will give me the position if he can, when the time comes. He told me to keep him informed about my timeline, and so I shall.

Fingers crossed, my friend.


Also, I have been feverishly working my way through Game of Thrones. All the seasons.




No wonder everyone is always freaking out about this show.

Well, to be honest, I wasn’t that into it until the third season. Mostly because I was outrageously confused.

This show can get VERY confusing if you only turn your head for a moment.


I’ve also just been hanging out. With my mom.

It’s the best.

I just love her.


We made plans to have a sleepover at my Grammy’s house, which I am very much looking forward to.

Rucker gets to come, too!!

Also, guess what’s happening this upcoming weekend?!?!




I can’t WAIT!!!

It’s going to be so much fun. I can’t even describe to you how long I’ve been waiting to do one of these. My whole life, that’s how long.

I’ve received oodles of recommendations from you wonderful readers about where to taste wine in Traverse City, and I am sure none of these establishments will disappoint.

Plus, the tour is in the morning and early afternoon, and day drinking never disappoints.



Well, I suppose I shall be off. I have to pet my dog and find out if anyone is going to kill King Joffrey. I can’t WAIT for him to die.


Sleepy baby.


See you soon!



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